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Sam Huntington who plays Josh the USA werewolf in Being Human is now Twitter following the alpha wolf himself, Mr. Russell Tovey! Sam's American fans are very happy with this latest development.

I might add that these days the Tovey blog is being Twitter followed by more and more celebrities one of which is Boy George (Culture Club) who wants to keep up to date with the life and times of Russell Tovey.

The Tovey blog also has many celebrities who have helped endorse sections, one of which is Stephen Fry.

When you read through the blog you'll notice a bevy of stars who have dropped me line about Russell or added some snippets of news. I'm sure Russell appreciates it all.

The fans make this blog what it is, and as always, many thanks for your contributions.






SFXmagazine: RT @russelltovey One of the proudest days of my life x <---Hurrah! #SFXWeekender





Above: SFX stage logo

Below: Conference centre

Dodochicky: Right, my Tweeties, time for a shower before joining the @SFXWeekender fun. Have a fantastic day, my lovelies, whatever you're up to. ;)

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dodochicky and Sir Russell?

Dodochicky: @Tom_In_Oz_ Morning/Evening hun. How're you? Ah, Sir Russell & Lord Toby are the huge guests for today. :D So much good stuff to see & do!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dodochicky have a nice wish it was me

GirlsLoveSciFi: Day 3 at the @sfxweekender & we're keeping our fingers crossed for interviews with @russelltovey, Craig Charles and Sir Terry of Pratchett!

Pussinabox: Right. Off to meet Craig Charles, Russell Tovey and listen to Terry Pratchett's Q&A session. Good times :) #SFXweekender #fb

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey SFXmagazine points go to anyone who sings along to the musical sting that should play when Russell Tovey comes on at 3pm

Dodochicky: @Tom_In_Oz_ Not sure I'll get to see Toby, not sure if Russell's here yet.

Dodochicky: #beinghuman just been on-hilarious!

Dodochicky: @angloirishgal Both Lord Toby and @russelltovey were on & were brilliant! No clips, just a QnA.

Dodochicky: Evening all! Is everyone well? What a day-wonderful in some ways (@russelltovey remembered me! Thankyou!) & not in others (horrid queueing).

SFXmagazine: SFX AWARDS 2011 A little over an hour to go until we start announcing who you voted the winners - anyone care to speculate? #SFXWeekender

Joooos1: @Dodochicky aw, I'm so glad the lovely lively @russelltovey remembered you! Glad it's going well. Tea time now so I'll be back later. xx

Degnne: @Dodochicky That's pretty awesome that he remembered you.

Dodochicky: @joooos1 YAY for teatime, what're we having hun? :D Aww, yeah. @russelltovey just made my day! Thankyou Sir Russell! *curtseys*

Dodochicky: @Degnne I know, I'm really chuffed. *hugz* And how goes it for you m'dear?

Ishbel_Haf: @ Dodochicky Glad you're having a good time (queuing aside). Hope you have a great time tomorrow. Xx

Dodochicky: @aileach34 Ohh @russelltovey's definitely been working out- I thought that when I saw him on stage & I was miles back. :D *grinz*

SFXmagazine: SFX AWARDS 2011 From 7 we'll be tweeting every winner the INSTANT they're announced (wi-fi willing, fingers crossed...) #SFXWeekender

auntygladys: #sfxweekender Awesomeness - whiskey & ginger, Russell Tovey, Paul Cornell and Steven Moffatt in the bar:)

auntygladys: #sfxweekender awesome day meeting Keeley Hawes, Craig Charles & Russell Tovey :) Thanks to lovely Adrian 4 sorting queueing chaos x

BeckieClift93: @russelltovey was nice to meet you today, at SFX WEEKENDER.

