Sunday, July 11, 2010


The History Boys wins best play at the 60th Tony Awards New York: June 11, 2006.

Russell Tovey is standing under the sign to the right holding onto Francis De La Tour. Alan Bennett accepts the award. The crew won 6 Tonys and were nominated for 7.

The play The History Boys has been revived numerous times since its original run between 2004-2006. It must be noted that the part of Rudge (Russell Tovey) was cut down somewhat for the movie but Russell still got to play one of the more memorable roles.

Above: Francis and Russell.

Above: Russell is on the far left.

Above: Russell is fifth from the left.

Above: Russell is second from the left.

Above: Alan Bennett playwright with young Russell Tovey working during production.

Above: Cast members Tovey, Parker and Corden out for the night in New York.

Above: Russell is on the left during the eulogy scene.

Above: Russell on knee at front right.

Above: Cast members Tovey and Corden out for the night in New York.

Above: Cast members Parker, Tovey and Barnett out for the night in New York.

The following pictures are from the movie of The History Boys:

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