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A smile & kiss

13-11-2010 mrSamuelBarnett: So, an audition in half an hour and then escape to the country. Can't wait. For the country. But also secretly excited about the audition.

13-11-2010 russelltovey: @mrSamuelBarnett :-) x

Let them eat cake

13-11-2010 wendyrawley: RT RUSSELL TOVEY - A STAR IN THE MAKING: RUSSELL TOVEY - No.842: Above - Mrs Oz's cake - note the distinct lack of ...

Birthday tweet No.1

13-11-2010 davey_h84: @russelltovey A very happy birthday to you, sir! Hope you have a great day. also hope i'm the first to wish you it on your birthday?! :) x

The other stuff

13-11-2010 JamesWhite21: Celebrity crush alert!: @russelltovey

13-11-2010 Rusky0106: @russelltovey it's a pile of rubbish! (Facebook)

13-11-2010 Djelibeybi: @stokely I prefer @russelltovey as he has the benefit of being both gay AND hot. :)

James A. "First" Fleet

replies to Oz royalty with a tweet

Above: Those casual readers not familiar with the name AWOLTom, it is I using my second avatar picture which says "Tom, with love R.Tovey"!

Unspeakable acts

13-11-2010 LawrenceMills‎: @myinfamy Russel Tovey is on twitter, you know.

13-11-2010 myinfamy‎: @LawrenceMills I mentioned my gay idols @stephenfry & Russell Tovey, the latter I would do unspeakable things to as well! ;D.

T'was the day before the birthday...

A few special people have birthdays on 14th November...Prince Charles, Claude Monet, Russell Tovey and Mrs Oz.

Coincidentally, Mrs Oz and I will be in Billericay Essex on the day which is where Russell Tovey grew up. We are on the trail to see the birthplace of my convict ancestor Anthony Rope who was born in Rochford which is close to Billericay. If you want to know more about Russell growing up in Billericay go right back to the first post on this blog. There are more than 800 posts - just a few days reading to get back to here!

Above: Russell's cake - he will be 29 this year (same age as my son who is 29 on 4th December).

Above - Mrs Oz's cake - note the distinct lack of acknowledgement of age or candles - this is one of the secrets to a successful marriage fellas!

Congratulations also to our godson James who was married yesterday in Oz. Liz and I hope he and Angie have a wonderful adventure together.

It's your birthday and Stephen Fry, Stevie Webb, Boyd Hilton, & others are missing the X-Factor! Bugger!

13-11-2010 russelltovey: About the get ready to go out and start drinking my last evening of being 28 away! I hate my birthday x

13-11-2010 SwindonSteve: @russelltovey Happy Birthday! Have a great time, you'll probably wake up like George from BH, naked and in the woods! x

13-11-2010 guy_interruptd‎: Right off to Balham with @all_about_andy for X Factor tweetage, then into town for @russelltovey's birthday commiserations :)

13-11-2010 Jaybs: @guy_interruptd - Have a great night Kristian, Please, Please give Russell a Birthday kiss from me! hope I get to meet him one day! John x

13-11-2010 paulj2703: @russelltovey Happy 29th Russell! X

13-11-2010 boydhilton: Missing X Factor tonight for friend's birthday. Please don't talk about it while I'm gone.

13-11-2010 paulj2703: @boydhilton it's ok Boydy, enjoy Russells birthday.

13-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: Getting ready for triple bill of telly tonight - Strictly, XFactor and Take That. With Ruth, Freddy and Nelly. In our pyjamas with takeaway!

Above: Princess Nelly of Nelly Park - currently enjoying a night in with Matthew Cain - nope, sorry, read next two tweet!

13-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: Ruth + Freddy gone to sleep so about to make surprise appearance at b'day party for my brilliant mate

@russelltovey. Nobody tell him though!

13-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: It's so good to be here with my wonderful twin sister @russelltovey I love you so much princess xx

13-11-2010 KatjaKat: @russelltovey Have a happy birthday (tomorrow?)! And @stephenfry is coming? Lucky you!!

13-11-2010 peachytweety‎: RT @stephenfry: Speeches due, then I must pop off to help @russelltovey celebrate his birthday. Heavens, ANOTHER goal!

13-11-2010 demelza2‎: @russelltovey and what to look forward to Bruntholf x

13-11-2010 Bronthulf‎: @russelltovey have a blast anyway, and let @stephenfry remind you of the virtues of youth!

13-11-2010 danryanactor‎: @russelltovey Right, going to follow you, condition being, you follow back?? Give you a week or I'm coming to tie a big Windsor knot on ya!

13-11-2010 CanadaRod‎: @russelltovey Happy Birthday mate!

13-11-2010 ClairSher: @stephenfry Being Human poem, for Russell Tovey's birthday (why not?)

13-11-2010 Leegarthy‎: @stephenfry @russelltovey MR Fry I have an audio boo from you ... can u RT this for me squire

13-11-2010 PTzero: I liked a YouTube video -- Will Kevans - Dialling Tone feat Russell Tovey.