SFXmagazine: SFX AWARDS 2011 SFX Cult Hero: #BeingHuman's Russell Tovey #SFXWeekender

russelltovey: RT @SFXmagazine: Russell Tovey accepts his SFX Cult Hero award at SFX AWARDS 2011 #SFXWeekender

(See picture above sent by Russell).

russelltovey: One of the proudest days of my life x

marcuswhitney1: @russelltovey congrats xxx

pirate_moose: Congratulations @russelltovey !! :D - RT. @SFXmagazine SFX AWARDS 2011 SFX Cult Hero: #BeingHuman's Russell Tovey #SFXWeekender

joooos1: @russelltovey Aw! I'm proud of you too. Wish I'd been there to see you collect your award. Mwah! Xx

ingrid_wien: @russelltovey congrats to winning 2011 SFX Cult Hero! you so deserve it - I love you on Being Human!

joooos1: @SFXmagazine Yay for @russelltovey

Tom_in_Oz_: @joooos1 @SFXmagazine @russelltovey YAAAAAAAAAY and well-done Rusty! Cult hero of mine!

Dorina335: @SFXmagazine - Congrats @russelltovey on ur SFX Cult Hero award

auntygladys: @russelltovey You're pretty blinding too! Congrats on the award & lovely to meet you again x

Lady_Lori_Ann: @russelltovey Congrats on your award!!! xxx

Dodocicky: CONGRATULATIONS @russelltovey on your SFX award! See, you're proven to be the cult icon we all knew you were. *hugz*

Lionesskeeper: @russelltovey Aww Russell *hugs*, you are awesome and you deserve it ^_^

jaybs: @russelltovey So PROUD of YOU! Congratulations, just Superb News! J Xx

EmmanuelleVerne: @russelltovey Hello from france,I just wanna tell you that you're a really great actor!If you answer me,i'll be happy the whole year XD

russelltovey: @EmmanuelleVerne :-) x

incorrigible: @russelltovey You absolutely deserve it. You in Being Human makes my week. Few actors make me cry with their talent. You're one of them.

russelltovey: @incorrigible Thank you Laura!!!! X

SineadKeenan: Great game between England and Wales last night! Now, let's turn all of our attention to Ireland V Italy today. Come on IRELAND!!!!!!!!

russelltovey: @SineadKeenan pathetic x

russelltovey: RT @NickyRR @caitlinmoran at the Star Wars ex. a little boy pressed his nose against the glass & whispered "hi R2D2". He made me cry.

tres_michelle: @russelltovey Aw, why hello Russell! NYC misses you I'm sure, come back here to the States and visit again sir!

russelltovey: @tres_michelle I will! Can you arrange? X

russelltovey: Isn't this sculpture great? X

(See picture below sent by Russell)

russelltovey: It's a raspberry... I actually love it... But yeah it does resemble a bad case of farmer Giles too! X

("Farmer Giles" is rhyming slang for the medical condition "piles").

camdengiles: @russelltovey farmer who? x

laziggy: @russelltovey haha. Exactly

LauraLeslie23: @russelltovey You smiled at me whilst Keeley Hawes was talking to me. This made my day. Shame I never got to say hi though. :(

boydhilton: @russelltovey it's a hot raspberry. Congrats on award! xx

iklboo1969: @russelltovey my first thought #Satan grapes

evilcheltdevil: @russelltovey I think I would pass out if I saw "farmer Giles" like that.

georgewalker31: @russelltovey can i just say that i have been compared to your character from #BeingHuman - same name similar glasses and occasionall hairy

russelltovey: @georgewalker31 you must obviously be super hot x

georgewalker31: @russelltovey you are mighty nice to say a point of making me blush..... x

valeriemeachum: @russelltovey Deeply unfortunate collision of Urban Dictionary and Tolkien. O_o The things I learn on Twitter! The sculpture is cool, tho.

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey Ahhh! X

LaursCullen91: @russelltovey is it true u won award heard from a friend if so congratulations :) oh and ♥ George great character :)


MimiMagoo: Turner - Kili, gorgeous yes. Blessed - King Dain, genius! Not convinced Freeman - Bilbo. Someone like Russel Tovey would have been my choice

GoldenSprout:‎ SFX awards over for another year. Winners on stage included Steven Moffat and Russell Tovey. Robert and Rachel were fracking awesome!

PTzero: @russelltovey Congratulations on the award.

bols: @russelltovey So pleased for you and your award tonight! Thank you for being lovely & signing my pic for me. LEDGE. END. :D xx

russelltovey: I've had a really lovely day - Thank you SFX magazine and all your disciples!! X x

Below: The Tovey Blog was trending on Twitter minutes after Russell's award was announced. Thousands have made the pilgrimage to this site to see their "cult hero" and his well-deserved award. Who says good news doesn't travel fast???

