Sunday, November 7, 2010


"The Twitter Diaries"


russelltovey: What a hideous day!!!!! X

DarrenWateridge: @russelltovey is that the b side of subo's new single?

RoseBennett2010: @russelltovey....and they've just issued a weather warning, heavy snow and rain NW England! lol yikes! x

MrsWaruth: @russelltovey supercalifragilisticexpealidosious I hope this makes your day a little brighter and puts a smile on your face:)

Scotch1709: @russelltovey - ridiculous day - bad rain bad traffic bad work day - now bad light stops play - don't you just hate this time of year?

Tom_In_Oz_: @Scotch1709 Cheer yourself up on a dull day and visit Russell Tovey at

Scotch1709: @Tom_In_Oz_ cheers Tom, a smiley place to go on a dull dull day many thanks - made a grey boy happy x

sheenius: @russelltovey come to Australia

debbranne: @russelltovey cheer up :) come down to Oz and get a little sunshine

GalileoGal67: @russelltovey hideous day huh? Must be some kind of vortex to south east Australia. Same here. Awful.

sonnyboypride: @russelltovey please please please please give me a shout out or follow I’m a huge fan and think you are mega gorge pleeeeaaaassseee??? lol x

russelltovey: @sonnyboypride HELLO!!!! X

sonnyboypride: @russelltovey woohoo! My crappy rainy day has just been mega brightened thank you x

russelltovey: Gym, voice over for a new ceebeebies cartoon and then hanging out at a mates... Monday x

joshgrant87: @russelltovey what, no Nados?

Smear_Campaign: @russelltovey You're really well motivated with the gym.

Do keep showing us the results :-) x

momentumcraig: @russelltovey what are you doing for CBeebies!?! Him&Her and Being Human too mature for my 4 yr to introduce him 2 your work

russelltovey: @momentumcraig cartoon not out till next December but it's aimed at 2-6 year olds and it's so sweet x

EstrellaEstrellaQueVaga: @russelltovey Thanks for the reply about Aidan. Ps - it's cbeebies ;)

mrSamuelBarnett: Hello tweeps. Hope you've all had a good week. Nice to be back. Off to see @russelltovey in a bit.

ianthomas74: @mrSamuelBarnett Colour me jealous. I'd love to meet both you and @russelltovey as mates.

mybrightidea: @mrSamuelBarnet @russelltovey have fun boys :-) xxxx

HolyFrell: @russelltovey Hehe Being Human is on TV at the moment... loving the growling during the first time with George and Nina together XD xxx

Tom_In_Oz_: RT @bbcbeinghuman: @russelltovey shares his acting tips in our latest #beinghuman blog vid...

saintmaybe1121: Uh, I don't know how to tell you this Russell Tovey, but I don't watch Being Human for your ACTING SKILLS

joshuashock: @russelltovey Joiners Arms last Friday?

MissAthena: YES! Back to back @bbcbeinghuman later =D yay I met Aidan, Lenora and @russelltovey =D

freddywaller51: Why am I only just following @russelltovey ? Probably because I didn't know he tweeted. My point is that @russelltovey = legend on legs xxxxx

kyliefansunited: @terryronal @russelltovey I would have to demand a Ronald-Tovey sandwich! ;) #dirtythoughts

robertastewart: @oxchris ooh was he in that? I haven't seen that yet. He is brill in his n hers . Bbc2 comedy. @russelltovey

MatthewCainC4: I love my twin @russelltovey so very much. And I can't wait to make a fuss of him this weekend for his birthday xxxxxxx

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 :-) x


alexspraggers: @russelltovey is great in The History Boys- such an incredible film, and play!

Above: History on Tweets

Above: Hmmm!

Above: A little goes a long way! Gavin Toomey producer/director of short film "Drop" starring Russell Tovey is still being re-tweeted. Thank you Tovey fans.

Above: No shame in being second!

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