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Above: Scenes from Ep.2 “Adam’s Family” season 3 of Being Human. The pictures shown above come from a new site associated with BBC3 Being Human called: Being-Human.TV

Nelly has parked herself on Russell.

Nelly is Matthew Cain's "little girl."

patanntaylor: @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 Two men and a cat - I'd watch that series :) xx

Another 24 hours out on the town

1:45 p.m. Sat 29-1-2011 to 2:35 a.m. Sun 30-1-2011

russelltovey: Having a local Italian with @mrchrissullivan... Veg soup and risotto... Dream x

emyjune: @russelltovey @mrchrissullivan I think minus the "a", because that really changes things. ;)

Joffofoz: @russelltovey Mmmmm a three way!!!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey watch the grammar Russ: having "a" local Italian is painful for the Italian....although maybe you meant it?

finlaymacintyre: @russelltovey This is a meal not a threesome, right?

russelltovey: RT @MatthewCainC4: The hotel dilemma - do I go down for breakfast with morning breath or brush my teeth first and make the breakfast taste rank...?

RussTov_FanSite: @MatthewCainC4 The real answer is are you eating alone or do you consider those who have to sit opposite you!

mrsd03: @MatthewCainC4 Breakfast breath won't take that long to achieve !

JemsDreams: @MatthewCainC4 go with the morning breath. I want to enjoy my brekkie bugger everyone else :-)

Foxfontaine: @MatthewCainC4 brush your teeth after breakfast! I doubt you'll be getting any snogging action at that hour of the day in Sheffield!!

mrchrissullivan: @MatthewCainC4 don't brush - just don't talk either! Smile and wave boys - smile and wave! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan eeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuwwwwww!

sarahwithstars: @MatthewCainC4 @russelltovey you just need to remember it can’t be as bad as werewolf breath!

AllCalumsFault: Got a tweet from the Russell Tovey fansite...I thought it was @russelltovey actually tweeting me saying hello :'(#sadtimes

MatthewCainC4: Although I've sneaked off for cheeky Starbucks while crew set up. I don't have much sparkle today. Missing @russelltovey and our little girl.

MatthewCainC4: Back home in London with Nelly and can't face going out on town. Staying in with my little girl to watch old episodes of Ugly Betty.

10:45pm Sat 29-1-2011 stewiebirnie: Oh look! There's @russelltovey at the bar!

11:15pm Sat 29-1-2011stewiebirnie: Did spot @russelltovey in Rupert Street though. And Chris Choi off Watchdog. Which was random. Is he a gay?

2:30 a.m. Sun 30-1-2011 russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 I love my twin x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @MatthewCainC4 we all do not just you..

2:35 a.m. Sun 30-1-2011 jennifertetteh: Bumped into @russelltovey at Maccy D's as he did the butterfly! This man is as fab as I thought he would be! Love you Russell! XXx

2:40 a.m. Sun 30-1-2011 russelltovey: @jennifertetteh love you too... You girls are superior... Hope to bump into you again x

2:45 a.m. Sun 30-1-2011 amywoo_xx: Loved dancing with @russelltovey in McDonald’s tonight. What an amazing dude. Love ya fella ;) xx

2:47 a.m. Sun 30-1-2011 jennifertetteh: @russelltovey definitely! Hope you had a good evening! Lovely meeting you and hope we didn't molest you too much... X

2:55 a.m. Sun 30-1-2011 LeeCollins24: They say you learn something new every day. I never knew Russell Tovey was gay until about two minutes ago.

Above: Another of the excellent Jeffrey Bee graphics celebrating the funny moments of Being Human. Here we see the moment where George says, “Who wants a piece of my chair?” It’s slightly changed to show the concept of “sharing” for our younger blog readers! LOL. If you would like to see a range of Jeff's work click here.

found at last thanks to

twitter network

Julie_Atherton: @Tom_In_Oz_ thanks for your help mate! Xxx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Julie_Atherton @russelltovey Julie as long as you have Missfit back the pleasure is all mine. Russ will be happy the fans were helping U xx

Lost 28-1-2011

One of Russell Tovey’s friends, Julie Atherton, has an adored pet cat that has gone missing. If you can help please contact @Julie_Atherton. The cat answers to the name "Missfit" and went missing in the Crouch End area of London about 28th January 2011. The cat was wearing a small red collar at the time. She has a smallish head. This is the first time the cat has ever been missing.

stephenfry: RT @julie_atherton Please help me find my cat Missfit! Red collar and small head and missing Crouch End area

Many thanks Tovey followers on Twitter. The important thing is that we got "Missfit" the cat back after thousands Re-Tweeted the LOST message.

Julie_Atherton: Thankyou thankyou so much everyone!!! Thanks to u. We got her! She was trapped under the floorboards in nextdoors building site!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Julie_Atherton well done mum! Your baby is coming home!

Julie_Atherton: She's very dusty and confused but so glad to be home. And so are we. Curiosity could've killed that bloody cat!!!!!

stephenfry: Fantastic news: @Julie_Atherton and @TomParsonsMusic have found their Crouch End cat, Missfit. International Rescue can stand down. FAB

Dear All,

George Sands (Russell Tovey) has a visible tattoo on his thigh this season in Being Human and it has not been observed previously or mentioned before.

