Saturday, November 6, 2010


Above: Independent film producer Rob Sorrenti re tweets one of my messages to help promote the new HD version of "Drop" starring Russell Tovey. "Drop" was produced by Gavin Toomey.

And now for today’s tweetfest...

Me so horny!

6-11-2010 russelltovey: It is true, gym = horn x

6-11-2010 Ryan_McGrath: @russelltovey and that tweet has just caused a lot more horn around the world!!

6-11-2010 LiamMBudd: @russelltovey you give me the horn.

6-11-2010 davechapman: @russelltovey - Russell Tovey saying 'horn' = horn

6-11-2010 ChrisSomeone: @russelltovey depends who's in the changing rooms!

6-11-2010 JoeTaylorLand: @russelltovey flumping heck. You’re not supposed to say that out loud.

6-11-2010 pjdodd: @russelltovey depends how in love with your body you are!

6-11-2010 1thesp: Note to self "join @russelltovey’s gym!"

6-11-2010 Snoppster: @russelltovey But is gym horn just a gay man's thing?

6-11-2010 steve_frost: @russelltovey Second only to hangover horn

6-11-2010 celeb_bums: @russelltovey you have a hot bum!

6-11-2010 MelbCityBoy: @russelltovey Fuck yeah. Boyfriend has already been told to take it like a bitch tonight due to gym related horniness.

A load of old tat!

6-11-2010 russelltovey: Russian criminal tattoo exhibition on Wilkes Street is very very good if you like x

6-11-2010 JakeParsons: @russelltovey images of an ex-con sitting on a street corner showing the public his snake and skull tattoo on his shoulder.. x

Cubism – you’re so square!

6-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: In White Cube gallery watching Christian Marclay's 24 hour clock. Such an amazing achievement and so endlessly watchable!

6-11-2010 russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 isn't it amazing my twin? X

A painful move!

6-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: But as a programme-maker I can't help wondering whether he cleared all the footage. Now that would have been a monumental pain in the arse!

6-11-2010 russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 apparently he didn't need to x

A gay story!

6-11-2010 LordBrownof: Oooh last night I ran into my landlord in a GAY bar. I was so shocked that I tripped over right in front of @russelltovey DAMN IT!

It's twins!

6-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: Off to watch XFactor with my brilliant sister William and can't WAIT!

6—11-2010 russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 what????? X lucky twin

6-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Yes my twin. But not as amazing as my twin. Who I love so very much x

Tom in Oz reporting from Chirk Castle North Flinthsire Wales. Chirk was formerly managed by one of my distant Welsh cousins Michael who nowadays manages Margram Park in South Wales.

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