Tuesday, December 14, 2010


‘eye eye sir’

russelltovey: I've just received my organ donation card from the NHS.. I'm donating my heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas and liver but not my eyes.. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to tick the box labelled 'donate eyes' x

RickyNeedsRehab: @russelltovey I doubt your liver would be any good, if you're tweets are anything to go by. Haha.

rudehamster: @russelltovey who gets Nelly?

2_seven: @russelltovey But don't you need all those organs yourself? I'd properly miss my lungs, what with the old breathing malarky

motyskelli: @russelltovey That's great, I'm an organ donator, too. I think you're an example for everyone to say, that you want to donate your organs.

daniandunne: @russelltovey your eyes are too pretty to be donated x#windowsofthesoul

JohnPeterMunro: @russelltovey shame about the eyes thing. I've just had a cornea transplant thanks to a kind a brave donor!

Smear_Campaign: @TonysimmsBK @russelltovey There isn't a shortage of blood in the UK- in fact we sell some fresh frozen plasma to USA occasionally.

L1FAGT: @russelltovey well done I got mine the other day too ;)

farscaper_here: @russelltovey That fella, is very nice of you *so tempted to make a joke* Anyway as I was saying ;) big smacker of a X 2 u

tonysimmsBK: @russelltovey I refuse to donate organs until they allow me as a gay man to donate blood. I don't see what the difference is!

SusanJasper: @russelltovey Well done you! I did it after seeing an ad on the TV, see advertising does work sometimes! Think I said yes to everything?

LADollhouse: @russelltovey Who have you bequeathed your willy to?

Smear_Campaign: @russelltovey It's only the eyes in your head - not your japs eye :-)

DannyFortis: @russelltovey I hope you also ticked the box "After I die" - or they'll be coming for them now!! ;)

poshcockney: @russelltovey what about your ears, somebody has to get those ears! x

mrs_sock: @russelltovey my mum won't donate her eyes. She said she wants to see where she's going x

Jon75: @russelltovey Can you donate me your face when you sadly pass? It's so pretty. :)

kezzer63: @russelltovey I am donating my brain to the MS Society. Practically unused.

paulbranners: Inspired by @russelltovey I've just registered to be an organ donor. Can't believe I hadn't already. Good luck whoever is getting my liver!

jacktx42: @russelltovey be sure the "live donor" box isn't ticked.

Davidtweet1: @russelltovey why does dying now sound ok lol

elvenz: @russelltovey 好人一生平安!I don't know whether u can understand.

Kew_Nick: @oxchris @russelltovey Shares-ies though Chris! Russell- hope you don't mind... after all, we've all seen your bum on telly.

mrjasonlor: @russelltovey the only part i need from you is your heart. Why? cause love is all I need. And that was straight from the heart too. Cheers.

Russell Tovey – You’re a card! Ha Ha

Last week Russell Tovey was a fridge magnet sold on Amazon.com, this week he’s a blank greeting card on eBay! Where will it end? Madness!

Tit for tat!

AlistairNichols: Chest day in the gym today. T - 15 minutes. BRING IT!

Podgemon: @guy_interruptd I decided to follow @AlistairNichols as a charity follow......Now when do I get to see his tits?

AlistairNichols: I lost 8 followers on Twitter overnight. Did I say something wrong... ? =(

russelltovey: @guy_interruptd why did they leave him? He does have good tits x

AlistairNichols @russelltovey @guy_interruptd from what I saw in the gym yesterday, your tits are pretty nice too Tovey.

Podgemon: @guy_interruptd @AlistairNichols tit for tatt: http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n212/podgemon/tatt.jpg

AlistairNichols: I come back from the gym & suddenly, 45 more followers. YAY! Many thx 2 @guy_interruptd & here's my tits. http://yfrog.com/gz5m2hj

guy_interruptd @russelltovey why do your @replies never show in my timeline? :(

@AlistairNichols and @russelltovey & @guy_interruptd are right, you do have nice tits. :-)

JosephTheGreat: @AlistairNichols You saw @russelltovey's tits? lucky you! And yes, you do have nice boobies!

Adamamyl: @AlistairNichols Cripes. (the wonders of 'recommendations' from @guy_interruptd*and* @russelltovey. And me liking Pretty Things.)

georgie_guy: @AlistairNichols @russelltovey @guy_interruptd Get a room!

Do not play this vid at work!

russelltovey: One of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoiU0nYaRMA&feature=youtube_gdata_player X

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey another one for the "hard to blog" category...more innuendoes on the way...

russelltovey: "mom can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure honey?" "Do you douche?" Ha ha ha... Amazing x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Yech! This would be similar to asking your dad, "Do you floss your foreskin?"

Theladyreed: @russelltovey I've just watched that at work! Thanks, unemployed just in time for Christmas!

russelltovey: By the way Joe Wilkinson was very very very good last night... I'm still giggling x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Are u sure ur not smoking something funny??? If ur still giggling, that is??

rickedwards1: @russelltovey are we talking about the same Joe Wilkinson? My friend Joe?

MatthewCainC4: Oooh, just seen I've got 975 followers. How do I make it to 1000 by the end of the day? Any ideas?

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 desperate for a personal x

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