Friday, November 5, 2010


Above: Stevie Webb, Russell Tovey and friend celebrate Steve's birthday out on the town in London 5-11-2010. On the 14th of November a few special people will be celebrating their birthdays...Prince Charles, Russell Tovey and Mrs. Oz...

Ha Ha

(said in the style of Nelson from The Simpsons)

12:30am 6-11-2010 unfortunatalie: Colin just texted me to tell me Russell Tovey's in the Joiner's Arms, WHY AREN'T I IN THE JOINER'S WHY AREN'T I IN LONDON?!
Above: Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey.

A predictable tweet...

5-11-2010 russelltovey: Haircut and gym... Days are getting predictable x

5-11-2010 farperoo: @russelltovey which gym, wanna perv at you in the showers :) Damn my honest streak !!!

5-11-2010 Darren_Fewins: @russelltovey don’t do it Russell, don't have a haircut, please, for heaven's sake don't do it, for your own sanity, for the love of...

5-11-2010 davidbowdley: @russelltovey you have your hair cut every day?

5-11-2010 russelltovey: once every 10 days... But at the minute they all roll into one x

Below: Russell Tovey rolling around in Little Dorrit.

We'll be taking someone

home to Oz in a suitcase

Tom in Oz reporting from the Wedgwood Factory

Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire.

Above: Mrs Oz at St Peter's in Stoke-On-Tern Shropshire - the ancestral birthplace of my great great great great grandmother Anne Hollins (nee Brooks). Yes, the same Hollins family associated with Hollins-Minton the china and porcelain makers from Staffordshire.


Today we went to various pottery factories, starting with Wedgwood where we had a private museum tour and met some wonderful people and then went to have morning tea at the only canteen in the world where all the crockery is Wedgwood. Scrumptious! We also spent a bit of the afternoon at the Moorcroft Pottery Museum...this may be considered a boring day for some but as a person who collects china (Carlton Ware) I appreciate the design and artistry which has been applied to numerous utilitarian items. We purchased some small Wedgwood items and shipped back to Oz a large ornamental bowl made by Waterford Crystal - nowadays Wedgwood and Waterford are owned by an American conglomerate who also own Royal Doulton. The Waterford bowl is apparently a rarity...a set of them were found at the back of the manufacturing plant in Ireland and for some reason they had never been released before to the public.

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