Saturday, July 3, 2010


Being "Quiet" Human

When you stop to realise that the house interior in the first two seasons of Being Human is just a set and they use the facade of the pink house for outside shots only, it kinda spoils the magic a bit...I'd like to think this whole show was shot in a house in suburbia. It's a credit to the design team for keeping the set so real.

According to what I've read the set was located in an industrial lot in suburban Bristol but when things like the A4 traffic got a bit noisy they had to suspend production and re-shoot some scenes.

Click and enlarge the last picture if you'd like to know more...

Above: George (Russell) is drinking his "camp herbal fusion tea thingy" as mentioned by Annie (Lenora).

Above: George (Russell) is doing his best to feign interest in The Real Hustle for a bit of shameless BBC cross promotion.

Above: George (Russell) and Mitchell (Aidan) on a street in Totterdown Bristol.

Above: Article released at start of screening of season two UK.

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