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Top 10 for 2010 - The Best Couples


Antonia Bashford, Michelle Ede, Charlotte Smith

10. Sherlock And Watson (Sherlock)

Ok, so not ACTUALLY a couple. But they should have been. Between Sherlock’s dry wit and Watson’s, well, Watson-ness, They’re a pretty damn hot couple. Or would be. If they WERE a couple..

9. Tom And Lynette (Desperate Housewives)

Of all the Desperate Housewives couples, and there are a fair few living on Wisteria Lane nowadays, Tom and Lynette are my favourite. They’re the only couple who have been consistently together since the beginning, they’re the funniest, and they’re the couple most clearly in love.

8. Christian and Syed (Eastenders)

Took a while coming, but FINALLY got there. Happy ending for once in Eastenders. Plus they’re both pretty hot… But the happy ending alone, on a soap that’s known for ripping apart couples, plus the time it took to get them together, is worth the number 8 spot.

7. Stevie and Heather Small (Miranda)

Clearly one of the best, and most motivational couples on TV. All together now –What have you done today to make you FEEL proud?

6. Pam and Mick (Gavin and Stacey)

Ok, so they haven’t ACTUALLY been on TV since the 1st of January, but you just KNOW Pam and Mick are still together. Pam’s love for Charles and Camilla, and the fact that Mick is ‘first on with the ears’ make me just want them as parents.

5. Miranda and Gary (Miranda)

This Will-They-Won’t-They story kept me hooked through both series of Miranda. I find myself shouting at the television that they should JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY!! but that never helps.. All in all, however, they’re funny, and Gary’s HOT, so they earn 5th place.

4. Smithy and Nessa (Gavin and Stacey)

The last episode of Gavin and Stacey brought us that moment we’d all been waiting for. The moment where Smithy stopped Nessa’s wedding to Dave Coaches, and they both admitted that they kinda hated one another most of the time, but had moments that were more than they could have with anyone else.

3. Gwen and Rhys (Torchwood)

Though not actually on screen this year, Gwen and Rhys are too cute, too Welsh and too “Kai Owen and Eve Myles”-y to leave out of the countdown. Besides that, Gwen and Rhys were, technically, reunited at Hub 4, where all attendees will agree they were fantastically cute. Plus...Eve put on a fake Moustache – always a charmer.

2. Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)

1st runners up, and totally deserving. Amy and Rory made Doctor Who something special this year, and helped ease the loss of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor (RIP). Matt Smith is brilliant, obviously, but the kiss between Amy and the Doctor just felt wrong after we saw the relationship between Rory and Amy develop. Who doesn’t want a Rory Williams? A Man who’d wait 2000 years…

1. George and Nina (Being Human)

Ok, so we all saw it coming. George and Nina are definitely this year’s number one. Though the end of series two feels so very far away, and the start of series three seems too long to wait, the fact that George and Nina ended the previous series together has kept me going. It’s no secret that the two episodes of Being Human this series in which Nina was absent, and George met Sam (ugh) annoyed me, anyone who follows me on Twitter, even Nina herself (the lovely Sinead Keenan) knows how I feel about Stupid Sam, but the reunion between them was magical, and the scenes between Sinead and Russell Tovey who plays George just get better every year.


My Twitter friend Antonia made the above 2010 Top 10 list for her new blog, but I can just imagine Sarah Soleman sitting at home bereft that she and Russell Tovey were not included for “Him & Her” and John Barrowman is probably weeping buckets knowing Captain Jack and Alonso “Dr Who – End Of Time” didn't make the final list either…

All in all, Russell Tovey has had some amazing TV couplings this year…

Cheers, Tom.

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Miss_J_Scott: Re-runs of Him & Her, you little beauty. There's LOAAADS of episodes! who needs porn when you have @russelltovey LOL!

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rudehamster: @russelltovey For NYE you're in Madrid, where it's going to be warmer than London? I'd spend it in a crematorium if I was going to be warmer.

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paulejgraham: Just started following @russelltovey I think he's done slightly better than me since we made a British Gas ad together

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