Saturday, July 30, 2011


Above: Watch Sinead Keenan almost corpse as Russell Tovey does his immortal Being Human line: "Who want's some of my plant?"

Below: Russell Tovey with friend Hollie N.


Coligula: Have had texts from two people (including my bf) telling me Russell Tovey is at Duckie.

xolondon: @Ultrabaz I hear Russell T is there! The burly babe @Coligula who gave me the scoop on Tovey...

Ultrabaz: @xolondon is he? Good!

xolondon: @Ultrabaz That's what I am reading on le twatter... see how wired in I am from frackin' Washington DC? x

Ultrabaz: @xolondon he is! He came with NY friend Tony... Just seen em x

Ultrabaz: Wow friend in Washington telling me via Internet that Russell Tovey is at our dance club Duckie The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Internet amazing! Official!

ohthankyoudan: @Ultrabaz Mark, tweet him in the actual face @russelltovey

Ultrabaz: @ohthankyoudan @russelltovey hello! Hello Russell from DJs. X

tonewife1: @Ultrabaz take opportunity to photograph Tovey bare bum and send to me. Thankoo. x

Ultrabaz: @claytonhickman get down duckie yer lazy article! X

claytonhickman: @Ultrabaz Work to do tonight baby. Say hello to lovely RTov for me. Not seen him for ages.

Gourounlian: WOW what a amazing night thanks to @tommacwriter & @russelltovey, had so much fun boys tonight . Now home time #borntoshine 2morrow. Night.

tommacwriter: @Gourounlian don't crash your car while tweeting.

russelltovey: @Gourounlian Arthur is God x let's make our project a reality x

Gourounlian: ABSOLUTELY let's make it happen :). XXX “@russelltovey: @Gourounlian Arthur is God x let's make our project a reality x”

russelltovey: RT @halpyros: Lovely! And not for kids :D RT @soveren: >> an adult disney song featuring @russelltovey

russelltovey: A lovely night was had by all x


MTAquilina: @russelltovey Hi Russell, split wif my partner of 11yrs today. Can you send me a tweet to cheer me up please

russelltovey: @MTAquilina I'm sorry :-( x

russelltovey: RT @robdiament: An artist is looking for a handsome male flautist for a video. Get in touch if this sounds like you!

treetree_: According to the article, Jack and Alonso 'went and had sex' in Barrowmans head anyway.. ahaha wonder if @russelltovey thinks that tooo ;)

BadWolfeBay: @tommacwriter I thought you were going out tonight?

tommacwriter: @BadWolfeBay Getting ready now - this is EARLY!

BadWolfeBay: @tommacwriter I just worried you were planning on staying in and watching TV like an old man!

robdiament: Such a balmy summer night in London tonight. At home alone picking at my old guitar and singing to myself. Trying to rest as not been well but I'd rather be out dancing with my friends.


MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Just landed! And looking forward to seeing my twin!

Confidential_CC: @MatthewCainC4 even while away and no pics from @russelltovey your Nelly got her own blog story and pic courtesy of @tommacwriter

robdiament: @MatthewCainC4 welcome back!

TheGreatCuddler: @MatthewCainC4 babe welcome back!!! I'm sure you're longing for some "cream pie!" x o

russelltovey: RT @Brennan_James: @russelltovey Him&Her one of the best tv shows I've seen for a while! Can't believe I never watched it until now!



russelltovey: Do animals have star signs? I think my family cat may be a Libra....? X

rickedwards1: @russelltovey my pet fish is a Pisces. Ahahahahahaha. I made a joke!

Tom_In_Oz_: Yes, yes you did Rick! Good boy x RT @rickedwards1: @russelltovey my pet fish is a Pisces. Ahahahahahaha. I made a joke!

tommacwriter: @russelltovey She's certainly not a virgo, darling.

ardmore70: @tommacwriter @russelltovey maybe she‘s a scorpio like me-passionate & fiercely loyal but once crossed....

tommacwriter: Lovely day, off for a nice run in the sun, then on set for #threesome before hitting the town with @russelltovey & @gourounlian tonight!

Gourounlian: Boys I cannot wait bring it on tonight @tommacwriter @russelltovey

ardmore70: @tommacwriter @russelltovey @gourounlian heading anywhere gud?

tommacwriter: @ardmore70 @russelltovey @gourounlian Oh yeah, five star all the way, cos we is CLASSY.

ardmore70: @tommacwriter @russelltovey @gourounlian & wots 5 * in the London Dr Who jetset? We is peasants ere in the sticks hehe

tommacwriter: @ardmore70 @russelltovey @gourounlian KFC in Bromley, then the Wetherspoons in New Cross Gate. No. Joking. Really. Joking.

Confidential_CC: @tommacwriter: @ardmore70 @russelltovey @gourounlian It's Nandos right not KFC, surely x

ardmore70: @tommacwriter @russelltovey @gourounlian not frm London so means nothin lol but not a kfc fan prefer burger king hehe

tommacwriter: @ardmore70 @russelltovey @gourounlian Actually I'm veggie, so it'll be neither. The truth is we'll hit multiple clubs for various boogies.

ardmore70: @tommacwriter @russelltovey @gourounlian bk do a mean veggie burgeroh boogies wudnt mind seeing u lot shake ur thang

Gourounlian: hahahahah your to much :) and for the record I am soooo #sushi @tommacwriter , @russelltovey

tommacwriter: @Gourounlian @russelltovey Northampton sushi? Your girlfriend might still be waiting outside.

Gourounlian: hahaahahaahahahahahahahahhahahhaahaah don't be jealous sweetheart cos she did not wanted you :):):) @tommacwriter

Confidential_CC: @ardmore70 Just letting you know you have been blogged here: RUSSELL TOVEY A STAR IN THE MAKING… c/o @Tom_in_Oz_

ardmore70: @Confidential_CC @tom_in_oz_ wot does that mean?

Confidential_CC: @ardmore70 I manage Russell Tovey's Internet site where his tweets are recorded... x

ardmore70: @tommacwriter @russelltovey @gourounlian oh we ave been blogged! I was a bloke virgin til now. I’m glad it was Russell who popped my cherry

russelltovey: RT @leejonathan: @russelltovey who would be your dream hag? #whoisyourdreamhag

something big

Tom_In_Oz_: @WheresWalles I hear congrats are in order and the news was good...nice things do happen for nice people x Oh, and ones with talent obv x

WheresWalles: @Tom_In_Oz_ what a lovely msg to wake up to, thanks Tom! I have had a good week...long may the good fortune continue for us all! x

LisaMarie_Long: @whereswalles What's this?? Congratulations? TELL?!!!

WheresWalles: @LisaMarie_Long nothing too exciting yet, just had a good run of work recently...@Tom_in_Oz_ is just being his lovely supportive self :)

Tom_in_Oz_: Hi there @LisaMarie_Long I have followed @WheresWalles for ages and this week I just had a premonition that something good was gonna happen for him and it did and more is on the way x

WheresWalles: @Tom_In_Oz_ @LisaMarie_Long these are the tweets that make twitter worthwhile...long live @Tom_In_Oz_ ! May your premonitions come true :)

Tom_In_Oz_: @WheresWalles @LisaMarie_Long well yes to both parts I'd deff like to live a little longer and YES you will be up for something big soon.

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