Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Above: Channel 4 cultural reporter Matthew Cain (Russell Tovey's good friend) talks to Boyd Hilton and others about the reunion of Take That and their new album which is expected to make No.1 for Xmas..

Russell Tovey trendsetter yet again!

Stand Up

16-11-2010 russelltovey: At the 100hundred club waiting for Simon Amstell to give us stand up!!! Tres excited x

16-11-2010 chrisgraefe‎: @russelltovey tres jealous

16-11-2010 hannekekrijt‎: @russelltovey Saw him years ago doing a gig in this upstairs room of a pub in Soho. Brilliant night - my then fella target of his jokes!

16-11-2010 markdotf‎: Are @russelltovey and @simonamstell in the same room right now? Cause my "the men you are in love with" radar is going crazy!

16-11-2010 theladymania‎: Can Russell Tovey and Simon Amstell be friends, please.

16-11-2010 leerd‎: @russelltovey evening have u got Any advice about playing a werewolf would be good if u had any tips.

16-11-2010 davey_h84‎: @russelltovey he's really really great! I loved him when i saw him :)

16-11-2010 pyroriffic‎: @russelltovey Didn't you read the instructions properly? Simon Amstell is going to make you STAND UP. It's a game of 'Simon Says'.

16-11-2010 mybrightidea‎: @russelltovey ooh exciting :-) hoping to get his DVD for Christmas but I’ve about 20 on my list lol so not sure which I'll get x

16-11-2010 Haaatehx‎: @russelltovey no way :D My rents go there :D xDDD

Dot Com

16-11-2010 ianthomas74‎: @russelltovey Well, you could always make yourself a dot.com Sell yourself...meaning sell badger calendars, fan materiel, etc.


16-11-2010 TalitaViana‎: @russelltovey Hi ♥

Sod’s law

16-11-2010 LauraBeddington‎: @russelltovey sodomy is neither big nor clever! CHANGE!

17-11-2010 AWOLTom: Dear all, Laura Beddington is making personal attacks on Russell Tovey. Please let her know what you think!

17-11-2010 HorshamiteHarry: @AWOLTom @russelltovey it's not worth it Tom. Just more publicity for this sad motherf**king loser.

17-11-2010 AWOLTom: @HorshamiteHarry Yes I know, whomever she/it/him is, bloody stoopid either way, real or prank!

Put some Russell Tovey

under your Christmas tree.


16-11-2010 jaybs: @AWOLTom - Would love to be there on the 27th, wonder what I could afford? anything nice Russell? @russelltovey John

It’s almost Christmas, everyone, and that can mean only one thing – a trip to House Of Voltaire on the top floor of the Rupert Sanderson store 27th November 2010!

An assortment of goods will be on offer including limited edition prints, unique works and a series of specially commissioned home wares, clothing and accessories. Art and objects will range from £10 to £20,000. House of Voltaire will cater for a wide range of shoppers from Christmas stocking bargain hunters through to collectors of contemporary art both established and new.Those who’ve contributed one-off art items include big-name players like Wolfgang Tillmans and Tracey Emin (one of Russell's long time art friends).

Throughout the month, a roving cast of characters and familiar faces from the arts and fashion worlds will be fronting and staffing the shop, with various events and ad hoc happenings taking place on site.

Mr Russell Tovey will be on deck acting as a shopkeeper on the 27th November along with his friend Rob Diament.


House of Voltaire will be open Saturday 27th November

11am – 7pm

19 Bruton Place London.

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