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Below: Animations from the Chatty Man Show 31-1-2011.


Every time he laughs, a fairy gets its wings.

Today’s Twitter blog post has two themes:

1) The past catches up with Russell Tovey - one way or another!

2) Russell achieves 30,000 followers.

NB. There are no Twitter avatars for Mathew Horne until further notice...so please read on!

mfhorne: Out today! http://ow.ly/3NE4O interview on being photographed by @boygeorge for @GETTESTED @HepatitisCTrust http://twitpic.com/3verra

Tom_In_Oz_: @mfhorne @boygeorge Don't be offended but Mat Horne you look like Lindsay Lohan dressed as Adam Ant...honestly you do...xxx

BoyGeorge: @Tom_In_Oz_ @mfhorne I'm sorry but that's a stupid comment, he looks amazing!

Tom_In_Oz_: @BoyGeorge @mfhorne he looks amazing sure but the eyes do look like Lindsay's...I wasn't meaning to be rude was just making personal obv.

mfhorne: @BoyGeorge Hiya George, hope you're well xxx

BoyGeorge: @mfhorne Lovely but very cold! lol!

Tom_In_Oz_: Fans d'Tovey, @russelltovey is about to hit 30,000 followers. He's about 35 people away. Send Russ a few nice tweets we might get pics? Tom.

JKCorden: @mfhorne You're unbelievable. x

Tom_In_Oz_: @JKCorden @mfhorne I'm already in trouble I'll go stand in the corner...I'll try and keep quiet!

Tom_In_Oz_: @JKCorden @mfhorne James, Mat is HOT tho right? xx

mfhorne: Just been chatting to One Direction in a shop. Feel around 179 years old.

mfhorne: @JKCorden nothing changes...

JKCorden: @mfhorne It never will x

Tom_In_Oz_: @JKCorden @mfhorne I told you before ur comedy show in Oz got respectable ratings..and I asked if there was to be more...*still hoping*

JKCorden: Just found a great new restaurant called Nandos. If you can get a table go. But only if it's a special occasion y'no x

Tom_In_Oz_: @JKCorden when you next read the Tovey blog...type Nandos in the search box...Mr @RussellTovey spend his life there...

mfhorne: @JKCorden I know :( next week... I'll reveal all... LOT to tell.

SineadKeenan: Thank you ALL for your lovely comments about Chatty Man last night. We were all pretty nervous but I think we pulled it off! And how are u?x

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan you and @russelltovey stole the show...Mr & Mrs Sands....love you both...xxx

JKCorden: @mfhorne Ooooooh! Can't wait!! Paper cuts and bobs, Shola Ameobi and that bloody bar!!!! x

theladyreed: @SineadKeenan you were all amazing! I can't believe Alan asked if Lenora and Aidan were together - I shrieked. You were all looking good, x

JKCorden: Oh it seems like it's a chain of restaurants. I thought it was a small family run establishment. Lot of chicken on the menu by the look of it!

jaybs: @SineadKeenan As I said to Russ earlier, I smiled & laughed and enjoyed last night so much, thanX - its s lovely sunny day that helps! J xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @JKCorden James we have them in Oz...they are like little family owned concerns...they have taken on the bigger chicken joints & won...

JKCorden: This Nandos place is a maverick who refuses 2 play by the rules. You order at the counter, get your own drinks. And it's literally just chicken

SineadKeenan: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thanks Tom xxx

SineadKeenan: @jaybs Glad you enjoyed it J xxx

JKCorden: Ok, back to work. BRITS competition closes in 9 days x

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan the scene on the railway overpass just made me tear-up. One min u & @russelltovey R comedic the next it's genuine love/romance

BoyGeorge: @Tom_In_Oz_ He's the boss!?

mfhorne: @JKCorden all of the above!!!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @mfhorne according 2 @BoyGeorge I have 2 ask ur permission 2 blog ur new Adam Ant Avatar pic. George said u r the boss? May I please use it?

russelltovey: Still feel sick... Think I must have properly done myself in Friday night... :-( x

tommytboy780: @russelltovey u might have a wee bit of alcohol poisoning...ya wee soul

daisyandpebbles: @russelltovey Hi Russell I’m such a big fan it would make my day if u tweeted hello to me hope u feel better soon from Hannah x

russelltovey: @daisyandpebbles hello! X

russelltovey: Drinking Ginger tea and doing a photo shoot for Rollacoaster Magazine x

MatthewCainC4: Now off to interview artist Catherine Story in her studio for the same piece. For tonight's #c4news...

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 so incredible x

russelltovey: RT @mrchrissullivan: PLEASE RT - Grab you tickets now for Bye Bye Birdie - comedy musical at The KM Theatre Ilford, proceeds to Meningitis Trust 10-12 Feb only £14

russelltovey: RT @mrchrissullivan: Bye Bye Birdie - www.kmtheatre.co.uk or call the Box Office on 0208 5534466 Thanks tweeps! xx

Hysterriaaaaa: @russelltovey 19 more and you’re at 30,000 followers!! :) x

JKCorden: @mfhorne Just as a band name. Alomode is huge x

russelltovey: @JKCorden a la mode? With ice cream? X

JKCorden: @russelltovey yeah, you know what I’m saying right? x

russelltovey: @JKCorden I can see where you're coming from x

boydhilton: TV reviews imminently on @BBC5Live on the @richardpbacon show. Today: Boardwalk Empire, Waterloo Rd, The Big C and Marchlands.

