Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The Tovey Tweets


10-11-2010 lookgoodido: Photo: @russelltovey SO HOT.

10-11-2010 russelltovey: @lookgoodido this was literally taken 5 years ago!! X

10-11-2010 Maguire_LFC: Russell Tovey was always my favourite History Boy...

10-11-2010 KieronJohnson18: just watched the finale of being human season 2. @russelltovey, please tell me Annie comes back :(

10-11-2010 markdotf: @russelltovey you make me wish you liked other weredudes on #beinghuman

10-11-2010 mashimero: The US Being Human looks underwhelming. Also, I don't think anyone could be a more endearing werewolf than @russelltovey

10-11-2010 Back2Stonewall_: @russelltovey - So sorry about this. US Being Human Promo #syfychannel PLEASE FORGIVE US!

10-11-2010 joey_curran: @russelltovey where have u been for the last year!!!!

10-11-2010 jwhedonaddict: @HeatherRD I have a crush on Russell Tovey but is nowhere near my NPH one! ;)

10-11-2010 ZabrinaN: Remembering being @ Sylvia Young Sat school. Brian's drama class with @russelltovey and Ray's singing class with @vanessawhite. Good Times!

10-11-2010 imjustanerd: Yay! @russelltovey is in this episode of Gavin and Stacey too!!! :D

10-11-2010 imjustanerd: aww Russell Tovey dancing is the cutest thing ever! Never stop dancing bb!

7:15pm 10-11-2010 petieburkis: I'm pretty sure I just saw @russelltovey at Archway station.

9:15pm 10-11-2010 FleTwitcher: @russelltovey were you just in Satsuma Soho? I would have said "hello" had you not dashed out.

11-11-2010 bbcamericangirl: Russell Tovey is one of the best parts of Little Dorrit. His John Chivery is lovely

11-11-2010 LucindaLC: Little Dorrit is fantastic! RT @bbcamericangirl: Russell Tovey is one of the best parts of Little Dorrit. His John Chivery is lovely.

10-11-2010 ragingoodfella: people have been enjoying themselves a little 2 much over @russelltovey

Above: This is the graph as mentioned in the tweet above by "ragingoodfella."
NB. This result is probably considered a compliment, maybe not!

Tom in Oz reporting from St John's College Cambridge UK. I don't think I've mentioned this before on the blog but ages ago I was employed by the Nepean University of NSW Oz to do some part-time lecturing in the years 2001-2. It was an enjoyable time but holding down my job as an assistant principal and lecturing came into conflict so eventually I gave away the part-time work. Still, it looks good on the résumé.

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