Tuesday, August 2, 2011


earache my eye

russelltovey: Got a little ear ache... I don't like ear ache... Maybe I should insure them like J-Lo has done for her butt...? X

Confidential_CC: @russelltovey nowadays Jello not J-Lo x

zzpete: @russelltovey that gonna cost ya big time haha #kidding

Just heard @russelltovey on a local radio station being ignorant to the dangers of no health insurance...luckily i am Superman!! :)

Michaelsocha: will someone suggest some music, any music? im reggae, dub through and through. but willing to expand i will love thee forever! x

russelltovey: @Michaelsocha Les Miserables x

russelltovey: russelltovey: Any idea what this is for? I like the poster... X

DaleyBeee: @russelltovey That's for Blood Orange, Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion's @devhynes, new band/persona/music project. It is epic

russelltovey: @DaleyBeee is it??? Love it... How do I get a copy??? X

russelltovey: @DaleyBeee by the way amazing thank you!!! Why I find twitter so incredible x

patrickciaran: @russelltovey http://t.co/o1BA1ql

russelltovey: @patrickciaran I want the poster!! What would his marketing be under on here? X

patrickciaran: @russelltovey he's on domino

DaleyBeee: @russelltovey & your welcome. Album called Coastal Grooves, out on August 8th. Buy it to support a fellow Essex-ian @devhynes. Great music x

russelltovey: @devhynes I love this! Tempted to steal it for my wall! ;-) http://t.co/RGx9Jdc

inbarigami: @russelltovey @devhynes I love the fact that you know each other. I love that now I know that fact. I love Twitter. x

LiamMBudd: @russelltovey I hope I'm the first to tell you this, I am pretty late, but it's the debut album cover for Blood Orange http://t.co/OvhUFLp

LiamMBudd: @russelltovey Argh I totally am the last to tell you, damn linear timeline.

russelltovey: @LiamMBudd thank you! X

LiamMBudd: @russelltovey you are so welcome you don't even know, but from now on come to me first with your queries yeah.

jayjstanton: @russelltovey Russ Any chance of good luck tweet 4 my Wigan rlfc team who play St Helens in rugby league cup semi on sat - cheers x

russelltovey: @jayjstanton good luck top team x

russelltovey: If you want culture with a twinkly intelligent edge follow @MatthewCainC4 X

linopolis: @russelltovey I'd like cake with a twinkly chocolate coating.. What do I do?

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