Thursday, December 23, 2010


If the following tweet collection makes sense to anyone my work as a blog-orgrapher is complete! Merry Xmas to one and all.


Read on if you dare! Enter at own risk!

russelltovey: Really loving waking up everyday still pissed x

iamlongy: @russelltovey Pubpubpubpubpubpubpubpubpubpubpub x

(The above message was Retweeted by @russelltovey)

russelltovey: I like this game: gym gym gym gym gym gym then panto panto panto panto panto panto x

Maffup: @russelltovey he'sbehindyou he'sbehindyou he'sbehindyou he'sbehindyou he'sbehindyou - a panto reference obviously ;) x

russelltovey: @maffup obvs x

russelltovey: Gymgumgymgymgumgymgymgymgym x

valeriemeacham: @russelltovey Gym and gum are a bad combination. Pretty sure they frown on that. #funwithtypos

anemoneproject: @russelltovey 7 visits to the gym and 2 to the GUM clinic?

russelltovey: @anemoneproject ha ha ha!!! Yes I'm riddled x

anemoneproject: @scyrene well he just told me he's riddled with STDs lol

andyetc: @scyrene I think it's fair to say that Russell Tovey is drunk. Quick, let's take advantage.

russelltovey: Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha! Merryxmaseveevemaerruxmaseveeve merryxmaseveevemeryxmaseveeve x

thatch71: @russelltovey Rustilldrunkrustilldrunkrusrilldrunk??!!

russelltovey: @thatch71 :-) x

Liam1709: @russelltovey work then gingingingingingingingin whilst shopping. I have my ankle flask at The ready

russelltovey @Liam1709 vodkavodkavodkawatervodkavodkavodka x

russelltovey: @guy_interruptd it's merryxmaseve eve right? X

guy_interruptd: @russelltovey It's tomorrow, darling. ;) x

Michael_Caton: @russelltovey I heard a rumour that a friends nan once walked in on you and him having sex, true or false Russell Tovey?

russelltovey: Hogohohohogogohohogogohohohohoghoohohohohohhoe x

Baxfail: @russelltovey WHO YOU CALLIN' A HO?! *sucks teeth*

russelltovey: @Baxfail yes x

stephishere: @russelltovey Are you having some kind of fit?

russelltovey: @stephishere yep x

ChelsTARDIS: @russelltovey is sooo cutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecute ;) x

russelltovey: @ChelsTARDIS :-) x

GooeyLewy: @russelltovey unfollowunfollowunfollowunfollowunfollowunfollowunfollowunfollowunfollow x

russelltovey: @GooeyLewy :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-( x

russelltovey: I have half hour to kill on the gym before training...I'm still a bit drunk and feel giddy with Xmas sprite and mirth...I need restraining x

Friendlymoocow: @russelltovey Xmas sprite? Xmas version of well known fizzy drink or a tiny magical being?? Hope u have a g8 Xmas xx

boydhilton: @russelltovey hot x

stevevankampen: @russelltovey I was just about to ask if u were drunk after reading ur previous tweet then saw this one... lol

Baxfail: Apparently every person I follow also follows @Russelltovey - my whole timeline is just replies to him! Clearly we all have high standards!

russelltovey: @Baxfail and I love you all intimately x

AmiElzbth: @russelltovey What party were you at?

russelltovey: @AmiElzbth what party wasn't I at honey!! ;-) x

moonboywales: @russelltovey I'm sure many would happily restrain you, not in the way you're thinking though...or maybe it is...dun dun dun

russelltovey: @moonboywales dun dun dun? Is that jaws? Hot x

MJMcAuliffe: @russelltovey IsawyouIsawyouIsawyou on Oxford Street the other day - you were on the phone walking past the TCR Crossrail site :)

russelltovey: @MJMcAuliffe I get around! X

wonderg1rl: Amused by @russelltovey's drunken ramblings. I await a tweet in the next hour saying he's injured himself at the gym. Ha ha x

russelltovey: @wonderg1rl I've just injured myself at the gym x

marcusjdl: @MJMcAuliffe you got a tweet off @russelltovey ? *jealous*

russelltovey: @marcusjdl don't be jealous mate! Hi! X

marcusjdl : OMG Russell Tovey tweeted me. I love Twitter! *swoons* aww thanks Russell. Have a fab Christmas :-)

MJMcAuliffe: @russelltovey Haha! I saw you at V Fest in the Louder Lounge too! Would have said hi but you seem to have a habit of walking very fast! :p

russelltovey: @MJMcAuliffe I'm well known for being an incredibly speedy walker x

ChrisBarton09: @russelltovey can you tweet me? I feel left out! X

russelltovey: @ChrisBarton09 hi! X

Ajkemmy: @russelltovey I’m worried about you dododoyoudadododo ;-)

russelltovey: @Ajkemmy me too mate x

mmm_gash: @russelltovey Slow people get on my tits. I'm just like "Get out of my way!"

russelltovey: @mmm_gash here here! Move biatch, get out the way x

thejjmj: @mmm_gash yeah Jamie u really just wanted 2 talk about slow people & not about how jealous u r that @MJMcAuliffe saw @russelltovey twice ;-)

Foxfontaine: @russelltovey a drunk PT session? Rawk and roll. Have a lovely time mr. I'm off to Glasvegas now x HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOJOHOHO!

russelltovey: @Foxfontaine be wonderful over the Xmas holiday mr W! See you in 2k11 x


Foxfontaine: Any catnip geezer?