13-11-2010 Ronat‎: @russelltovey -How did you and Stephen Fry become friends? I'm sooo jealous! Enjoy your birthday!

13-11-2010 flowersandfun: Hey, @russelltovey, is it your birthday? Have a great day and enjoy this birthday card we made just for you!

13-11-2010 davechapman: @russelltovey have a fabulous time! We'll toast our next drink to you x

13-11-2010 anise62‎: @russelltovey last evening of being 28 away! I hate my birthday x// Oh yes because 29 is sooo ancient. Pleaaase! LOL

13-11-2010 Ronat‎: @russelltovey -How did you and Stephen Fry become friends? I'm sooo jealous! Enjoy your birthday!

13-11-2010 flowersandfun‎: Hey, @russelltovey, is it your birthday? Have a great day and enjoy this birthday card we made just for you!

13-11-2010 gravelrun‎: Happy Birthday to @russelltovey!

13-11-2010 jermlikespie‎: @russelltovey My 29th is next month and I think I'm going to cry.

13-11-2010 BethanDenro‎: Ahh @russelltovey is such a cutie. Don't cha just want to cuddle him all day long?! Scrumptious.

13-11-2010 TheGoggin‎: @russelltovey Wishing you a Happy Birthday x

13-11-2010 finlaymacintyre‎: @russelltovey Happy birthday.

13-11-2010 _smileypants_‎: @russelltovey Oh! Many happy returns! Hope you have a grand celebration!

13-11-2010 Spacecowboy0080‎: Last day of being 20, Happy birthday to me and the AMAZING @russelltovey Happy Birthday to you! :D

13-11-2010 vickinurse‎: @russelltovey Happy Birthday!!

13-11-2010 angloirishgal‎: @russelltovey one more year until the big three-0. You'll enjoy that birthday :-D Have a blast tonight!

13-11-2010 YeahJamesCorden‎: RT @BethanDenro: Ahh @russelltovey is such a cutie. Don't cha just want to cuddle him all day long?! Scrumptious. <>

13-11-2010 My_World_Insane‎: @russelltovey is your birthday?

13-11-2010 pdbrierley‎: @russelltovey where??? If you in London and you let me come I promise I'll buy you a birthday drink! A cheap one though, I'm a student!

13-11-2010 mybrightidea‎: Only a few hours until @russelltovey is 19 (this time with 10 years’ experience) have a good one mister :-) xx

13-11-2010 unificationfr‎: @russelltovey joyeux anniversaire Russell ! Allons-y Alonso, as we say in France, for a whole new year of adventures !

13-11-2010 chrishurdiss‎: @russelltovey ooh happy Birthday! 28 is a good year isn't it. I've got 6 months left, those 6 might be dragged onto 9. #clingingtotwenties

13-11-2010 Just__Betty: @russelltovey Enjoy it while you’re still young enough :D

13-11-2010 ammoniteM: @russelltovey You don't even know me but Happy Birthday Russell!

13-11-2010 plumsiren‎: @russelltovey So glad there's someone else who hates their birthday!

13-11-2010 christopherjk‎: @russelltovey Drink and be merry, enjoy your slow march to the grave! :D

13-11-2010 BobBell69‎: @russelltovey well like it or not happy birthday

13-11-2010 lauraannguy‎: @russelltovey : awww... those of us who love you wish you a very happy birthday.

13-11-2010 stewiebirnie‎: @russelltovey I feel your pain... I only have three more days of being 28 left

13-11-2010 bazz83‎: @russelltovey Could be worse, could be thirty-nine! ;-)

13-11-2010 demelza2: @russelltovey have a great time x hope to meet up again soon x lots of love.

13-11-2010 arandabilly: @russelltovey Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Have a good night

13-11-2010 Markbristol‎: @russelltovey happy happy birthday!! ;-)

13-11-2010 mrsd03: @russelltovey Happy Birthday young fella don't let the Stevphens get to frisky XXX

13-11-2010 PRO_WIDOW: Just got my photo taken with Russell Tovey!! Whoop! Whoop!!!

13-11-2010 jfn1985: Oh my god. @PRO_WIDOW has just had his pic taken with @russelltovey... The lucky baaaaaahstard.

Russell Tovey's "angry George speech" from the pilot of Being Human on YouTube...

13-11-2010 KnaveoG: someone has put up my favourite scene from the pilot, enjoy.

13-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: I shall blog it as not many people have seen it!

13-11-2010 KnaveoG: @Tom_In_Oz_ It is the scene that sells the pain

13-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @KnaveoG Yep it does and until I saw it was a bit bewildered by just starting at Ep 1...pilot not shown in Oz...had to find it as download

13-11-2010 KnaveoG: And the calls for a DVD of the pilot continue.

13-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @KnaveoG Yessss to that big time!

13-11-2010 Ishbel_Haf: @KnaveoG Add me to that. xx

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