Monday, July 18, 2011



russelltovey: RT @heawood: Ladbrokes (UK's biggest bookmaker) says odds on Cameron stepping down as PM tumbled from 100/1 to 8/1 in last few hours (via @MattGarrahan)

MatthewCainC4: What is there to do in Basingstoke? Any ideas from twitter...?

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 oh no???!!! You're Not serious?? X

russelltovey: I have the Birdie song in my head, I'm walking along humming it to myself... Knob job x

russelltovey: Guess the artists? X

cathoderaytube: @russelltovey Rolf Harris? Nancy Kominski (you're probably too young to get that) :D

russelltovey: Guess the artists 2? X

chocolat_chaud: @russelltovey is it you?

brickpants: @russelltovey Van Gogh? :D

russelltovey: @brickpants one is the other isn't x half gold star x

russelltovey RT @BoyVirginia: @russelltovey this looks Van Gogh, ish..but knowing me and my art history, I may be miles off.

russelltovey: @BoyVirginiaMade one is aye x

russelltovey: Sorry just to clarify.. The Roses paintings were by Van Gogh and John Currin. Lesson over. Gold star to a few x

OutpostHousing: @russelltovey pls have a look at our new website and consider giving us a follow we help LGBT youth homeless.Thanks x

russelltovey: @OutpostHousing ok x

robbieanthony87: @russelltovey hey mate how r u i think ur hot as hell and ur a great actor too love how u play straight roles and never typecasted ;D

russelltovey: @robbieanthony87 thanks :-) x

AshleeLGalletta: @russelltovey will you be in Canada for the FanExpo this summer?

russelltovey: @AshleeLGalletta nope :-( x

russelltovey: Who's in soho? X

SpiderMonkey987: @russelltovey oh god... You're asking for trouble with tweets like that mr tovey!

russelltovey: Mumma is hungry x

Olliestweet: @russelltovey SO IS PAPPA X

russelltovey: I shouldn't complain but i think my knob maybe too big x

Littlestickie: @russelltovey so is mine. He is 6 foot 4 and sometimes annoys the fuck out of me.

MichaeljonF: @russelltovey Everyone has their cross to bear

russelltovey: @MichaeljonF ha ha ha x

TheNoelSullivan: @russelltovey the last hour of tovey tweets are something to behold. Birdie song, classic art and knob size. Everyone should tweet this way.

russelltovey: You guys..... "Picture or it didn't happen" malarky. I can't post a pic of my knob on here can I?? My balls sure.. But my knob? Come on... X

lifeissurreal: @russelltovey why is it less "wrong" to post a pic of your balls than it is to post a pic of your knob, here I shall do it

KevinLehane: @russelltovey lmao. You are clearly the nuttiest celeb on twitter, Tovey.

russelltovey: @KevinLehane ;-) x

ScotteeScottee: @russelltovey have you been hacked by notw or u just have the horn?

russelltovey: Why should you wear Russian underwear? Because otherwise Chernobyl fall out x :-)

tpamatt: @russelltovey corny, yet aborable. Pretty much sums you up :-)

GeorgeBouras: @russelltovey chernoby's in Ukraine so you've embarrassed yourself...

russelltovey RT @Unnamedinsider: @russelltovey are you aware that 'Russell Tovey' is an anagram of 'Lusty Resolve'


RussTov_FanSite: @russelltovey Morning. Day 1 filming #Towerblock - Best of luck....remember your lines and don't trip over the furniture! x

russelltovey: I really don't like what we are referring to as 'summer' presently... Talk about s.a.d x

Wolfie_Rankin: @russelltovey It was 17c not long ago and it's winter here in Australia, oddly it was 17c in England I was told, and it's summer.

Tom_In_Oz_: @Russelltovey it was 22c here in Newcastle NSW today....time to visit Oz. x

trvllngjwllr: @russelltovey Come to Australia now! Our current winter is pretty shit for winter, 19 degrees? WTF?

tantopat: @russelltovey At least we won't have to worry about hosepipe bans this year! :P

russelltovey: @tantopat oh we still will x

BigBoyler: Wow, thanks for the support, but should point out, just for the record,... I wasn't doing and American accent. It was Indian.

russelltovey: @BigBoyler it was a spot-on Indian I thought...

BigBoyler: @russelltovey cheers Russ, I really schwarma'd the shit out of it.


BELOW: The Pirates trailer in H.D.

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