Wednesday, July 27, 2011



russelltovey: GaydarRadio: Who is watching #himandher - hearing incredible things about it! Merci x

russelltovey: RT @ATeenThang: Wow- Madeline Mc Cann may, after all these years, be found. Let's hope & pray that the Mc Cann family's torture has ended!

mfhorne: Just met @JoeyEssex_ on Berwick Street #maleenergy #REEM

russelltovey: @mfhorne reem!!!!! X

mfhorne: @russelltovey He smelt reem

camdengiles: Need to find some fake moutashes for Gogol @WOMADCHARLTONPARK - any suggestions in the Soho area?

AubreyEMiller: @camdengiles surely you could hit on your movie star friends that use them with trench coats and sunglasses when shopping x

camdengiles: @AubreyEMiller you'd think....!

tommacwriter: Off to the set of #3some gorgeous #adamgarcia is with us today. Any questions you #dw #wicked #gottodance fans out there want me 2 ask him?

camdengiles: @tommacwriter is he coming to our party? x

russelltovey: @camdengiles party??? Wtf? X

camdengiles: @russelltovey 'party' in our speak means 'threeway' - you game? x

boydhilton: @camdengiles @russelltovey I was really looking forward to this "party"... x

Confidential_CC: @boydhilton: @russelltovey I lived in a genuine #3some for about 5 years it's not as hot as you'd think. The sheep was always jealous. lol

tommacwriter: @russeltovey My trainer at the gym has just got into Him & Her. He thinks you're a very convincing heterosexual. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

just lovely

russelltovey: RT @stephenfry: Just unmissable, surely? @BetwixtMusical…

russelltovey: Ok. There will be series 2 of Him&Her on tv in the autumn. There will be a series 4 of Being Human on tv end of the year maybe? Finit x

russelltovey: Kick bollock scramble apprehension x

Ralphwjbrown: Whoooooops overslept ignored alarm, late late late, unprofessional, fucked up film, I'm shit aaaaaaaahhhhh

russelltovey: @Ralphwjbrown I'm am soooooo livid x

Ralphwjbrown: @russelltovey I would be if I were you girl. Fucken sorry mate x

mrjamesnunn: @russelltovey @Sheridansmith1 @RonnieThompson three of us working on one hole. Classic #towerblock

Sheridansmith1: @mrjamesnunn @russelltovey @ronniethompson haha just another day at the office :D

RonnieThompson: "@mrjamesnunn: @russelltovey @Sheridansmith1 @RonnieThompson three of us working on one hole. Classic #towerblock" I wanna be at that party!

russelltovey: RT @pufc_smiithy: #himandher is brilliant. New Royal Family!

russelltovey: RT @emmabutton: Re-runs of Him & Her literally make my day. Cant wait for s2! #himandher

russelltovey: RT @Caradobbing: Forgot how funny #himandher is - hope theres a new series! #bbcf1

russelltovey: RT @lorraineheraty: My mum laughs too much at #himandher she annoys me!

russelltovey: RT @Andy_Hall89: #himandher is seriously one of the best shows on telly!

russelltovey: RT @mattmullane: Just watched @Solemani pick a bogey out of @russelltovey 's nose whilst eating dinner. Lovely. #HimandHer


russelltovey: If it tickles your fancy, which it will, Him&Her episode 4 is on BBC1 tonight at 11.15 :-) x

spanky1985: @russelltovey plse tell me this is the 1st series & not the 2nd one

russelltovey: @spanky1985 it's a 1st series repeat x

Solemani: On train. Can smell feet. Male feet. Sly. Sporadic. Potent.

russelltovey: @Solemani potent... Ha ha ha x

will_young31: Just done sound sound check for alan carr. Very much looking forward to singing

russelltovey: @will_young31 be brilliant effortlessly winkle bum x

Sheridansmith1: My pet hate is 2 faced people.Pick a face & stick with it or get a back bone & a set of balls.Douche bags!!! Rant over...AND... breathe! ;D

russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 where are my pearls??????? X

princess_knicks: @russelltovey you just drove past me. Hello!

russelltovey: @princess_knicks hello! Bus stop? X

princess_knicks: @russelltovey yup! I should've made you give me a lift!

russelltovey: RT @Dorianlynskey: Why did nobody tell me Elbow did an amazing version of Back to Black?…

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