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Russell Tovey &
Sarah Solemani on

At 2pm Friday 3rd September Russell Tovey sent out a tweet to his Twitter followers:

@russelltovey About to start live interview on HEAT tune in and message me x

So I did. I went to:

The interview was conducted by Boyd Hilton.

The delay to Oz was hard to cope with but I persisted and some of my questions were answered but I also missed some due to a frozen screen.

Sadly, this great fan interview was not recorded and there are no transcripts yet available but I was able to do some screen caps for Rusty and Sarah.

Hi fans everywhere...

Tom In Oz wants to know about your scars on your forehead?

Yes, the 2 round scars on my forehead are from chicken pox and the one on my chin is from where I tripped over in the playground on another kid's shoes - plimsolls.

Russell actually pointed to his head so I could take a picture for this blog but the screen froze. BUGGER! He was just taking his hand down by the time the on-line connection worked again.

Tom in Oz asked are you coming to Oz to do any promo work?


We spent a great deal of time being naked while making Him&Her. There were times when Sarah had to work with me when I was naked. She made unkind filthy remarks about my testicles. Sarah and I were actually naked under the covers a lot.

What were your nicknames when kids?

Sarah - Salami.

Russell - Wingnut or Rusty or Rusty Balls.

Out of all the productions you have worked on which was funniest?

Him&Her has been the funniest set to work on *looks at Sarah before she punches him*

Are you gonna release a single?

Yes we have plans for releasing a Christmas single to go with Him&Her. We'll wear our Christmas hats and all.

Tom in Oz would like to know if you enjoyed the recent V Music Festival held at Chelmsford?

Aw yeah, it was great said Russ. So many acts he enjoyed the list went on for a while....Russell had to leave roughly at the same time David Guetta was on.

When asked about other actresses Sarah mentioned that she liked Ozzie actresses Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths (my distant cousin)...Russell even chirped in and said she's the one that was in "Six Foot Under".

Sarah, when asked what famous role would she have liked to have done, said that she wanted to play Muriel in "Muriel's Wedding".

When you choose to do shows is it obligatory for your contract to state that you'll do nude scenes?

Hell yeah!

About here in the interview, I got into technical difficulties because I typed a question that got me booted off line for a while. You see, Russell has hinted that he wanted to be a sperm donor. So when I finished typing the word sperm into the question box I was unceremoniously booted.

Are you gonna be a sperm donor...never got answered!

Sarah explained about an horrific medical procedure she endured when about age 17.

Russell was sickened and taken aback.

They were asked about their favourite cheese.

They were both asked what screen savers did they have on their mobiles? Sarah said it was the one that came with the phone and Russell said it was Mackenzie his nephew.

Russell was asked what was one thing he found hard to give up and he admitted he was still not able to give up cigarettes.

Then Rusty said, I kind of hinted that I would put out a naked photo on Twitter if I got to 20,000 followers but I think I might get into a lot of trouble if I did. I dunno about it!

We are off to have Korean for lunch.

Bye. Love to all and we hope we have answered some of your questions.
If you would like to start a campaign to get this excellent video up on the Internet please contact Boyd Hilton on Twitter at "boydhilton".

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