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine I like your pussy snap cute!

Foxfontaine: @Tom_In_Oz_ why is your profile picture my friend Russell?

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine I run a blog site for Russ,,,unofficial one of course.

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine I follow Matt Cain and spotted your name on his Twitter mails yesterday so I decided to follow you

Foxfontaine: @Tom_In_Oz_ welcome aboard!! Xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine I am not sure how you fit in the big scheme of Rusty's life I spend more time talking to Matt than Russell tho

Foxfontaine: @Tom_In_Oz_ Russ, Matt and I are all chums who like to look at nice boys. X

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine We call that perving. Everyone does it. It's natural & normal. Was going to make it my occupation at one time! @MatthewCainC4

Foxfontaine: @Tom_In_Oz_ Matt and I worked together for 3 years and are very close. We'll be married one day, won't we @MatthewCainC4 :)

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine @MatthewCainC4I have put a fair bit about Matt on blog I run cause I like his style. I have written 6 replies on his blog too

MatthewCainC4: Anyone heading back to their hometown for Christmas? Then read today's blog post about what I think of mine...

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine Did you see the week I posted @MatthewCainC4's pussy on the Tovey blog? In fact Matt's pussy is still big business !!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Foxfontaine OK take your hand off your joystick long enough for me to say goodnight.

Foxfontaine: @Tom_In_Oz_ Night. X

My big DICK

(the pantomime keep it clean)

MrStevieWebb: Bit nervous to have my boys @jackshalloo and @russelltovey watching this evening. Hope you like my Dick boys.

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @MrStevieWebb Russell is 3 sheets to the wind - cold compresses are needed NOW STAT

Jackshalloo: @MrStevieWebb @russelltovey I just hope it measures up x

Mrs_Overall: @MrStevieWebb @jackshalloo @russelltovey oooh luvvie, it will be hard but it’s nice that these young men are coming for you.

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @MrStevieWebb Stevie I wish we cudda seen your dick but we had to come home before your dick was ready to see.

Jackshalloo: @MrStevieWebb smashed it bro west 6 fam!!!

robdiament: Brilliant panto at Hammersmith Lyric earlier this evening, it's been years since I've been to one and @MrStevieWebb RULED! Go Stevie! R.xx

An oldie but a goodie (that’s my mate Boyd)

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton Almost Xmas Eve here so I'm starting w Merry Xmas wishes before Twitter goes over capacity. B healthy, wealthy & wise xx

Boydhilton: @Tom_In_Oz_ thanks

Ralph Brown, for the uninitiated, is Russell Tovey's soon to be father-in-law in the comedy Him and Her. Ralph plays Sarah Solemani's dad.

Absolutely Ralph

Ralphwjbrown: Just home from a tremendous Bowie tribute night at Komedia in Brighton. Highlights were Modern Love, Lady Grinning Soul and the mental crowd

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ralphwjbrown Mental crowd? Were they as mental as anything?

Ralphwjbrown: @Tom_In_Oz_ mentaller

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ralphwjbrown Being a Bowie and Bolan fan I loved their collaboration on "The Prettiest Star" one of my old faves.

Ralphwjbrown: @Tom_In_Oz_ Bowie band in which I play sax is Absolute Bowie, find them online. The lead character is quite special and shares a birthday with DB !

Tom_In_Oz: You’ll probably think it’s tosh but I love Bowie’s “Starman!”

Ralphwjbrown: @Tom_In_Oz_ love Starman a lot

Above and below: Ralph Brown and Absolute Bowie...enjoy!

The rondom Twitter things one finds…

23-12-2010 to 24-12-2010

andyetc: Russell Tovey makes me feel funny in my tummy

Jabber_Moose: Question. Multiple british celebs on twitter end their tweets with an 'x'. Is it secret code?

Xarixian: @Jabber_Moose Haha. Pretty sure they're being lame and sending a kiss.

Jabber_Moose: @Xarixian you think gordon ramsey and russell tovey are sending kisses?

CMRanapia: @MeganWegan Oh yeah, I remember. Ex souse. Wouldn't recognize sun screen unless it was dripping from Russell Tovey's knob.

Wanndaling: Why isn't ONTD impressed with my amazing Russell Tovey/Being Human tweet? Oh yeah, they suck.

ragingoodfella: is it wrong that I just want to be with @russelltovey buy a dog and live happily ever after. not too much to ask is it?

Toddybee: @russelltovey I met you at Parliament House in Orlando!! Just been speaking to my mate about it! And Being Human! hope u had a good hol!

OICorbet: Love how @russelltovey had to act straight for Gavin and Stacey.

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