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The London ComicCon Being Human Q&A set of questions transcribed for those who would have liked Being There:

Question: How do you feel about the change in location?

Lenora: Well, there’s lots of swans in Cardiff
Aidan: Yeah, she loves her swans
Lenora: I like the swans.

Q: How does Mitchell actually get through the door to save Annie? Because he is dead.
Aidan: Basically no one knows. I don’t know. Yeah…I don’t know. I don’t know how I did it, but I did it well.

Q: Russell when will the new series be aired??
Russell: Season 3 of Being Human? well we finished filming the first block of episodes last night and it airs January 2011.

Q: I have two questions. How does being is Doctor Who compare with being in Being Human and my second question is to Aidan, why haven’t you been in Doctor Who?
Aidan: I haven’t because no one has asked me! Come Colin (the director of Being Human and director of some episodes of Doctor Who), sort me out!
Lenora: Being in Doctor Who is loads of fun but it doesn’t compare to being in Being Human. It really does not. Doctor Who is this big thing that is much bigger than all the characters as individuals – the whole thing of being in Doctor Who is that it is Doctor Who. Whereas Being Human is much rawer, it’s about you guys and the characters. Doctor Who is a brand, and it is a brilliant brand at that but it is just different. It feels more special being in Being Human. And we’re special.
Audience: You are!
Lenora and Aidan to Russel: You’re special.
Russel: Yeah, really special.

Q: Are the group dynamics the same off screen as it is on screen and what happens to all the tea that gets made?
Lenora: Well all the tea that gets made is stone cold and you’ve got that filmy layer on it, people’s chewing gum – it’s disgusting. No, seriously, between takes people just put their gum in the mugs of tea – they are not for drinking. The props department would go crazy if we drank them. And what was the first questions? Oh yeah, group dynamics.
Aidan: We get on all right.
Lenora: Whatever! It’s pretty much exactly the same. I make tea , you –
Russell: As the show’s progressed we’ve gotten a lot more comfortable in it. And there are four of us now. Yeah, Nina!
Colin: It’s a new show, and not to be detrimental to either Aidan or Lenora, but Russell was the only one who had really done things before. It’s a new show and a new cast. And the profile of these guys has obviously changed for the better. And we like the direction of this series – it’s going to surprise people.
Lenora: It surprised me.

Q: Russell, can you tell us something about your new show?
Russell: Well we finished filming it last month. It’s called ‘Him and Her’ and...
Lenora: It’s brilliant – really funny. So funny.
Russell: and it’s about a couple, Becky and Steve who never leave their bedroom, so once again I’ll be in my underwear for the whole time. Well I have to give something back don’t I?

Q: This is for Aidan – what was it like filling someone else’s shoes because obviously in the pilot there was someone else.
Aidan: Filling in someone else’s shoes? Well it was fine for me. It was never going to be weird for me because it was all new and very different. Did you guys see that extra bit in episode 8 – it’s on the DVD’s deleted scenes. That was strange for me.
Russell: That was strange for me because I had to do it all again.

Q: Do you think your characters have affected your personality at all?
Aidan: There’s a lot of us in the characters.
Lenora: I think Toby’s writes for us as well, really well. I feel like we’ve changed them, if that makes sense. But I’m not just like Annie – I don’t just make tea.

Q: This is a question for Lenora and it’s about your outfit. How many do you have?
Lenora: I just have one. No I’m joking, I’m joking. I have loads – I don’t know how many to be honest. There are subtle changes – you have to have quite a keen eye for it. And it does depend on changes in Annie’s personality and self confidence. And I do go through many changes as Colin knows. ‘Oh that looks different…when did you change?...why does that look different?’ There’s lots of it – there’s at least three of each piece and loads and loads of each style.

Q: Is Mitchell going to find love in this season?
Aidan: He might just do this time. He’s a bit special…[all look at Russel] like George.
Lenora: They’re very special.

Q: Do you think the characters have grown in any way?
Russell: Yeah, I definitely think the characters have matured. Through friendship and their support network they’ve become stronger. I think personally George is progressed because of his falling in love with Nina and his turning her into a werewolf and the pain of that and knowing that the other person still loves you back.
Aidan: Mitchell will always be an addict and he will always have to deal with that in a different way. He has to man up sometimes. His life is such an old tale and this season will show and tell. It is way more epic – way more locations. And the guest stars!
Lenora: Yeah, Annie is changing and maturing all the time every day. She’s a woman – she never stops growing.

Q: This is for Russell – do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members from The History Boys and how does this compare – being in a TV series?
Russell: Well I was with that show for 2 and a half years. We did the play, then the film, then Broadway, where it won 6 Tony awards.
Colin: Only 6?
Russell: Sadly. We were a unit – a little history unit. It’s the same with any show – you work together for any length of time and you become a little family. Yeah, I speak to them all the time. They’re all doing amazing things and some of them are really famous now – James Cordon, Dominic Cooper –
Lenora: Russell Tovey
Aidan and Colin and
audience: YEAH!

Q: Have you had any feedback from America about how the show has been taken over there and what do you feel about the remake?
Lenora: It’s great
Russell: Well, it is. They’ve bought however many season we do and the fact that they want to make an American version is really good for us. It means that we are their reference point and it’s nice that we’ve got the English version out there on American TV so it’s not like the American version will just pop out of no where. At least they can make a comparison – we were there first. This is us. Like the American Office and the English Office – in the States they play both and they can compare and it’ll be the same for us.
Aidan: We’re really happy.
Lenora: We’re sooo happy. No, it is great. It’s hugely flattering for the show. But I do think it’ll be completely different – the Britishness of the show has a lot to do with the location and where it’s set and I think their budget is something like £26 million.
Colin: Yeah, it’s like three times larger than ours.
Lenora: Three?!?!?

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