Monday, November 8, 2010


One tweet - too few!

9-11-2010 russelltovey: Off to Legally Blonde the musical tonight!!!! How butch!!? Can't wait x

But you can't stop the fans!

9-11-2010 kentonallen: @russelltovey It is brilliant! Sheridan is amazing. So good...

9-11-2010 demelza2: @russelltovey cooooooooeeeee Russ hope all is good with you xxxx just beginning to know how to tweet xxxx

9-11-2010 demelza2: @matt_cardle_uk loved the photo of you backstage that Russell Tovey took !!

9-11-2010 Dont1etmego: @russelltovey Oh it’s Brilliant! you have to suffer through the first 10mins or so but after that i thought it was Genius!

9-11-2010 Maelwedd: @russelltovey Been to Priscilla? Even butch-er and (I think) even better ;-) xx

9-11-2010 mrjasonlor: @russelltovey Everything's gone musical. Imagine if Being Human and Him&Her were a musical. Would you mind singing and dancing? Cheers.

9-11-2010 this_is_luke: Russell Tovey is gay?!? WooooooW :D

9-11-2010 Rubes_T: I found out Russell Tovey is gay tonight. Well, not just tonight, ALL THE TIME. Had no idea.

9-11-2010 ianthomas74: Who's the most talented person you know? — That depends on what kind of talent you ask. For acting: Russell Tovey (versatility is key).

9-11-2010 merseytart: Who on Twitter would you most like to sleep with? Russell Tovey. Obviously.

Later that night...

9-11-2010 peterbramah: David Tennant, Russell Tovey, Tina O'Brian (+ American boy) Simon Callow, Brian Friedman, Duncan James all in the audience at Legally Blonde

9-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: Just seen the musical Legally Blonde for the first time. What an AMAZING show! And Sheridan Smith is INCREDIBLE! I want to see it again!

9-11-2010 russelltovey: Legally Blonde the musical is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!! X it is sooooo good!!!

9-11-2010 Grazia_Live: At legally blonde media night along with Gok, Russell Tovey, GMTV's Richard Arnold and Harry from the only way is Essex. Sensing a theme.

9-11-2010 jotheimpaler: @russelltovey how camp is too camp?

9-11-2010 iggle_: @russelltovey I love the amount of !!!!'s you use! :D x

9-11-2010 SamShone: @russelltovey it cannot be better than either Priscilla or Wicked surely? granted, the only 2 musicals I’ve seen but they are awesome!

9-11-2010 pixielizards: @russelltovey i find you slightly scary due to the musicals and x-factor love but yet marginally fascinating

9-11-2010 dottybint: @russelltovey Was it as camp as it seems dear?

9-11-2010 SissyVonHissy: @russelltovey musical theatre butch?? Surely the whole idea is sparkle spangle and OTT outfits that resemble Halloween costumes??;)

And then after midnight...

10-11-2010 russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 you are superb! So brilliant seeing you being absolutely brilliant! Congrats.... Rus x

10-11-2010 Ed_StarOnSunday: @russelltovey was going to say hello at after party but got distracted; nice jumper!

10-11-2010 tummytickle: @russelltovey did you see gok wan there? He's tweeting excellent reviews of legally blonde too

10-11-2010 NurseBrak: @russelltovey Does the 'gay or european' joke play as well over there? Or did they have to change that?

10-11-2010 colglas @russelltovey I agree. Really enjoyed the musical, surprising as I hadn't heard the music before. gay and european? :)

10-11-2010 ZamWriter: @russelltovey I hope it was a free ticket. *shudders at the thought of wasting an evening like that*

10-11-2010 robertsjlucas @russelltovey is Sheridan Smith still in it? Can she sing?

Showbiz update:

Sinead Keenan's new role...

Sinead Keenan, Russell Tovey’s other half “Nina Pickering” in Being Human, is off to a new project. Fans can’t wait for her reappearance in Being Human season three which starts in late January 2011.

Here is the Twitter trail…

8-11-2010 SineadKeenan: Off to a new job tomorrow. Oh, it's like first day at school all over again!!! X

8-11-2010 ElaineKristina: @SineadKeenan Good luck don't suppose you could be even a little specific re new job

8-11-2010 SineadKeenan: Bless you all!! Going to be working with the Fabulous Victoria Wood again! She's written & is directing a short film 4 Sky 4 Christmas! Xxx

9-11-2010 ZahraHunt: @SineadKeenan How was your first day!!?!?!?! Xxxx

9-11-2010 SineadKeenan: @ZarahHunt Great thanks. Hope you're well x

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