Sunday, November 14, 2010


A short video of Russell Tovey signing autographs for Autograph World on 28th Aug 2009 at Pasadena Ritz USA.

Click video link here:

Trend setting Russell!

And the tweets just keep on coming!

14-11-2010 LauraBeddington: @russelltovey CHANGE your sodomite ways!

15-11-2010 JohnnyHWills: @russelltovey why does that Loony keep tweeting you CHANGE?

15-11-2010 seanieb1983: @LauraBeddington NO! @russelltovey must NOT CHANGE

14-11-2010 yorkshire_chris: @russelltovey Hope I'm not too late, "Happy Birthday, old chap!"

14-11-2010 faboamanto: @russelltovey Saw previews of US version of Being Human on SyFy. Have my doubts, lacks something. Charm perhaps? You?

15-11-2010 hoodedhawks: Yes, giggling idiots behind me, I was looking at someone's arse, but that's what happens when you Google Russell Tovey, alright?

15-11-2010 GillRockatansky: @jimmycarr I think the pilot was better than the new version. Russell Tovey's character is better than the tall Inbetweeners guy's version.

15-11-2010 bazmcstay: Boyfriend spotted @russelltovey in Archway the other day - seems the area is cooler than I thought!

15-11-2010 russelltovey: Oh God I've just realised I'm actually my age now officially... X

15-11-2010 mrsd03: @russelltovey Just learn how to say NO then ull b all grownup it's very hard to do X

15-11-2010 russelltovey: @_GayChris_ hooker x

15-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey _GayChris_ is now called @mrchrissullivan on twitter ur message went to no-one...because he changed it!

15-11-2010 Russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan pathetic x

Trendy George!

Above: Do you recognise this little guy? Yep, it's Russell Tovey as his alter ego the werewolf. He is called George Wolf and was made by fan _llamaface on the occasion of Russell's birthday. He is wearing a casual outfit based on the TV show Being Human and he has white trainers and glasses just like the real George.

Above: Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow and Russell Tovey camping it up for Being Human promo shots.

Above: James A. Fleet (soon to be guest star of BBC3 Being Human series three) has an observation to share.

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