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Today is Russell Tovey's birthday and he has received many many tweets from fans I have only included a small representative batch...

Above: Russell Tovey in the last few hours before turning 29!

The late early birthday
Twitter report
12:15am 14-11-2010 gavincullen: couldn't get in my local boozer thanks to @russelltovey's party. Did walk straight into @stephenfry outside though, which is twittertastic!

12:30am 14-11-2010 boydhilton: Lovely evening of @russelltovey birthday celebrations. And I got to handle a white iPhone. Now home for intensive X Factor study...

12:35am 14-11-2010 robdiament: Lovely party for @russelltovey in Soho! Happy birthday!!!!

12:35am 14-11-2010 boydhilton: @robdiament you were the star x

12:35am 14-11-2010 robdiament: @boydhilton good to see you, can't believe I've lost my glasses!!!!

12:35am 14-11-2010 boydhilton: @robdiament I shall pray for the return of the glasses.

Above: Russell Tovey & Rob Diament partying in the video clip for the song "Dialling Tone" by Will Kevans.

Below: The full video clip as on YouTube.

12:40am 14-11-2010 profpieface: @boydhilton I could've sworn Russell Tovey only JUST had a b’day. That's quite terrifying, must be what being old is like. #anotheryeargone.

14-11-2010 hairball05: If anyone doubts that universal appeal exists, they've never seen Russell Tovey. How could anyone not like this guy immediately?

14-11-2010 AllieMunster: @russelltovey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

14-11-2010 mybrightidea: @russelltovey happy birthday lovely man hope someone is getting you nice and drunk and taking advantage lol thanks for making me smile:-)xx

14-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: Happy Birthday to my wonderful twin sister @russelltovey who I love so very much forever and ever and ever xx

14-11-2010 Degnne: We Are Monsters 032 - Happy Birthday, @russelltovey #Being Human

Below: Being Human graphic drawn by Degnne (Jeffrey Bee) to celebrate Russell's birthday. From the site "We Are Monsters."

14-11-2010 karenband3lmted: @russelltovey awww Happy Birthday..Hope was a good one u certainly would have a cool crowd2help u celebrate.Make most of the 20s karen xx

14-11-2010 laurahickman: @russelltovey I just finished watching series 1&2 of BH (I know, I'm a bit behind) You sir, are brilliant! Hope you have a great birthday x

14-11-2010 iainsenior: @russelltovey happy birthday x

14-11-2010 jasonlor: @russelltovey instead of happy b-day. Happy you are here with us. I'll love you while you're here and remember you forever. Cheers mate.

14-11-2010 cindication: Happy birthday from NYC @russelltovey!

14-11-2010 damiandunne: @russelltovey happy birthday you handsome young man xx

14-11-2010 annoidofu: @russelltovey I hope u have a good one

14-11-2010 davidruston613: @russelltovey natal felicitations fair Alonso

14-11-2010 The_Wid0w: @russelltovey why on earth do you hate your birthday? if nowt else its a bloody good excuse fer a piss up

14-11-2010 davidchild: It appears my invite to @russelltovey's party got lost in the post. Make sure it doesn't happen next year, eh?

14-11-2010 marcooth: @davidchild @russelltovey anyway.

14-11-2010 robdiament: @RussellTovey @_GayChris_ I love the Workman's!!

14-11-2010 _GayChris_: @russelltovey a badger calendar- an actual badger birthday calendar!!!

14-11-2010 scottsullivan86: Was wishing Russell Tovey a happy birthday earlier!

