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Please Support
A Worthwhile Cause
In 2011

Colin Dobson is a big fan of Russell Tovey and recently when I noticed he was starting up a very worthwhile charity drive I offered him a bit of space on the Tovey Blog to help raise awareness for his cause. Col was once at the peak of his cycling profession but due to an injury he put his professional dreams on hold. But that hasn’t stopped Col from turning the lemons he’s been dealt into lemonade!

Col explains briefly why his charity snow picture gallery started:

“The snow pics started as a £20 bet with my Facebook friends and soon spread virally across the world on Twitter. newspapers, magazines, radio and TV from around the world wanted the story and my Twitter followers jumped from 12 to over 1100 overnight!”

Col is not frightened of putting his own body on the line for this worthy cause and like so many before, his naked ambition is paying dividends. Col explains further that before he was injured he passionately supported charities:

“I used to do a lot of cycling for the Motor Neurone Disease Association until I was injured...And I am still prepared to put my nads on the line for this one."

Now, Tovey Blog readers, if you would like to support Colin here are the details:

Col’s Twitter name: @colindobson

Col’s website address (click):

Col has other links and information on his website which will allow you to see him live on Twitcam. You can link for a chat live if you wish.

Colin’s foray into pictures has also led him to being offered a new role fronting a TV show in Spring 2011 in the UK.

Lastly a word from Col:

Thanks for the support Tom. You’re a hero!
Loads of love from freezing UK.

Colin. xx

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