Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Flattery will get you everywhere…especially with me!!

Hysteriaaaaa: Definiton of @Tom_In_Oz_ - God who created a blog for another God! :-)

OK now I'm starting to *blush*

gugibufugi: “@Hysteriaaaaa: Definiton of @Tom_In_Oz_ - God who created a blog for another God! :-)” Seconded.


Tom_In_Oz_: Reminder Oz Tovey fans: Being Human S3 Ep2 is on tonight at 8:30 on ABC2 read an Oz TV Review @russelltovey @sineadkeenan @bbc3tv @bbcbeinghuman

russelltovey: Is the first episode of 'The only way is Essex' repeated tonight do any of you wonderful Wittys know please?? X

adilray: @russelltovey yes its repeated all over Romford!

Titlebaum: @russelltovey Really, Russell, you must have better things to do. x

Tom_in_Oz_: who cares! Do you get kick backs for trying to promote Only Way is Essex...there must be some reason ya keep trying!!!

russelltovey: RT @MrStevieWebb: Only 125 views till 40,000!!!! wowzers. Amazing guys! Thank you.

ShentonStage: Chichester's revival of ROSENCRANZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD may star Samuel Barnett and Jamie Parker, then transfer to Haymarket, says Baz.

russelltovey: @ShentonStage ooooooooo.... X

Memorabilia weekend 26th March 2011

Tom_in_Oz_: Memorabilia Birmingham UK: photos with @SineadKeenan & @russelltovey on Sat26th March @ 12.30 £20 (Single)* £30 (Double)* BH Talk 1:30pm ...signings b4 and after

russelltovey: Introduced my mum to Itsu restaurant... She is obsessed! X

ThatGirlTasha_: @russelltovey What's that? Sounds exotic like a sushi bar or something!

russelltovey: @ThatGirlTasha_ exactly x

greglarrr: @russelltovey Itsu is bloody awful!! Yo Sushi wins hands down.

Julie_Atherton: @russelltovey I used to work there!!! You'll be pleased to know it's VERY clean! Xxx

gugibufugi: “@warks_rose: best bit of s3e8 =when Herrick told G abt BT20. @russelltovey playd that amazingly. Just slightest facial response was just WOW

Tom_In_Oz_: @gugibufugi @russelltovey lots of subtle doggy moments, scratching ears, rubbing face & other subtle crossover wolfy-human bits - No fleas!

gugibufugi: “@Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Absolutely! He's so masterful, every single second. He's so real. I've rarely been so lost in a performance.

A quick three-way and a few friends

thefattony: @Stef_Han ahhhh im def following you cos your ginger x

ArthurDavies38: @thefattony not only ginger but a wonderful friend of mine x @Stef_Han

Tom_In_Oz_: @ArthurDavies38 @thefattony @Stef_Han well you all seem to be connected to me and the Tovey blog – I have a lot of ginger guys following Tovey Blog... and Russ is a ginger too...

thefattony: @Tom_In_Oz_ im fully aware about russell being ginger !

Tom_In_Oz_: @thefattony I know, matching cuffs and collars x

Charliecondou: Almost 11,000 followers and not one of you mentioned there was a story about me in The Sun yesterday! Tsk

thefattony: @Charliecondou dont that tell you something babe x

Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou well I live in Oz and that is my excuse. BUT if I ran the Charlie Condou Blog...I would def have sent it xxx

Stef_Han: @thefattony Errrmm. Gee thanks. Nice way to wake up this morning. And good morning to you Mr @arthurdavies38

ArthurDavies38: @Stef_Han good morning gorgeous, you good today? X @thefattony

Stef_Han: @ArthurDavies38 Very well thanks. Although I'd prefer the day off. How are you feeling?

Tom_in_Oz_: Yes how are you at present?

ArthurDavies38: @Tom_In_Oz_ feeling a million times better after my news yesterday but not 100% better, but nearly there. How are you?

Tom_in_Oz_: @ArthurDavies38 my stomach ulcer is pretty bad but now on mend. Working as principal and running blog taking its toll...are you getting out?

ArthurDavies38: @Tom_In_Oz_ sorry to hear that I can imagine being a principal takes it's toll!! I am now managing to get out for little stints

Tom_in_Oz_: @ArthurDavies38 well after such an active's sad to hear that you are not very hope that it improves heaps soon. xx

ArthurDavies38: @Tom_In_Oz_ don't worry this old thing will be bouncing up and down in no time

Tom_in_Oz_: @ArthurDavies38 the words I was hoping to see were "feeling frisk this morning" then I'll know you are better!

thefattony: @ArthurDavies38 @Tom_In_Oz_ on what that is the question ?

ArthurDavies38: @thefattony lets start with a trampoline then see what happens @Tom_In_Oz_

thefattony: @ArthurDavies38 let me know when my services are needed x

Tom_in_Oz_: @thefattony @ArthurDavies38 what? You're gonna DJ some loud music while he's on the trampoline ?? lol

Stef_Han: C*nting f*cking b*stard!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Stef_Han Stef I know you are all grown up but I'm in a classroom of 6 year olds who asked me what that last tweet meant (nah, just fooling)!

Stef_Han: @Tom_In_Oz_ It means I have to work all night and miss out on my plans tonight.... B*stard f*cking *c*nts!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Stef_Han Missing out! Bugger, down with the boss!!! - oh right you are the boss - down with somebody else...!!

Above: Russell Tovey & Sarah Solemani currently working on season two of Him and Her due out Sept 2011.

frankolad: @colindobson Soz Col... My flirting can go OTT at times :0(

Tom_In_Oz_: @frankolad @colindobson Col doesn't mind you looking/flirting as long as you visit his charity & pay...just a tad more each time you do it!

colindobson: @Tom_In_Oz_ @frankolad Here here!

Krystofer: @Tom_In_Oz_ @colindobson I have to say I've not saw anyone fill Lycra cycling shorts like Mr Col does in his profile...

frankolad: @colindobson @Tom_In_Oz_ OK OK if it's gonna take that... Better to your charity than the local rentboy !! :0P

Tom_In_Oz_: @frankolad @colindobson Wow you English guys rent a Oz we just lease or buy!

frankolad: @Tom_In_Oz_ @colindobson That's a thought having a Rentboy that you can lease !!!

Dear blog reader,

If you wanna support a great charity and see Col in less than his bike shorts go here

Above & Below: Russell Tovey & Boyd Hilton are officially Guinness World Record holders in kazoo playing as of March 2011 (until the record falls again).

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