14-11-2010 mrSamuelBarnett: Happy birthday @russtovey Hope you have a gorgeous day and that you had a fab party xx

14-11-2010 jonshave: @kyliefansunited stop trying to cop off with russell tovey pls thx X

14-11-2010 Maguire_LFC: My brother met both @StephenFry and @russelltovey last night. Excuse me whilst I go cry out of jealousy. I love them both so much.♥

14-11-2010 Maguire_LFC: I mean, if he met just Stephen Fry, or just Russell Tovey, I wouldn't be as jealous...But BOTH?! That's just unfair. :|

14-11-2010 HorshamiteHarry: @russelltovey You're either very nocturnal or, this pic is from last night!. Anyway Mrs have a great Birthday x

14-11-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey - Russell hope you had a good night! Happy Birthday may it be special and the coming year, have a good day with family John Xx

14-11-2010 mmm_gash : @russelltovey Hope you're having a good day - love.

14-11-2010 joooos1: @russelltovey Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great night last night. xx

14-11-2010 PRO_WIDOW: For those who missed it; Me and the gorgeous @russelltovey last night in the Duke. Ahh, he was lovely... Happy Birthday

10:00am 14-11-2010 russelltovey: Thanks for the birthday messages me wittys... Feel inhuman today... Ha x

14-11-2010 lhrflyguy: @russelltovey HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tov! Apparently raw egg cures a hangover.. Can't say I have any faith in it. I prefer full English (the brekky not the person).

14-11-2010 BeingHuman3‎: Russell Tovey: Happy Birthday!

14-11-2010 PeteWMarshall‎: @russelltovey Have a good one man!

14-11-2010 impossprince‎: @russelltovey you've gotta be the cutest thing on earth, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

14-11-2010 MatthewCainC4‎: Left b'day meal for @russelltovey to catch train to Manchester and now standing at Euston station because all trains suspended! Aaaaargh!

14-11-2010 Una_zukin‎: @RussellTovey - I think I have that shirt. Never wear it because it needs ironing. Happy birthday! Enjoy the badgers :o)

14-11-2010 JimmyTheSnout‎: @russelltovey Happy Birthday!

‎ 14-11-2010 MrStevieWebb: @russelltovey Happy Birthday Tovster. Love Charlotte. And oh... Your friend looks like a cat! x

An evening with the “X”

14-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: All trains cancelled so come home to Nelly Park to watch XFactor and big Take That reunion with my sisters Russell and Gay Chris.

14-11-2010 russelltovey: What time did X Factor start tonight? 8? X

14-11-2010 mrSamuelBarnett: @russelltovey 7.45 x

14-11-2010 russelltovey: Ohhhh... Missed the group singing x

14-11-2010 boydhilton: @russelltovey 7.45! Early! Cheeky buggers. Hope it hasn't ruined your special day. x

14-11-2010 Russelltovey: Jeez that's a crazy result??? X

Above: Tom in Oz reporting from Billericay Essex UK - where Russell Tovey grew up. This medium-sized town is not far from where my convict ancestor originated. Anthony Rope of the First Fleet of Australian convicts was from Rochford.

On the 14th November 2010 Mrs Oz and I are visiting my long lost cousin Kathy at Westcliff-On-Sea which is not far from both Billericay and Rochford. Kathy and I both share an ancestor called William Ahern who ran away from Blackrock Cork Ireland at age 12 to roam the sea in search of adventure. William became a Customs Officer in Oz and had a very respectable life. Sadly for Kathy's family, William's grandson (a noted opera singer), roamed the world leaving at least 4 ladies with families on different continents. It was a miracle that Kathy could find any connections to her family's origin in Oz but I'm glad she did.

Because it is Mrs Oz's birthday today we intend to have a family reunion at Kathy's with baked dinner and champagne.

14-11-2010 jaybs: @AWOLTom - Enjoy your time in Essex and Birthday Greetings to your Dear Wife! John.

14-11-2010 Deejrdee: @Tom_In_Oz_ happy birthday to mrs oz hope she likes the message.


By Alex Robins

I went out last night and met Tim and Niall in the Duke of Wellington and we were also joined by Chris and a friend of his. We sat upstairs and found that we were sat next to a group celebrating the birthday of Russell Tovey. We were pleasantly surprised when none other than Stephen Fry turned up too!

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