Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Recipe for disaster:
Red Bull + Jagermeister

28-12-2010 shazia_dar: #2010memories @russelltovey replying to my tweet :D

28-12-2010 poshcockney: Aww... How nice is @russelltovey ! x

28-12-2010 MutherHall: @russelltovey just watching the Him & Her extras. Does Sarah Solemani partake in the old twitter? H&H funniest thing on TV btw (& Miranda) ;)

28-12-2010 Lucy Palmer: Well, I got a photo of Russell Tovey, which is good. Had hoped for a few, but one is good. Need to list the "collections"

28-12-2010 Smutstick: @Pixie_Tinks I did tweet Russel Tovey to ask him what he'd rather lose...for some reason he didn't answer :')

28-12-2010 jezburrows: @scandb Eeesh. I don't know. Russell Tovey's replacement isn't that great, and generally it just feels a bit broad/overly pathetic.

28-12-2010 WarrenMonster_: T'was @russelltovey I met in Chicago's on Sunday 26th :) I met and hugged a celebrity haha :') -ticks off list of things to do in life-

28-12-2010 [11:55pm] Stuie86: Discussing Jager shots with Russell Tovey!!! #FB


Happy New Year

Being Human 2011

The anticipated 3rd season of Being Human is upon us and there are numerous spoilers out there...yes, there are some on this Blog, but no matter what people think is going to happen this season, and what people want to happen, the best thing to do really is just to sit back and go on the unpredictable ride the creator/author Toby Whithouse has planned for us. The best part of any show is the not knowing of what comes next. If you know where the plot’s going, everything becomes as dull and predictable as an episode of Benny Hill.

Let season three amaze you. Let it give you a sense of awe. Let it scare the pants off you. Experience these feelings like a child. I started watching this show as an expectant grandfather some 3 years ago and now I am one. The show to me is still fresh and gives me the same spine-tingling thrill I used to get when I was five and watched a butterfly unfurl its wings. The lead actors and ensemble bring a warmth and humanity to Toby's words like no show I can recall in my long viewing memory...and I have watched TV since the 1960s...
Most of all I hope with this coming third season the world and not just the current addicted fans will take Being Human to their hearts. The show deserves more kudos than I can write in these brief lines. As the Old Year closes I'd like to wish one and all a prosperous New Year. Make next year like no other before.

Tom in Oz

I agree with you Tom, although it is nice to speculate as to where the series will go, it's fantastic to see unexpected twists & turns & to be guessing right to the end of the series exactly where it will end up! & of course we all like to be left guessing between series too :D




Following is a video I didn't make although many of the photos contained within are edited from this blog. It's a lovely reminder of Mr. Tovey's career with pictures from movies and television etc.

Following is a video I did make which has an end with a twist..

Another video I made at the start of 2010 which contains a gay kiss sequence and because of the subject matter it got thousands of hits on YouTube.

Another video I made at the start of 2010.

Another video I made at the start of 2010.

Another video I made at the start of 2010 this one is based on Little Dorrit..

Another video I made at the start of 2010.

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