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X Factor Magazine Issue No.1

17-11-2010 Jaybs: @russelltovey Only just received in post today X Factor Mag Issue 1, Superb Article! and Pic MMmm been worth waiting for! John XX

17-11-2010 Jaybs: @russelltovey Tom in Oz wants a copy but a mate borrowed my scanner months ago! Not sure if a mobile phone pic will do the job? John Xx

NB. Photo used above from issue 1 of the XFactor magazine courtesy of John (Jaybs) using mobile phone.

Russell Tovey naked drawing

in Soho 17-11-2010

russelltovey: On way to to be a model for a life drawing class in soho tonight!! Strangely excited!! No photos x

AWOLTom: @russelltovey HEADLINE: Not content with Being Human exposure, Russell Tovey ups the ante and goes nude modelling...No, really!

zomiewes: @russelltovey Try not to be TOO excited in the classroom!

Shakey_86: @russelltovey +side, if you're excited they will have more to draw... #thinkaboutit

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey it's cold out init? Wear 2 pair of socks!

cupps73: @russelltovey bloody hell, you're brave! ;)

MarcsOnFire: @russelltovey At the Moving Picture Company?

demelza2: @russelltovey sounds good Russell x go to the Stockpot after!!!! My fav haunt!xx

Wozzy83: @russelltovey good excuse lol

indilfllo: @russelltovey you should do some Dr.sketchy's'd be awesome!

rachscorer: @russelltovey I was going to say, well we've all see parts of your body plenty of times in your programmes

tobiased: @russelltovey I just heard the sound of 22,000 pitched tents.

OhGetOverIt: @russelltovey I had to go to a life modelling class once, not quite as mature as yours will be though.

DrewDrew68: @russelltovey how about scans of the drawings? #tryingnottosoundpervy #interestinart

UK_MarkLeeds: @russelltovey I think you owe us a photo after getting our hopes up ;-)

peacockpete: @russelltovey Have you always had artistic leanings?

danny_cliffe: @russelltovey yowza. Don't tempt me Frodo

NorthyMark2: @StevesCorner @russelltovey it’s just another excuse for my Tovey to get his bits out legitimately, lol!

NorthyMark2: @StevesCorner @russelltovey oops I said my, I meant Mr, Mr Tovey...*bows in apology*

Bendicksongreen: @russelltovey in the nip?!?!?!!?

Smblaa: Hopefully @russelltovey

Josepheskett: @russelltovey nothing half the country's not seen already ;)

JaredofMo: @RussellTovey I bet @Degnne wishes he was in that class.

Poetic_line: @russelltovey Sounds absolutely wonderful.

SammiBee2010: @russelltovey Awwww why no photos..boring ;) x

angloirishgal: @russelltovey Evening! Do u do much art when ur not busy with other things? Relaxing, but I do find it consumes you..once started thats it!

JuliaF1: @kinkyclawz @russelltovey ooh yes - could you send a little twitpic of your drawing not the model! X

DentalHarker: @russelltovey What's the drawing for? Not that art should need a reason :)

AdamEdhel: @russelltovey no photos? Darn it!

PTzero: @russelltovey Are you posing in the nude? :-)

Simcard7: @russelltovey pics....please

russelltovey: Not really... I'm Drawing.. A female model is modelling... It's all very mature x

jodieharsh‎: @russelltovey Girl.

russelltovey: @jodieharsh girl x

mrchrissullivan‎: @russelltovey a model? Thought you were drawing- they'll want their money back!!

Alanmwilliams: @russelltovey we can still imagine

JoeTaylorLand: @russelltovey it might be Tesco Mary! *fingers crossed*

17-11-2010 Gazebow: @russelltovey Again, pah :(

JB67_JACK05: @russelltovey he he everyone jumped to the wrong conclusion....gutter much ? lol

DrewDrew68: @russelltovey damn, I mean sorry for the out of date replies. Is the model mature or just the lack of sniggering?

Cyzaki: @russelltovey Are you gonna let her see what you've drawn then?!

nemig: @russelltovey Mature? What's that about?

wendybradley‎: @russelltovey Why is a female model for a life class more "mature" than a male one, then?

Simpsdj: @russelltovey Did you get excited?

NotAlwaysNerdy: @russelltove Do you like getting naked? Or is that where the money is? lol

To see the last Russell Tovey drawing sold for charity auction please click here.

Sooo hot

FearOfAnEnemy: it seems that everyone who has the first name Russel is hot? Russell Brand Russell Tovey Russell Kane Russell Howard

davechapman: just made eye contact with @russelltovey! Wow...! *palpitations* *faints*

StevenWilson00‎: @russelltovey there perfect

lisaboconnor‎: @russelltovey i think i'm slipping into major fangirlness with you... It's your fault with the photoshoots and suits that you wear!!!

lisaboconnor‎: is fan girling at the moment #russelltovey

Simon A. says comedy

jaybs‎: @russelltovey - Bet it was a good night with Simon A, waiting for the DVD! John Xx


Callum20‎: @russelltovey Ahh I was out around there tonight! I want to meet you!! :(( I'm out in London tomorrow, PLEASE add me I want to meet up :( xx

babies_byrne: @russelltovey pestering all that I follow with my latest blog

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