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Tweets from the 12th


Face off

12-11-2010 russelltovey: What's up with Facebook on the iPhone?? X

12-11-2010 Marcello_Leo: @russelltovey same with my iPod every time click on Facebook just goes back off is that what is happening to urs.

12-11-2010 robangus: @russelltovey many many many things are wrong with facebook on the iphone.

When there’s a Will

12-11-2010 russelltovey: RT @marksvoice defy anyone NOT to like this song! The fantastic @willkevans featuring @russelltovey Hope to see you soon Will.

Hollywood & (twitter) vine

12-11-2010 guy_interruptd: *squeak!* Just been sent the first few pages of the script for DAOS to check I like it and it's AMAZING!

12-11-2010 TerryStapes: @guy_interruptd Yes! I wouldn't have put myself forward otherwise! I demand a screen test!

12-11-2010 guy_interruptd: @TerryStapes I'd love @russelltovey to be involved but the male characters are 18 and 35 -- a bit out of his range!

12-11-2010 TerryStapes: @guy_interruptd P.S. @russelltovey ain't older than 35?! Surely?! Lol!

12-11-2010 guy_interruptd: @AlistairNichols DAOS? Dying and Other Superpowers! My story!

12-11-2010 guy_interruptd: @russelltovey do you want to be?

12-11-2010 russelltovey: @guy_interruptd woo-hoo!!!! Can I be in it? X

12-11-2010 TerryStapes: @guy_interruptd I'm 20 and would be PERFECT! Admit it! Haha

12-11-2010 guy_interruptd: @russelltovey actually, there *is* a cameo for a man in his late twenties... right at the beginning. It's yours if you want it :)

12-11-2010 TerryStapes: @guy_interruptd I'll play alongside @russelltovey if you want?

12-11-2010 deaconbluesblog: @russelltovey @guy_interruptd I'll second that motion!

12-11-2010 Jaybs: @guy_interruptd @russelltovey - Kristian, you just have to use Russell, we both know he will be perfect!!!! John xx

12-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: Russell Tovey soon to be a movie star (so, will he still tweet to common people) read all about it @ RUSSELL TOVEY - A STAR IN THE MAKING.

12-11-2010 mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ to me he already is and even so he does a lot community activities like common people would. I think he's gonna be alright.

12-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @mrjasonlor I hope @russelltovey doesn't go all "hollywood" on us. Best trait he has is being blokey. He could move to Oz and fit in easily.

12-11-2010 mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ he's always himself and that's what I love about him. Dear god can you can hear me @russelltovey Don't ever change mate. Cheers.

12-11-2010 markdotf: @Tom_In_Oz_ Wish I could make it - who wants to fly me to London to confess my love to @russelltovey and hope not to get a restraining order?

Queer goings on

12-11-2010 myinfamy: I had no idea Russell Tovey was a fellow queer until @AttitudeMag told me, so my crush is not quite as guilty now! ;D

12-11-2010 Back2Stonewall_‎: I watched The History Boys last night. It's like the Gay UK Dead Poets Society (And stars Russell Tovey)

Mum's the word

12-11-2010 PriteshMistry‎: Saw Russell Tovey yesterday in the Ralph Lauren section of Selfridges yesterday evening shopping with his mum (I think!) #SpottedCeleb.

To catch the latest…

12-11-2010 Imjustanerd: for the latest #BeingHuman and @russelltovey news @BeingHuman3 and @Tom_In_Oz_

Tom's Tovey Twitterwatch

12-11-2010 You won't want to miss what Matthew Mitcham - Olympian, Cheyenne Jackson and Russell Tovey tweeted about this week!

House Of Voltaire Pop-Up Party

by Julia Neel 11 November 2010

WHAT: The party to celebrate the launch of House of Voltaire - the pop-up shop hosted by South London contemporary arts space Studio Voltaire, located at the new studio space above Rupert Sanderson's Bruton Place boutique. Until December 4, visitors will be able to browse and purchase works from both established and emerging artists, many of whom have been previously been supported by Studio Voltaire.

WHERE: The Club at The Ivy.

WHO: Rupert Sanderson and his wife Rowan Routh, Markus Lupfer, gallerist Kate MacGarry, artist Alice Channer, Jake Miller from The Approach Gallery and History Boys actor Russell Tovey.

REFRESHMENTS: Perrier Jouet Champagne served with mini fish and chips and hamburgers - courtesy of The Club at The Ivy.

HOT TOPICS: The works of art at House of Voltaire, and who was the mystery person who bought Pablo Bronstein's Untitled set of two paintings? The gorgeous new hand-blown glass collection from Martino Gamper and Richard Nicoll's first foray into menswear, which consists of a scarf and T-shirt - designed in collaboration with artist Linder Sterling.

Tom in the news

Above: Tom in Oz reporting from Hethersett Norfolk UK. This is the town where my First Fleet convict ancestor Elizabeth Rope (nee Pulley) was born and lived until she was sentenced to transportation to Oz. After sentencing she was initially incarcerated at Norwich Castle. It was here she acted as a midwife for Susannah Cable (nee Holmes) who had fallen pregnant while jailed. Susannah and her husband Henry Cable were sent to Oz along with Elizabeth in the First Fleet. When Elizabeth arrived in Oz she formed a liaison with Anthony Rope in the first week of settlement and thereafter married. They had the first recorded European child conceived and born wholly in Oz....of course there were other children born on the way during the voyage of the First Fleet but Anthony and Elizabeth Rope have their claim as the first couple to have a "made in Oz" baby.

Was this Australia's first joke? Rope, Pulley and Cable...

Today, I was interviewed by a Norfolk reporter re an article about Elizabeth's descendants. I spent the afternoon at Norwich Castle talking to an archivist and donating 15 years of research (450 pages) for their upcoming display which features some of the convicts of Norwich who helped forge the nation of Australia.

Tomorrow I move off to investigate Rochford Essex, the birthplace of Anthony Rope. This is a little town next door to Billericay Essex where Russell Tovey grew up. Anthony Rope was tried at Chelmsford.

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