Tuesday, November 16, 2010



17-11-2010 mrchrissullivan: Very happy about the royal wedding- hopefully the queen will hang in long enough to go straight to William. I mean, I like Charles, but we will have to change our coins to fit those ears on

17-11-2010 russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan his ears look fine to me x

17-11-2010 mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey you would say that jug ears- in town with K today.

17-11-2010 Jaybs: @mrchrissullivan - those ears of Russell's are Sexy! LOL @russelltovey


17-11-2010 davemhayes: @Charliemcdonagh Char, I wonder if this would be a less embarrassing and more indirect way of telling @russelltovey that he's fit as? lol

17-11-2010 TeamRivers: Really wants a laminated @russelltovey calendar!

17-11-2010 DavidHarryB: @russelltovey Everything looks fine to me! Russell Tovey is the cutest man on the planet

Incoming tweets about Social Network

17-11-2010 lora4dan: @russelltovey werewolvesreunited.com? ;)

17-11-2010 KevinRly: @russelltovey russelltoveyonbadgers.com

17-11-2010 Almond_Adam: @russelltovey If only Avatar had been "twitter the movie" they could have saved money digitally rendering LESS than 140 characters! :p x

17-11-2010 ALEXBLUECAT: @russelltovey did it not make you a ickle bit sad?

17-11-2010 emslg: @russelltovey It's amazing, isn't it? Great performances from Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg. You'll need a Zuckerberg for a new .com!

17-11-2010 TeanFreen_Fans: @russelltovey If it’s not taken why not www.dot.com - very original!

17-11-2010 peacockpete: @russelltovey Is there a facefuck.com?

17-11-2010 bstgrl: @russelltovey Best movie of the year!

17-11-2010 Robbieanthony87: @russelltovey cooool so u enjoyed it i wanted 2 see it but heard mixed reviews but i love Justin Timberlake lol


17-11-2010 kawenwing: I just had a daydream about meeting Russell Tovey on an airplane...#randomdaydream

17-11-2010 DragonJewel‎: I say to @CraigyFerg after enjoying Matt Smith on your show how about Aiden Turner or Russell Tovey from Being Human on @bbcamerica next ;)

17-11-2010 Chrisroach‎: @Glinner Is it me or does that robot look like Russell Tovey?

17-11-2010 jaybs‎: @russelltovey Just updated your Wiki entry which was out of date, via Unreality Shout, if you want anything changing or adding let me know J

17-11-2010 VelociraptorJay: @russelltovey @SineadKeenan You two should make Lenora and Aidan get a twitter! Bribe them with jelly beans if you have to :P x

Above: Tom in Oz reporting from The Crown Inn at Wells UK where the comedy movie "Hot Fuz" was shot. One of my favourite Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedies. Yes, I am in the pic holding my crossed hands on my umbrella. It was pouring for most of the day.

Below: Tom in Oz at Wells Cathedral.

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