Monday, December 27, 2010


BIO updates for Tom & Tovey:

Folks, I changed my Twitter BIO on Christmas Day 2010 when somebody from the USA kept thinking I was from the UK. I told Russell I had updated it and next you know a couple of days later Russell changed his BIO. By the way you only have 144 type characters to use it was a tight squeeze to get it all in…

New BIO for Tom in Oz:

A trade union rep, vice principal, owner of a mobile disco, married, granddad who runs 3 NetSites (1 for Sir Russell Tovey), lives in Oz, loves life & I'm a JP.

Below: For 2011 a change of Twitter BIO for Russell Tovey :-)x

(click picture to enlarge)

Russell Tovey screen saver / wallpaper

Below: Just click and enlarge wallpaper and save.

The Tovey Media Library

Below: Just a few of the many DVD/CD covers in my personal Tovey media library

Not flying solo in Soho:

5pm 27th Dec 2010

tim_db1: @drandness we were stood next to Russell Tovey in Soho a while ago - the guy that plays the werewolf - he's very fine in real life!

drandness: @tim_db1 I'm jealous! He's adorable!

tim_db1: @drandness he was with his other half, the man was watching everyone like a hawk! So we didn't go say hi ;(

drandness: @tim_db1 Seriously. #dr who #being human

tim_db1: Doctor who was awesome! Well done BBC, fantastic work! Now, when is Being Human back on please #dr who #being human

News from a broad – well she’s no lady!

fruitflyCaz: Just started watching Being Human. Why did no one recommend this to me earlier?! It's fucking awesome!

d291173: @fruitflyCaz Sorry. That should have been my job. I figured you would have been well acquainted with Russell Tovey's arse by now.

Teaslagle: Russell Tovey is...(onomatopoeia). And that is why the Being Human remake will most likely fail. They don't have him and his...onomatopoeia.

robangus: @benjaminbutter @antonycotton is my favourite tv homosexual (except future husband Russell Tovey. Rita is at least curious.

DDog: @MollyRen BBC. It has Russell Tovey in it (Alonzo). I haven't seen any yet but it's in my queue. It's supposed to be good.

JadeFrancesAzim: @Dyana_ Gene Hunt was a genius character, the finale was brilliant. I cant wait for Torchwood, Primeval adn being Human. LOVE Russell Tovey!

HRWright: @russelltovey And to you my love. Lovely meeting you this year, have a fab Christmas! xx

Mal_Loup: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thanks for that :) Nice site - Russel Tovey is a fantastic actor.

A Christmas gift for the obsessed fan!

I shall not be mentioning which part of the body this fan’s tattoo adorns but let’s just say only his loved ones will be seeing it. BTW no, it’s nothing to do with me, I don't have anything inked at this stage!

A video made just for this Christmas:

Below is a first time out YouTube clip made by Ewan who regularly contributes to the BBC3 Being Human Blog and this site. The clip features segments of interplay between Russell Tovey (George) and Sinead Keenan (Nina) from seasons one & two of Being Human. **** 4 snaps up!


SineadKeenan: Would just like to thank all you wonderful tweethearts who sent Birthday wishes! I had a lovely day & am just about feeling Human again!! Xxx

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan did you see Ewan's birthday video he made for you? He allowed me to put it on Tovey blog as well. Happy New Year – Tom

SineadKeenan: @KnaveoG Superb work! You Must have had some patience to sit through all that footage. Fair play to you! Congrats! Hope you like Season 3!x

KnaveoG: @SineadKeenan Glad you liked it. Eagerly awaiting season 3 after all @barrypilling did Sid James impression when watching I have to see why.

Coming January 2011

all new

Being Human

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