Monday, July 12, 2010


You should be on the stage...
Yes, it leaves in 30 minutes!

One of Russell's first stage roles

The Recruiting Officer at Chichester
Date: 18 April 2000

The cast for the season's first production, George Farquhar's 1706 comedy, The Recruiting Officer, are Alec Newman, Andrew Lancel, Debra Gillett, Caroline Catz, Nicholas Le Prevost, Tom Georgeson, Steven Speirs, Katharine Burford, Nicolas Tennant, Russell Tovey and Natalie Walter. The Recruiting Officer, which runs 10 May to 15 July, is directed by James Kerr.

The Chichester Festival Season, the acclaimed repertory fixture on the annual theatre calendar, often acts as a test-bed for productions which later transfer to London's West End.

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