Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Devastating floods hit Oz.

Russell asks for your support.

The major flood zone is approximately the size of France + Germany and is Australia's biggest recorded natural disaster. Queensland is about the same size as 4 United Kingdoms.

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d291173: Hey @russelltovey can you RT appeal for QLD floods? Area underwater now size of France/Germany

(NB. The above tweet was from Oz actor Daniel Kilby and it was his request that Russell Re-Tweeted to fans around the world).

Stephenfry: RT @GoddessOfTheSea: @stephenfry Perhaps you could retweet this for those wanting news on Queensland loved ones? https://emergency.redcross.org.au/ Many thanks.

Tom_In_Oz_: @stephenfry We have air-force base in Newcastle Oz thousands of miles from QLD. Crews have all just taken off in helicopters & troop planes.

SineadKeenan: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thinking of all our friends Down Under xx

Flood victims will be thankful for help

jkirkland1977: RT @Tom_In_Oz_: @simonpegg How to donate to QLD Oz flood relief. Full details at Russell Tovey Blogspot

Tom_In_Oz_: Oz flood unprecedented in size! Towns in Nth NSW & Vic are about to cop rain too. All up it's about the size of 2 UKs.

peacockpet: RT @Tom_In_Oz_: @peacockpete How to donate to QLD Oz flood relief. Full details at Russell Tovey Blogspot

mrchrissullivan: To all my Aussie friends - thoughts are with you at this time - hope this is the worst of the floods x

kinkyclawz: @Tom_In_Oz_ Terrible news, isn't it? I feel badly for those in the heart of it all. Such an immense area to have been flooded.:-(

Bcgkelly: very sorry to hear about all the suffering as a result of the floods. X B

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ ur not in Queensland r u darling?...any of ur relatives in those parts?

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dorina335 Me in middle of NSW so about same length as that of Hastings to Inverness away from floods. My cousins have loss of property/farm

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ sorry to hear that

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dorina335 Yeah waters are to peak today or tomorrow then the clean up begins about 15 people dead and still 65 missing.

Michaelbosc: @Tom_In_Oz_ Hi my friend how are you all? Been watching the TV reports hope you are ok trying to get hold of my niece to check they are ok

Tom_In_Oz_: @stephenfry Oz floods - It's a disaster yes, but Oz humour & spirit is getting us through. Chance 4 many 2 wear their new Xmas Speedos at last!

Video of the flash floods that hit Oz - 11 Jan 2011.

News update from Oz - 14 Jan 2011.

Just as Queensland is cleaning up from Australia's biggest natural disaster the states of Victoria and Tasmania are experiencing floods caused by a weather system stretching down the east coast. Normally at this time of year Victoria receives zero rain and faces brushfires. The top of NSW was threatened but the threat is easing. Oz is currently surround by 3 cyclones and 2 of them are on the east side - Mother Nature at her worst!. The Queenslanders have their beloved XXXX (Four X) Beer Co. back in production - we have priorities people!

joooos1: @Tom_In_Oz_ excellent news about xxxx! Could see the brewery from hotel when I was in Brisbane

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