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Mayhem Horror Festival in association with BAFTA presents:

BEING HUMAN 31st Oct 2009

TV’s favourite Werewolf/Vampire/Ghost trio descended on Broadway Cinema today as the Mayhem Horror Film Festival played host to the cast and creators of hit BBC3 horror drama Being Human.

Taking time out from shooting the second series in Bristol, actors Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan appeared alongside the show’s producer Matthew Bouch, for a comprehensive Q+A, as well as showing the audience exclusive clips from the new series – due in January 2010.

It became clear that with the show now firmly established the 8 episode second series will expand and take the show in new directions – with a host of new characters – and Bouch revealed that we will be finding out huge amounts about the pasts of the characters – putting their experiences in context, flashing back as far as the 16thcentury in an attempt to uncover what lies behind the deeper mythology of the show.

Lenora reveals that Annie, previously the only regular ghost in the show will be joined by not one but several new trapped souls as series 2 progresses, with the question of what is keeping them from passing on, and what lies behind the final door if they do choose to, factoring hugely in the direction the show is going to take.

Elated by this news, the fans in the audience were further excited by the fact that Sinead Keenan, who plays George’s girlfriend Nina will be joining the show permanently for the new series. Hardly surprising given her characters fate by the end of the first, but excellent news nonetheless. “And then there were four” they all joke.

But of course, while whetting the appetites of the sell-out Broadway audience, desperate for as much new information as they can get, the panel are largely tight lipped, with the answer “You’ll just have to wait until you see it”, following questions as wide as the nature of the sinister Professor Jaggart, as well as how Nina’s scratch will affect her story arc in the show.

While the show’s fans now have just over two months to wait to see the supernatural quartet return to screens, this BAFTA event was enough to get even the slightest fan of the genre excited – and it’s clear from the jovial atmosphere in the room, the shared laughs and jokes from the crowd to the panel, this show has an audience who are anything but half-hearted.


Published November 9, 2009

Mayhem Horror Festival in association with Bafta are pleased to welcome the team behind the phenomenon that is BEING HUMAN. As well as talking about the making of the pilot and the first series we will be previewing 2010's new series which is currently in the process of being filmed.

LATEST NEWS: subject to last minute changes in their filming schedule the guests should be Matt Bouch the producer, Toby Whithouse the creator and starring cast members - Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey.

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