Thursday, July 8, 2010


I found this draught pitch for a virtual mini-series on a development blog the other day. Russell Tovey it seems is one of the required talents. Maybe Russell hasn't been given the pitch yet by his might still be on the drawing board?

Darken House


Written by

Alden Caele (developer of virtual LOST)


Ben Browder (Stargate)

Yunjin Kim (Lost)


Kate Burton

Embeth Davidtz

James Kyson Lee

Tom Skerritt

Russell Tovey

Gabrielle Union

Darken House

:: A Webisode Serial from A.C. Caele::

::The Sample Pilot::

What if the walls never ended?

That's the question that strikes Travis King (Ben Browder) when he finds himself in a mysterious place called Darken House: a claustrophobic labyrinth composed of a myriad of hallways and rooms. There is no outside, nor even such a concept, beyond stories brought to Darken by folks like himself. Outsiders.

Kanna Kyo (Yunjin Kim) has lived here her entire life, merely surviving until she stumbles across Travis. His predicament is familiar to her, and stirs longings in her that elicit her help. But can Travis trust this secretive figure, from a culture he barely understands and with allegiances he cannot confirm? And can Kanna trust a man who barely knows his own origins?

From the executive producer of MZP's Slayer Academy comes a tale about a world both alien and familiar. Will Travis and Kanna seek to understand the house, or is it enough to merely survive this place that, for so many, is the only home they've known?

:: The Plan::

Darken House would theoretically play out in sequences of six webisodes, based on a larger initial plan for a miniseries. The first such sequence would be called "Walls" and ideally air on TEN.

Sequence 1: Walls

1: “We Are the House”
2: “Carpe Diem”
3: “Be Careful”
4: “Finder’s Fees”
5: “Whispering”
6: “Ego Sum”

:: The Reality ::

Parts 1-3 of the first sequence are already written, with the succeeding three roughly plotted. A 5-10 page webisode can be completed in a night, and is easily edited into its final version. Being webisodes running in sequences, rather than episodes in the seasonal model, we can run a sequence whenever it is ready. One year could have three, another only one, another five, all dependent on the creative team.

There are enough potential stories to fuel numerous sequences, with a plotted back story allowing for a final sequence to be plotted out and written at short notice, while also allowing for a slow build to any revelations.

Since a sequence is six webisodes, I'll merely include the first in this pitch; however, I'll be happy to PM #2 and #3 to the administrators should they be interested.

So, enjoy, and keep Darken House
in consideration.

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