Sunday, January 2, 2011


A little bit of cross promotion!

I just hope Gay Times Magazine don’t get too "cross" with me for sharing...!

Below is a copy of the current GT Mag cover with Michael Socha on the front. Michael worked with Russell Tovey in the upcoming season three of "Being Human" which airs in January 2011. Michael plays one of the new crop of werewolves alongside Robson Green. There is going to be a lot of male nudity this season. Robson has already confirmed this in previous conversations with me, found further over on the blog. I will expect all Tovey fans to buy the GT magazine as full details re the Twitter conversation below will be revealed...

Gay Times February 11, 2011 - Issue 389

(Click below pic to enlarge)

Twitter tell all (tells all):

N01FlorenceW: @Michaelsocha you're too funny.. get back on my T.v screen!!

Michael Socha: @N01FlorenceW i am in january, being human bbc3. X

josephglass: ...Reading GT. Michael Socha is letting everyone know that @russelltovey has a massive ***k (we already guessed / hoped)...

marie_clare: @Michaelsocha can't wait to see your mug in the werewolf costume haha x

ANDYLPELLIS: @Michaelsocha me. Whens it start again bro saw add last nite.

Michael Socha: @ANDYLPELLIS YOOOO! soon man end of january, U tommos on about oliday, u game mofo?

Twitter show & tell:

hilarypeterson: Mcfly on Alan Carr. not gonna lie, pretty much my favourite men under one roof. just need to get Russell Tovey in there

journodave: @TomWilletts Russell Tovey is the king of the oddhot

clroters: New Year’s Resolution- watch Being Human. Why? Russell Tovey.

myinfamy: @itsdeandavidson Nah, Russell Tovey is my main man! ;) xx

Dorina335: thinks that @russelltovey and @SineadKeenan are spectacularly, deliciously scary in new BBC3 trailer

Gatz77: @Superheropaul I want to be naked with Russell Tovey. RAGE he's not here

Sheepiefarm: @Madrox3 didn't know him much before this - but found he was gay & was YES - sometimes we do get the cute ones.yay @russelltovey @abbymarks


GrabbersMovie: Kevin: Has "The best British movie since [insert some Richard Curtis title]" been used before? That'd go down great in Ireland, too.

RussTov_FanSite: @GrabbersMovie Who is Richard Curtis?

GrabbersMovie: @RussTov_FanSite One of the most successful populist filmmakers out of the UK but I was being sarcastic; that type of tagline is ubiquitous.

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