Sunday, July 4, 2010



I ordered the BBC DVD of
Little Dorrit months ago and have watched it twice because of Russell Tovey playing the part of John Chivery. The series has only just been started on our free to air Australian National Broadcaster ABC.

Tonight, being Sunday 4th July 2010, I thought I'd tune into watch the start of the
Little Dorrit episode where John Chivery proposes to Amy Dorrit at the river bank.

Well bloody hell the ABC put together a new edited start which killed the mood of John talking to himself about his move to propose to Amy. Then to add insult to injury the beautiful speech John says to his father after Amy comes home with John's hat was just cut to a few seconds of his father passing him the hat. Shit!

I don't swear very often but I just blurted obscenities at my TV set and then went on a bit of a rage wondering where I could complain.

If the faceless bastards at the ABC had an office nearby then I'd be soon round to lock them in with George Sands on the next full moon.

How are people in Oz going to know the magnificence of Russell's portrayal and get the intent and emotion of John Chivery's pivotal unrequited love for Amy that lasts the whole series? A truly magnificent scene that brings tears to a grown man's eyes is all gone!

A pox on you ABC!

NB. For those Oz readers who are wondering what I'm talking about please go to post No.154 and watch the video of the missing free to air scene. I'm so annoyed that the ABC would delete this moment!

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