Saturday, December 25, 2010


Annual General Report


Dear stakeholders here is a brief summary of this year’s happenings at

Russell Tovey – A Star In The Making:


Let me open this report by saying, in the course of running this blog, I have had the pleasure this year of having Twitter correspondence from the following celebrities:

Stephen Fry, James Fleet, Robson Green, Ralph Brown, Fox Fontaine, Boyd Hilton, Scott Arthur, Sinead Keenan, Marcus Whitney, Colin Teague, Gavin Toomey, Chris Crowcher, Stevie Webb, Mikey Wilson, Matthew Cain, Barry Pilling, Dominic T. Cooper, Christopher Sullivan, Julie Atherton, Princess Nelly Park, Anthony Cotton, Samuel Barnett, Rob Sorrenti, Kenton Allen and Russell Tovey (Oh!).


This year the blog has trended a few times on Twitter. The following is a summary:

13th December 2010.

2nd Decemebr 2010.

28th November 2010.

16th November 2010.

14th November 2010.

23rd & 24th October 2010.


Sarah Hall from the BBC promotions team asked to put publicity materials on the site for Him & Her.

A couple of independent film producers [Toomey / Croucher] gave me permission to upload and publicize their short films which starred Russell Tovey. They went to almost viral level and trended on Twitter.

A cast of thousands (The Wittys) have helped produce a massive amount of publicity for Russell Tovey this past year via Twitter. His Twitter following, as I write, is close to 25,000 people.

The blog counter for the Russell Tovey Blog site indicates that on average the viewing hits per month are over 25,000 and over 50,000 pages have been distributed as Tweets or Re-Tweets.

The majority of fans come from: 1st) UK 2nd) USA 3rd) Australia.

I was approached by Colin Crummy from Attitude Magazine to write an article about this Blog.


The fans are the people who give this site direction and drive. Russell Tovey has only spoken to me once on Twitter and that was to say, “Oh” when I objected to a video link he re-tweeted from a celebrity friend which I thought was objectionable because it was a slur on another celebrity’s integrity. I have had numerous words of encouragement from Twitter users who look forward most days to catching-up and seeing what Russell is up to and there are some who like the notoriety of being blogged for having Twitter correspondence with Russell.


There has been no profit made by running this site. No capital has been extended, ventured or gained. The site manager Tom_In_Oz_ has worked fervently for approximately 4 hours per day for a period of 10 months to maintain high and exacting standards of Swiss craftsmanship.


I hope you have had a laugh and had a good time along the way this year looking through the miasma of intrigue that is Russell Tovey. Thank you to all the contributors many of you have continued to bolster me and make my never ending battle to be Russell Tovey’s Blog-ographer worthwhile.



Russell Tovey with fans:

Celebrating my 1000th Tweet on Twitter and here is what I sent out to the Twitterverse:

Tom_In_Oz_: @Liz&Phil Well can't sit here have 2 get the ground staff ready 4 the day. Bradbury gets lost if I don't give him a schedule for the maids by 9.

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