Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Aidan Turner is the only cast member of Being Human not yet to appear in Dr Who.

London Film and Comic Convention 2010

There will be a FREE Being Human talk with Russell, Aidan, Lenora and Being Human director Colin Teague.

NB. Aidan Turner and Colin Teague will be there on Sat 17th to present one of Aidan and Colin's new projects.

London Film & Comic Con Guests!

For anyone interested, here's all the Doctor Who guests attending LFCC 2010!

Old Who
Nick Courtney - Brigadier
Matthew Waterhouse - Adric
Elizabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith (New Who and SJA)
Milton Johns - Kelner

New Who
Russell Tovey - Midshipman Frame (Voyage Of The Damned, The End Of Time: Part Two)
Paul Kasey - Various monsters
Tracie Simpson - Producer
Colin Teague - Director
Nia Roberts - Ambrose (The hungry Earth & Cold Blood)
Lenora Crichlow - Cheen (Gridlock)
Simon Dutton - Alistair (Time Of Angels)
Hannah Steele - Vampire Girl (Vampires Of Venice)
Elizabeth Croft - Vampire Girl (Vampires Of Venice)
Gabriella Montaraz - Vampire Girl (Vampires Of Venice)

Ian Gelder - Mr Dekker (Children Of Earth)

LFCC takes place on 17th-18th July at Earls Court 2.
For more info go to:

Above: Russell Tovey during rehearsals on the set of Voyage Of The Damned.

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