JKCorden: @boydhilton @BBC5Live @richardpbacon I'm listening.... x

BoyGeorge: The boygeorge Daily is out! http://bit.ly/cDSCAa Top stories today by @cougarmuffin @thewantedmusic @jasonderulo @suedemanagement

mfhorne: Made soup. "Mat's Pea Soup - Tastes Like Pea"

Tom_In_Oz_: @mfhorne Mat may I please use ur avatar pic? I have 2 ask because @BoyGeorge said u own copyright? @russelltovey will have 2 help me ask plz

Tom_In_Oz_: @mfhorne I have 2 ask because @boygeorge is now 1 of my Twitter followers & @russelltovey would b offended if I just used pic illegally plz

Tom_In_Oz_: @BoyGeorge Hi George may I ask u 2 ask @mfhorne 4 permission as he has not responded & I'm off 2 bed it's 11.50pm in Oz...I can't wait up! x


Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @JKCorden BUGGER I woke up early 2 see if Russ had gone past 30,000 followers & he's 2 people away! Someone find him 2 people?

ianthomas74: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey woohoo

demelza2: @Tom_In_Oz_ re: Russell's twin pic from yesterday, it may look like him but there's only one Russell x hurrah x there may be work as a stand-in though!!! Xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @demelza2 the kids is like a younger by 10 years version of @russelltovey right and could play Russ convincingly no make-up etc.

demelza2: @Tom_In_Oz_ used to teach Russell drama when he was a younger chap!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @demelza2 is that back in the Billericay days that you taught @russelltovey or in the early TV days?

russelltovey: Yup... I'm not well... :-( x

imjustanerd: @russelltovey aww feel better soon *hugs*

BloodyPearl: @Tom_In_Oz_ done. 30.000 followers :D

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey TOUCHDOWN you have 30,000 followers. CONGRATULATIONS! Standby for a message from The Queen! Or a message from a queen...lol

mrchrissullivan: Is off to see Usher with @russelltovey this week - Yeah Yeah!!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan @russelltovey TOUCHDOWN Russ has 30,000 followers. Standby for a message from The Queen!

jaybs: @russelltovey You really need caring for! and some pampering J Xx

demelza2: @Tom_In_Oz_ I used to teach @russelltovey drama when he was still living in Billericay x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey alcohol poisoning is similar feeling to 3 days or more of hangover, affects ur liver makes u susceptible 2 hepatitis - see Dr.

tucks28: @russelltovey I'm a nurse, all be it for old people but what is wrong? X

russelltovey: @tucks28 nausea, achy, tired... No energy x help?

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey this in from Heat Mag 'A deathly pale Russell Tovey walking along Old Compton Street' Russ, Please see a doc! xxx

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan my bet is Russ has "fatty liver" which can't process sugars in alcohol / alcohol poisoning...seriously make him see a doc!

russelltovey: Who is in North London and fancies giving me a sponge bath and making me some chicken soup... I'm awfully poorly x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Please NO that means 700 responses I am NOT repeat NOT blogging them all................xxx

jennifertetteh: @russelltovey @CSweens babe, Russell's sick. I'd help him out by My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is on soon. You do the honours...

russelltovey: @jennifertetteh oooooo... Big Fat Gypsy wedding... I'm feeling a bit better x

russelltovey: Now crying to Gok Wan????? I am seriously ill x

russelltovey: Some of these gypsies are fit! X

Being Human soundtrack album announced

Monday, 31 January 2011 12:55 Will Martin


A soundtrack album for BBC Three's supernatural comedy-drama Being Human will be released this Spring, featuring original music by Richard Wells from Series 1 and 2.

The 24-track album will be available from 7th March, released by Silva Screen.

Order the album on Amazon.

Being Human's music was nominated for the BAFTA Original Television Music award in 2010. The show's creator, Toby Whithouse, comments: "Richard doesn’t just compose a good soundtrack. These are haunting and beautiful pieces of music in their own right."

The tracklising is as follows:

1. 'Being Human'
2. 'Ancestors'
3. 'Annie’s Them'
4. 'A Wonderful Thing'
5. 'Box Tunnel Massacre'
6. 'Gilbert’s Door'
7. 'Resurrection'
8. 'Spread A Little Joy'
9. 'Best Night Ever'
10. 'It’s Coming'
11. 'Leaving'
12. 'Molly'
13. 'Beautiful Chaos'
14. 'Blood Addicts
15. 'Someone Else'
16. 'Catacombs'
17. 'Lucky'
18. 'A Second Chance'
19. 'Vampire Annihilation'
20. 'Who’s Laughing Now?'
21. 'Holding On'
22. 'Annie’s Door'
23. 'Nina And George'
24. 'Full Moon'

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