Click picture to enlarge.

Above: James Corden and Russell Tovey

with The History Boys 2006.

Where oh where…

MatthewCainC4: Filming on Queen Square today. I can't believe I've lived in London for 12 years and never been here. It's so pretty and the park's lovely!

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 where where where??? X

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Bloomsbury! Oh my twin you'd love it here. And it's near RUSSELL Square x

MatthewCainC4: Just shot the longest interview of my presenting career so far. A whopping two hours in total! I feel exhausted now!


Being Human star Russell Tovey gets the T4 studio treatment from Rick and Georgie, plus T4 veteran Miquita Oliver goes behind the scenes of Skins and meets the new cast.

T4 at 11.05am

patanntaylor: @russelltovey Well done on T4 Mr Tovey :)

RawR_Kazzii_: @russelltovey on T4 :D

Jeff_H1977: @russelltovey on T4! Legend! Rick Edwards is clearly mental!

SteMid: I always forget just how adorable @russelltovey is! #T4

Colmdodd: the adorable @russelltovey is on Channel 4 *swoon*

jooli2: @russelltovey you're on tv again! jeez you're all over my telly-box! gerroutofit!

Nunney2584: OMFG! I take it back @russelltovey, i'm afraid i've now been converted to team unicorn. Soz. ROTFL! #T4

Danb83: @russelltovey is looking really fine on T4 this morning! Looking forward to next episode of #beinghuman tomorrow!

Tom_In_Oz_: @rickedwards1 Will the segment with Russell Tovey be on YouTube or equivalent?

rickedwards1: @Tom_In_Oz_ not that I know of, sorry. Have you tried the T4 website?

Tom_In_Oz_: @rickedwards1 UK vids have blocks on them and only play for UK residents...sadly can't see it in rest of world. What about some stills?

The Teaguemister talks…it is alive!

marcuswhitney1: Met up with @Teaguemister what a lovely bloke. He's on a monster of a show! Wish I could of done it!

Teaguemister: @marcuswhitney1 Mr Make up!!! Lovely to catch up x good luck for Monday :) ct

Tom_In_Oz_: @marcuswhitney1 @Teaguemister Frankenstein of a show eh...worst kept secret!

marcuswhitney1: @Dorina335 hi dorina, can't say to much at the mo, not sure if I can or not, but I'm working for channel 4.. 6 one hour episodes!

Dorina335: @marcuswhitney1 think I know what u & @Teaguemister working on...looking fd to seeing both and looking fd to seeing #beinghuman eps 3 on Sun

Which Russell Tovey are you?

Below: Click to enlarge the flow chart which comes from the Feb 2011 issue of Attitude Magazine. It was sent courtesy of Ian Thomas.

Which Russell Tovey are you?

The perfect guest on the Chatty Man Show?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

The TV star of a supernatural drama that was once fringe but has become a world-wide phenomenon?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

The young kid that went from being in The History Boys stage play to the movie role because Alan Bennett wrote the part with you in mind?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

The stylish man that puts some actresses to shame on the red carpet at awards shows?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

One half of the sexiest duo on TV?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

The guy who features in amazing photo shoots for high end fashion magazines?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

The actor who stars in short films and commercials at the award winning end of the spectrum?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

A serious stage actor at the top of his game?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

One half of the best comedy couple in Sci-Fi?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

One of the funniest actors in a TV sitcom ensemble?

Which Russell Tovey are you?

The little kid from Billericay Essex that dared to dream?


Ishbel_Haf: @Tom_In_Oz_ Lottery day tomorrow. If Saturday is good, maybe I should buy a ticket..... x

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ishbel_Haf buy one for me too! Strangely enough I don't gamble I have never felt the urge to do so...people buy me scratch card thingies tho!

Ishbel_Haf: @Tom_In_Oz_ Littly just asked if I was writing to 'tummies'. That's Tom in Oz to everyone else...... xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ishbel_Haf I like your baby…he's my kinda kid...hugs from 'tummies'.

Above: Russell Tovey with The History Boys 2006.

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