Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is serious fun raising money!

Colin Dobson the bloke we are helping to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association will be very pleased with what Russell’s band of Wittys have done for charity.

In one day hundreds of people Re-Tweeted the call for help to raise money and awareness. Some of the celebrities who’ve joined us are below and not only that but we've gotten Col some coverage in Gay Times Daily and one of the Wittys "TopCatTC69" has forwarded most of Col's information to the BBC so maybe we’ll have Col on the news as a “human interest item” before long.

Thank you, talented and supportive people around the globe.

(The complete article about Colin is over at post No.929)

This is serious trending fun!

Many thanx to these principal Tweeters who got the message out within 2 hours:

@Julie_Atherton@russelltovey @SineadKeenan @JamesaFleet @kentonallen @tmxghost @NinaRussell @GrantWebb @peacockpete @femmesdefleurs @platinummind‎ @TopCatTC69 @Bcgkelly @sidbdane @xMolBrownx @thegingerchap @ianthomas74‎ @dohertydan @jkirkland1977 @_purplekitty_ @brianlfc1 @AnnaBMitchell @thisischarley @TiggerRoo99 @anlfcfan @DML74 ‎@HorshamiteHarry @Christina_Two @Dewinters @angelfan02uk @MarkHEvans @emmaaa15 @Tonofunstweets @CVFry @BeingHumanChat‎ @wantedmynamebut‎ @nannyt24 @RustyIOM87 x @gaypornfans‎ @Gonzy_Lopez @mr_hopkinson @johnowenjones @mouthwaite @Russ_v6 @Lionesskeeper @tfoggin @keefewagstaff @Leanne_Jones‎ @Spiceboy81 @Craig_Beasant‎

colindobson: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey Thanks again for your support guys! xxxx

colindobson: @Tom_In_Oz_ Yeah, can't believe the support. Amazing. I'm so grateful! THANKS!!!! xxxxxxx

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