Sunday, December 26, 2010


New role suggested for Russell Tovey by the novelist Michael Douglas Bosc:

Michael D. Bosc has followed me on Twitter since Friday 13th August 2010 when both Russell Tovey and I joined. Michael is a UK novelist who lives in Spain and has his own site which you can find HERE. His proposal follows:

michaelbosc: Hi Tom do you think Russell would be interested in playing Stanley Saunders??

Tom_In_Oz_: I don’t know who that is Mike. I have never read ur novels…lol. U know me, I majored in literature at Uni & have never read a novel!!!

michaelbosc: Oh Tom you haven’t taken a look at “A Loving Son” tut tut he’s a rather bad boy...

Tom_In_Oz_: Russell likes to play chavvy bad boy parts what’s the role like?

michaelbosc: His job description is somewhere between bond and mission impossible only he's true to Eastender life, he’s in a government dept....

Tom_In_Oz_: Sounds like a part for Tovey he’s got the accent down, if only we could get it off the ground. We need a development team! Oh, and a backer! Money etc...

michaelbosc: OK Tom suggest he reads the book “A Loving Son” to get the feel.

Tom_In_Oz_: I’ll put this on the Tovey Blog. You just never know Mike. Could be someone out there who’d like to help.

Press Release for A Loving Son

A Loving Son

By Michael Douglas Bosc

The dynamics of a disturbing mother-son relationship are examined against a bleak mid-century backdrop marred further by crime and murder in A Loving Son (published by AuthorHouse), the dramatic new novel by Michael Douglas Bosc.

It was 1931 when Diane Saunders arrived in Norwich with her infant son, Stanley. The hardships of single motherhood became even more complicated when Diane, who was always complimented on her pretty face, began to sell her body for money, prostituting herself to support her beloved son.

Growing up, Stanley always knew what his mom did for a living. He could hear the snickers behind his back at school and the kids would call her ugly names. At night she would come home crying as she crawled into bed with him. She had been sleeping with Stanley his whole life, first out of necessity, then for comfort when the bombs were falling, and their sleeping arrangements would subsequently provide her the opportunity to teach her son about how to please a woman.

Having been exposed to sex from a young age, Stanley has no problem getting a date with classmate Gillian, who quickly becomes his girlfriend and the two grow to be inseparable. Meanwhile, Diane’s business is booming and she’s set up a new escort agency with prostitution on the side.

Stanley finds himself growing up faster than he ever could have imagined when Gillian is raped and becomes pregnant. And when a powerful gangster assaults his mother, Stanley begins an irrevocable transformation. Find out what happens in A Loving Son, a psychological thriller that shows what happens when the boundaries of sexuality and revenge are pushed.

About the Author

Michael Douglas Bosc was born and raised in the East End of London and served in the Royal Air Force for nine years. He currently resides in Northern Spain on a small olive farm in the middle of a forest in the mountains. Bosc is also the author of A Soldier’s Wind.

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