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Chillin' with Rusty 5-12-2010

5-12-2010 HRWright: @russelltovey Lovely seeing you at the party tonight. Hug was especially appreciated. We met at THT Supper Club in case you were wondering!

5-12-2010 HRWright: @DannyBlahBlah I got a hug from Russell Tovey so sounds like we've both had a good night!

5-12-2010 DannyBlahBlah: @HRWright F*CKING JEL!

5-12-2010 MrStevieWebb: Chillin with my pub lunch crew. @Julie_Atherton @Sheridansmith1 @TomParsonsMusic @russelltovey @RFleeshman. Perfect weekend wind down.

5-12-2010 Spiceboy81: @russelltovey I'm still laughing at our parting comments! Too much??

5-12-2010 russelltovey: @Spiceboy81 ha ha ha x x thanks for the lift and ear x

5-12-2010 Jack_Yuill_1: Sitting on bloke's bike - "You ain't @russelltovey!! Although he buys me chips... Lol!"

5-12-2010 mrjasonlor: @russelltovey Just dropping by to say hello. Hope everything’s going swell. Your witty misses much. Cheers

5-12-2010 NaphofTali: Now they've remade Being Human without @russelltovey NOT COOL SYFY!!!

5-12-2010 Callumobri: @russelltovey lovely legs matey

5-12-2010 PSUdain: @mattcr9 OOH! Just noticed that Russell Tovey also makes a few appearances! The near-epitome of #BritCute:

5-12-2010kylelehane: @russelltovey would u ever pin your ears back or would u just leave them?

5-12-2010 callumobri: @Tom_In_Oz_ that @russelltovey is just a very bad lad

5-12-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @callumobri No Russell is NOT bad. Request was 2 help parents. But his Facebook anonymity would be compromised if it stayed on-line. Tried to warn him.

5-12-2010 mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ Just saw the little Dorrit clip. That @russelltovey has done it again. It made me sad seeing him with that sad face. Adorable.

5-12-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @mrjasonlor Glad you like @russelltovey in Dorrit 1 of his finest. Now buy the DVD box set. It's cheap @ Amazon Holland...where I got mine

5-12-2010 Tedleyyy: @russelltovey is also extremely attractive.

Believe it or not...

When Little Dorrit was aired on ABC Australian TV they cut 2 Russell Tovey scenes. They are the opening and closing monologues from the edited clip below. The ABC also cut the proposal scene to a shorter version. For Oz fans who have never seen them before the following clip is essential viewing.

NB. The scene above where Russell is proposing to Claire Foy had to be overdubbed back the studio as there were planes flying overhead and crowds of people audible in the area when filming. The lips sync is mostly good and you wouldn't really know.

More "Little Dorrit" outtakes

See Russell Tovey have a few expletive moments. There are more outtakes further over on this blog starting back at post 253 or go here.

Tom in Oz reporting from London UK. Above is a picture of me in front of St Martin's In The Field Westminster London. This is the church where my ancestors Thomas Michael Stack senior married Elizabeth Dickinson 15th July 1773. Their son Thomas Michael Stack junior came to Oz as a soldier in the early convict era with his wife Jane.

Above: Palace Theatre London 5-12-2010 where Mrs Oz and I went to see the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Ray Meagher well-known Oz actor was in the cast. Below is a little iPhone video footage of an accident we witnessed - a London taxi ran into a pub next to Leicester Square Subway Station.

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