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Further Adventures Pt.8 - No.1255


A FluffTail
Tom Markstahler
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Continued from post No.1254


Ozzie was a long way from home and halfway to his new home in Australia but he was determined to see in the New Year even though his host Tom Markstahler had gone out for the night. Oz climbed up on the windowsill just in time to see the local display of fireworks. Luckily he had his camera with him.
Sadly, all the other party animals were asleep or in the closet and missed all the fun. But the next morning when he met his friends for brekky Ozzie did a PowerPoint presentation involving many pictures of the massive local display. The others gave Oz a big bear hug and told him how wonderful he was for making the first day of 2012 such a happy one. 

The friends promised to pay him back somehow....
To be continued…

Charliecondou: That was quite simply the best thing I've seen on British television in years #sherlock
streetworker01: @Charliecondou I agree (apart from you, of course!). Happy New Year. x
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou agree #sherlock def worth it and @russelltovey in next ep HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE when are they gonna ask you Charlie? @Markgatiss
Michael Gallivan
MikeyJGall: Sherlock = self-indulgent but that’s the point right!
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall  Mr. Russell Tovey is in the next one - say no more #sherlock
Michael Gallivan
MikeyJGall: Happy New Year yes he very much is!!!!! x

For those who are reading the blog for the first time:

For unknown reasons, I share an amazing psychic connection to a large variety of European followers and a few USA based people through the medium of Twitter. This also sometimes extends to connecting with people’s pets.

Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler @MarkMMerrett did Lady bark a few times last night about when I was going to bed. I was hearing a dog bark while nodding off?
MarkMMerrett: @Tom_In_Oz_ @tmarkstahler yes at the smoke alarm going off from food steam and from the shower
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @MarkMMerrett @tmarkstahler I was just about asleep when I heard her x
MarkMMerrett: @Tom_In_Oz_ @tmarkstahler to her she thinks we are all in danger and she goes insane warning us
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @MarkMMerrett @tmarkstahler my psychic connection to your dog is amazing!
MarkMMerrett: @TMarkstahler @tom_in_oz_ I am a bit cold in my room sadly
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @MarkMMerrett @tmarkstahler  Mark also has crampy legs, sore head and needs to adjust his glasses - x
MarkMMerrett: @Tom_In_Oz_ @tmarkstahler @rudehamster 98% correct, u forgot back and neck! U must be psychic!

National Doodle Day 2012
Russell Tovey's Doodle

National Doodle Day - drawing a line through epilepsy

National Doodle Day was established back in 2004 to create a unique, fun and fantastically simple fundraising event that everyone could be a part of. By simply doing a doodle, thousands of celebrities, schools, companies and individuals have joined together and helped raise over £220,000 for charity!
Bidding will soon start on the latest set of doodles by celebrities for the 2012 fundraising season. If you’d like to bid on a doodle created by Russell Tovey an English actor whose television and film credits include Being Human, Gavin and Stacey and The History Boys then click: HERE

Snowy Aloha from Japan
russell tovey
russelltovey: Happy New Year from Tokyo to all my amazing wittys.. I wish good fortune, happiness, love and hot stuff for each and every one of you... x
MatthewCainC4: Briefly breaking my twitter silence to wish you all Happy New Year from Tokyo, where it's now well into 2012! Had great night in Park Hyatt hotel bar pretending to be Scarlett Johansson + Bill Murray with my sisters Ed Watson + @russelltovey. But we were still hungry after posh meal so had to sneak out for McDonalds after! Was woken up today by Russell playing Military Wives song! Now getting ready to start day with another great sushi meal. In meantime, sending you all lots of love and best wishes all way from Japan!
THEKERRYHOWARD: @MatthewCainC4 happy new year give your twin @russelltovey a hug from me! Looking forward to your party x
THEKERRYHOWARD: @tommacwriter will this be the year I get get to work for yee? Xx
tommacwriter: @THEKERRYHOWARD oh please DO!!!

So I know Russell Tovey's cousin...
lilyfrancisOMFB: @russelltovey - your cousin Jo gave me this!

Michael Craig-Martin's Birthday Party
28th Sep 2011

Michael Craig-Martin turned 70 on the 26th August 2011. To celebrate Art Fund Trustee Michael Craig-Martin's 70th birthday we teamed up with the Whitechapel Gallery to host a party for the inspirational artist and former teacher to the YBAs. The party also celebrated contemporary artists and the work that the Art Fund has done to support museums and galleries acquire contemporary art for their collections...
Even Russell Tovey popped in to pass on his birthday wishes.

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