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Tom in Oz and his old

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Sobering statistics on

Re-Tweeting Mr Tovey

Above: Please click the picture to enlarge and read. There is a Twitter-endorsed statistical device which shows how many Re-Tweets have occurred to Tweets posted by Russell Tovey. Of late Russell has Re-Tweeted promotional items concerning his circle of media and arts friends. Not too many Tovey followers are interested in Russell's friend's projects. By comparison the last statistic shows people are still Re-Tweeting an item which showcases Russell. Having looked through all the items posted by Russell on Twitter the second highest item Re-Tweeted was his recent birthday picture which is up to 64 Re-Tweets. To get to "trending" level on Twitter over 100 Re-Tweets have to be lodged.

Russell Tovey - Twit du Jour

25-11-2010 mrjasonlor: @russelltovey happy thanksgiving Russell. Hope you have a wonderful day mate. Cheers.

25-11-2010 foxfontaine: @MatthewCainC4 @russelltovey you’re my long lost sisters! I haven't seen any of you in AAAAAGES!!! Xx

25-11-2010 russelltovey: @houseofvoltaire me me me!!!! X

25-11-2010 Corabal: @russelltovey What were you filming as you were unable to do Todd Gilbert, Being Human?

25-11-2010 russelltovey: @Corabal yep... Being human x

25-11-2010 russelltovey: Who is going to Billie Jeans tonight in Epping then??? I'm making the trip out to support my mate @mrchrissullivan in his 1st club night x

25-11-2010 samtring: @russelltovey that venue looks like a gayer version of Sugar Hut. Love it!

25-11-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey A Real 80's Night for The Sisters! John Xx

25-11-2010 allyska: @russelltovey you're always out gallivanting! have fun for us oldies x

25-11-2010 PsykoUk: Russell Tovey is one actor I enjoy.

25-11-2010 PsykoUk: I didn't know Russell Tovey was gay tho

26-11-2010 la_laaauuren: @russelltovey Watching Being Human for the first time - it's amazing! But it's also distracting me from Uni work, which isn't so great.. :P

26-11-2010 la_laaauuren: @DavidBedwell Lol. It's really good but I never got round to watching it before now. I'm on the last episode of the first season :D


Dame Margaret Rutherford

Tom in Oz reporting from Polperro Cornwall. Today Mrs Oz and I went from Exeter to Plymouth, to donate a copy of my reference book "History of the Lifeboats Service in Oz," to the Plymouth Central Library (near Drake Circus shopping centre), then after refreshments, we went out for a day of movie location sightseeing.

If you have read the blurb at the side of the blog page you'll know that I am a huge Russell Tovey fan but my childhood idol was Dame Margaret Rutherford. The very first movie I ever saw that starred Margaret Rutherford was a black & white feature called "Miranda." This was a big hit in Oz because the movie co-starred two Aussie actors: Googie Withers and her husband John McCallum.

The town of Polperro featured in the first movie and was also used in the second colour movie about Miranda the mermaid called "Mad About Men."

Maybe the reason I like Russell Tovey so much is because one of the lead male actors in the first movie was David Tomlinson who had stick-out ears! Whatever it was, both Miranda movies left a mark on me when I was an impressionable 6 years old boy.

Above: Original cinema poster.

Above: Polperro Cornwall.

Above: iPhone interview with an artist/actor

taken at Polperro Cornwall 25-11-2010.

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