Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sunday night in Wembley
and all is well...7-11-2010

The right blue Matt

russelltovey: @Matt_Cardle matt where was the blue shirt you were wearing Saturday from??? X

susandevonshire: @russelltovey that's not the real matt cardle. His is @matt_cardle_uk

ragingoodfella: @russelltovey ur following the unofficial matt cardle. the real one is @matt_cardle_uk

ElohElae: @russelltovey pssst, the official one is @matt_cardle_uk

russelltovey: Now following the proper @matt_cardle_uk thanks! Gonna ask the shirt question again!! X

J_G_SHUTE: @russelltovey @matt_cardle_uk cheers thank you for the info ;o) XXX

russelltovey: @matt_cardle_uk hey Matt... Where is the blue shirt you wore saturday from? X

Poxo01: @russelltovey soooooooooooo gay, do I care .... Nope lol (abt gayness not shirt) lol

russelltovey: Embarrassing x

drfiaz: @russelltovey you tart Tovey using the shirt trick to flirt with The Cardle!!

farperoo: @russelltovey you want him, in or out of that shirt lol

idhToronto: @russelltovey u r only asking what we all want to know - but you are more famous so will likely get an answer X

nickbassett1981: @russelltovey what's the shirt question? 'Can you remove it for an Attitude photoshoot please?!'. That would be mine :)

Cheap at half the price

shazia_dar: just bought all 6 episodes of him and her off the i-tunes store. £1.89 an episode, a right bargain for the best TV of 2010!

russelltovey: @ shazia_dar ;-) x

A bit of a mystery

aussiecathy: @russelltovey Hey Russell just saw you in a Poirot mystery on the ABC in Australia.. very fetching specs! :-D

marsacademy: Russell Tovey is adorable. Why isn't HE in The Hobbit, too? He'd be an adorable hobbit. OK, a bit tall, but still.

Smear_Campaign: @russelltovey You'll have to resend your dick pic now. X

t0mk1ng: @russelltovey hey Russell, remember back when you had 10,000 followers and you said when you had double that you'd post a bum shot??? ;-)

X Factor starring Russell Tovey

russelltovey: In Wembley about to watch the X Factor live!!!! Woo-hoo x

MSNRealityTV: Guess whose tweeting pics from #Xfactor studios? @russelltovey He of Him & Her and Being Human. Ace work!

amber_twx: @russelltovey I’m sooooo jealous! ... :@ x

Smurfy32: @russelltovey how lucky??? If u get to meet matt cardle give him a hug pls!!!

impossprince: @russelltovey jealous!!! I wanna hear u scream for @kylieminogue

Una_zukin: @russelltovey how did you manage that one?? Maybe u can ask @matt_cardle_uk himself where he got the shirt :)

ThurrockPhil: @russelltovey I pity you; being forced to sit through that is not my idea of fun

russelltovey: The shirt is from Acne and Matt is a lovely man x

ashmca: @russelltovey I think I sex wee'ed a little...

stuism‎: @russelltovey he might look innocent, but the boy is packing

drfiaz: @russelltovey you celebs!!! Is it only the origins of the shirt you got!!!

russelltovey: Ha ha ha!!!! X

greenwoodma: @russelltovey are you a Cher fan? She looks a little scared of you!

tezlong: @russelltovey haha she looks like she is thinking "who is this?!" lol :p

robdiament: @russelltovey OMG!! I am SO jel!!!!! CHER!!!!!!

NikT22: @russelltovey You need a photo with Matt Cardle!


davidbrookes47: @russelltovey how do you get in so easily, I went last week with tickets, queued for over 4 hours and still didn't get in

mbSheffield: @russelltovey yes go find Aiden!!!


thomasjhanna: @russelltovey oh lovely. Ruffle his curls! X

mbSheffield: @russelltovey it's legal don't forget russ! Go for it :P

thomaspsimpson : @russelltovey he's way too young for you Russell haha

roblench: @russelltovey I think Gaytimes might burst at that pic. #gaytimes

Real_Liam_Payne: Omg can’t believe what’s just happened backstage at xf!

MatthewShaw1 : @Real_Liam_Payne: "Omg can’t believe what’s just happened backstage at xf!" @russelltovey You're there - what's happened?

peteleay: @russelltovey Oh you media whore!!

Mojo1972girl: @russelltovey u look like an x factor competition winner . :-)

robinfq : @russelltovey Say hi to Aiden and Kylie! I'm sooo jealous! x

russelltovey: This is like Disneyland x

pdjkeelan: @russelltovey lots of fairies (contestants), wicked Queens (Cowell) and some fairy tale nightmares (drop-outs)?...

boydhilton: @russelltovey better than Disneyland! DisneyWORLD. x

MsCheekyUK: @russelltovey groupie!

Ijoeallen: RT @russelltovey: This is like Disneyland x <-- you are.

DannnyFletcher: @russelltovey Russell Tovey we ♥ you and you are hot in the flesh

Theladyreed: @russelltovey I hope hope hope that you are one of the ones heckling Katie Weasel. Please let it be you!! X

jaybs: @russelltovey You seem to have had an amazing time in "Disneyland" otherwise known as The Fountain Studios Wembley! Good on Ya! J Xx

AWOLTom: Russell where did you get your shirt as seen in pics???

Being Humourous

Above: Jeffrey Bee, a Being Human graphic artist, has drawn Russell Tovey "George" and Aidan Turner "Mitchell" as Batman and Robin for his site "We Are Monsters." He asked people to submit captions for the drawing and above is mine!

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