Why you ask is it important? Well, the unfortunate person cursed to be a werewolf is also given a tattoo, brand or mark which allows other werewolves to readily identify each other when in human form (jeez don't you guys read up on folklore)...It is part of the curse to pass this symbol for different "packs" or families.

Nina and George will face issues with their wolf pack inheritance when their cub/child is it will be a child of two parents who share the same pack mark...Nina after all was scratched by George and shares the same wolfyness. Their child will be a "fullblood."

McNair is the long-term arch enemy of Herrick and he is not a "fullblood" similar to George and Nina.

Tom is not McNair's biological son but a wolf cub that belongs to George's pack that McNair is fostering. Tom will be called upon to one day kill the remaining vampire threats as he is a "fullblood" werewolf....

Tom will team with baby Sands to overthrow the vampires once and for all...near the end of the season which will allow Aidan Turner to depart the show as vampires are no longer part of the series...but the Zombie and other Ghost who show up soon become more of a focus for season 4.

Throw in a bit of Dr Who landing in Barry Island with a Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 subplot and we've got a wonderful set of cross-over time travelling supernatural beings to look forward to in 2012...

And then I woke up.

Tom in Oz


16 IN THE TOP 30

Official UK annual ratings share round-up 2010

Top 30 multichannel programmes

Rank Programme Viewers (m) Share(%) Channel Day Date Time

1 EastEnders Live: The Aftermath 4.54 15.68 BBC3 Fri 19 Feb 20.32

2 The Inbetweeners 4.23 18.35 E4 Mon 18 Oct 21.59

3 The Xtra Factor Results 2.73 10.80 ITV2 Sun 12 Dec 21.31

4 Glee 2.58 9.17 E4 Mon 29 Mar 21.01

5 Live Ford Super Sunday 2.44 12.83 Sky Sp 1 Sun 31 Jan 15.33

6 I’m A Celeb... Get Me Out Of Here Now 2.24 10.40 ITV2 Sat 4 Dec 22.24

7 Britain's Got More Talent Auditions 2.21 8.82 ITV2 Sat 8 May 21.00

8 What Katie Did Next 2.06 8.02 ITV2 Thu 18 Mar 21.00

9 The Weakest Link: EastEnders 2.01 7.86 BBC3 Fri 19 Feb 21.34

10 An Idiot Abroad 1.92 7.42 Sky 1 Thu 4 Nov 20.59

11 Eastenders 1.80 8.17 BBC3 Tue 1 Jun 22.02

12 Katie & Alex: For Better For Worse 1.75 7.13 ITV2 Wed 21 Jul 20.58

13 Celebrity Juice 1.73 8.27 ITV2 Thu 28 Oct 22.04

14 Misfits: Christmas Special 1.70 6.98 E4 Sun 19 Dec 22.01

15 Peter Andre: The Next Chapter 1.65 6.73 ITV2 Thu 22 Jul 20.58

16 Being Human 1.61 5.73 BBC3 Sun 10 Jan 21.30

17 Film: Nanny McPhee 1.60 8.36 ITV2 Sun 9 May 17.53

18 Family Guy 1.55 7.01 BBC3 Sun 4 Jul 22.01

19 American Idol 1.52 5.67 ITV2 Wed 13 Jan 19.34

19 Ugly Betty 1.52 6.90 E4 Wed 22 Dec 22.00

21 Film: Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse 1.50 5.90 BBC3 Wed 31 Mar 20.06

22 Come Dine With Me 1.49 6.01 More 4 Sun 7 Mar 18.56

23 Live ICC World T20 Final: Eng v Aus 1.48 7.79 Sky Sp 1 Sun 16 May 16.00

23 Skins 1.48 7.45 E4 Thu 28 Jan 21.59

25 Kerry Katona: Coming Clean 1.46 7.63 ITV2 Sun 5 Dec 22.01

26 Film: Evan Almighty 1.44 7.25 ITV2 Sun 27 Jun 21.58

27 Lost 1.40 5.21 Sky 1 Fri 5 Feb 21.01

27 Shameless 1.40 13.02 E4 Tue 30 Mar 23.04

27 Midsomer Murders 1.40 5.60 ITV3 Sun 6 Jun 20.01

30 Film: Armageddon 1.39 5.38 BBC3 Wed 22 Dec 20.02

Trend Setting Show & Stars

In the last week or so the UK Being Human TV show and its stars have been trending on Twitter. You can see above in the screen cap that Robson Green and Lacey Turner were trending at the same time. This was after episode one of season three of Being Human had aired. Barry Pilling runs the BBC Being Human Blog as well as his own blog site. The Barry Pilling Blog is listed on the right hand side of this web page in the RUSSELL TOVEY LINKS section or click here. Barry's site is well worth a visit as he keeps people up to date with coming BH events and his own blog issues.

barrypilling: New blog post about #beinghuman on line’s bumper week Social media types might be interested.

Tom_In_Oz_: @barrypilling I agree Bazz with your blog comment people who follow BH are awesome folk!

angloirishgal: @barrypilling We're all nice really lol. Looking forward to tomorrow's epi much..gather it's a real humdinger! @BDooley #beinghuman

marcuswhitney1: @barrypilling got to say Mr Pilling, episode 3 is fantastic, hope you are well Mr. x

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