Monday, December 6, 2010


Twitter tracking 6-12-2010:

russelltovy: It was nice to know on take off that whavever susan was now eating made her pass stools which were more softer and not as solid as before x

ElohElae: @russelltovey eurgh. Filth.

Ghop56: @russelltovey sounds like the start of a very odd Narnia story

Theladyreed: @russelltovey lovely, x

jaybs: @russelltovey How can you answer that one?? LOL have a great flight and another superb week filming, good to see You back on T - J Xx

Bobbie21: @russelltovey Um, thanks for sharing........Happy for Susan... but who is she?

NotSoIrish: @russelltovey what?!

Davidbowdly: @russelltovey lmfao - that's my first laugh of the day. Thanks mate!

b3n_ifit: @russelltovey ewwwwww hahahah

heasgarnich: @russelltovey And there goes my appetite for my bacon buttie. Thanks, Russell. *smite*

jwhedonaddict: @russelltovey Wha??!!!

Davecowler: @russelltovey captain leave the intercom on again?

london2434: @russelltovey - eeeeeek #susansstool

@al_robertson put me between Benedict Cumberbatch and Russell Tovey - I am SO over Keanu!

Maguire_LFC‎: Lol @ Andrew Knott trynna be cockney. You're a Mancunian lad! Him and Russell Tovey are my favourite parts of the episode..; 3

jaybs: @GrabbersMovie Have a Great GRABBERS second week of Filming, bring it on! @russelltovey

RosPratch: @russelltovey @Tom_In_Oz_ Who in hell is Tom_in_Oz?

magentapurple: Bugger. Forgot Being Human was on BBC3. Love that show @russelltovey

b3n_ifit: i miss being human... now if i wanna see @russelltovey i have to look online :| n we cant watch anything on the bbc over here!!

Mr_Musa: @mrSamuelBarnett @russelltovey Just watched History Boys again, one of my favourite films

mybrightidea: @russelltovey how are you? Xx

FJD_1985: @russelltovey him and her was awesome - will there b another series?

jesuisben: Still waiting for my proposal from @russelltovey *sigh*

Above: An amusing photo taken from Digital Spy UK here

ON HOLD (2-3 days)

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Blog closed until back in Oz - Tom

AWOLTom: @russelltovey To Abbey Road Studios 2day friend from Oz recording there. Lunch @ Notting Hill. Heathrow by 7 depart 9ish. Blog updates on hold.

Tom_In_Oz_: London soon snowing. 4pm sun gone down. Back to hotel 2 pack. Preflight drinks at Hard Rock Cafe & off 2 the tropics (home). @russelltovey

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