Sunday, July 24, 2011


Tristan & Russ-olde

russelltovey: The new Picasso? Ansel Krut... Discuss x

TristanStevens: @russelltovey I wouldn't say Krut has Picasso's baggage and fluid sensibilities. Not yet anyway. Another fallen cloud!

russelltovey: @TristanStevens do you have rep yet? X

TristanStevens: @russelltovey No not yet. :( Any ideas?

russelltovey: @TristanStevens herald St? DomoBaal? X

TristanStevens: @russelltovey Will check them out. Thank you! x

russelltovey: @TristanStevens by the way that painting is really nice :-) x

TristanStevens: @russelltovey Herald St. looks right up my alley! Emailed them. That painting isn't finished, has gone through many corrections, poor thing!

russelltovey: @TristanStevens check out Peter Coffin at herald St x

TristanStevens: @russelltovey Ahh my friend works a lot for Coffin! With the animated visuals. All your tips look like great spaces. Cheers.

russelltovey: @TristanStevens or also try Kate MacGarry gallery x

TristanStevens: @russelltovey Ah I know that one. Your list is endless! You seem to enjoy good spaces and art. :)

russelltovey: I am really digging the work of Ansel Krut yeps x

houseofvoltaire: PICK UP A BARGAIN: SV's office is turning into a mini HOUSE OF VOLTAIRE sample sale this Fri/Sat as a part of OPEN HOUSE

russelltovey: @houseofvoltaire amazing!!! What time does it all start? X

houseofvoltaire: @russelltovey This friday from 6 - 9pm and Saturday 12 - 6pm.. (and Phyllida is doing a talk at 3pm) xx

mrSamuelBarnett: Can't say what it is yet but am thrilled and excited and will let you know when I'm allowed. Yay!!

russelltovey: @mrSamuelBarnett congrats!!!!! :-) pray tell suspense is killing x

The latest Pirate movie poster


russelltovey: Oh to be sunburnt... Hang on scrap that... I am sunburnt... but kinda feeling cool about it x

ShirMcCullagh: @russelltovey it makes you like a lobster, damages your skin, could give you skin cancer and then you start peeling like a snake. What's cool about that? (yes I am in a 'looking on the bright side' mood).

russelltovey: @ShirMcCullagh lovely words Shirley thank you z

russelltovey: You know what... It's a bit red, I've got aloe Vera, I'm putting it on... Enough with the scary big C messages please... X

CLPCLP86: @russelltovey factor 50 applied every hour I still end up looking like a tomato :(the line is where my fringe falls x

russelltovey: @CLPCLP86 glad you pointed out what the line was! ;-) x

GrumpyGayWill: @russelltovey try biafine - gets rid of redness within a couple of hours.

russelltovey: @GrumpyGayWill oh cool ok will hunt it out thanks x

russelltovey : RT @DIN0Kay: Prince & Amy Winehouse…

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