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Time to thank the man himself:

This past year Russell Tovey has successfully gone from strength to strength with his stellar career choices. I might start calling this blog “Russell Tovey – A Star” soon because he’s almost at the top of the game.

About the only big thing that has changed in 2010 is that Russ started using Twitter in August (on Black Friday here in Oz). Using Twitter has made this blog more interesting as I can record Russell's latest projects within hours of him releasing a text/tweet. The blog is alive with constant updates and hundreds of fans read it daily...some days in the thousands!

I have had a few moments where I was concerned about things Russell did using Twitter but in the overall scheme of things they were minuscule blips. I think by now Russell knows that I'm his biggest fan outside his own parents and loved ones but I get a little judgemental at times if I think he's made a choice that might damage his public's perception...After all you only get one chance at a first impression!

Russell is fun, he’s quick-witted and warm and has taken the time in this past year to talk to numerous fans using Twitter...You could spend weeks going back through this blog just reading the messages which range in length from an "x" (kiss), to long and thoughtful replies (and all done on an iPhone key pad too).

When I tweeted to his friend Matt Cain and suggested we get Russell to pose with Nelly the cat, it was only days later it came to fruition. The pictures of Russell with Nelly are some of the most popular pages on this blog and are still being looked at adoringly by fans. As I said to Russ, you just can't go wrong with pets! And for all their obligingness I would just like to say a big hearty thank you to Russell, Matt and Nelly.

I'm pretty sure Russell's Twitter followers love jostling to ask questions and they sometimes swoon if they get a reply. This blog is a permanent record of those who have been successful.

Russell has, in the course of being on Twitter, re-tweeted items sent to him by fans or colleagues. I've collated them below just to see what the items were and who sent them. The majority of tweets are for other people’s projects or needs...not too many of them are actually for Russell and his projects...

I didn't realise until I did this track-back that I ended up being the person who has the most re-tweeted items...which makes me proud in one way and scared in another...because I keep explaining to people that Russell and I don't communicate…Well, in a strange way, maybe we do.

Many thanks Russell and welcome to 2011!


The Tovey re-tweet complete collection of 2010:

terrytastic: @russelltovey is him and her set in Wales? Or England? I saw an advert for it on the tvs in John Lewis. 13 Aug

stephenfry: Te excellent @RussellTovey 15 Aug

Tom_In_Oz_: Best thing on BBC3 since of Him&Her... @russelltovey 2 Sep

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Just looked at latest Radio Times. Him & Her is Comedy of the Week! Congratulations to H&H team. @russelltovey 2 Sep

bigtalk: Great news! Him & Her on BBC3 got 'the channel's best ever ratings for a new sitcom's launch episode ' #himandher 8 Sep

BertieFox: This sign language lady is having the time of her life imagining herself pleasuring @russelltovey 14 Sep

charliecondou: Please RT 14 Sep

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Where's my witty welcome? Am sitting on train up north missing my sister and our little girl...18 Sep

guardianstage: Donmar Warehouse actor in hospital after being shot on stage 4 Oct

Blue_Satit: RT @reddinthecity Surprise Party. SO Funny 7 Oct

guy_interruptd: Attention, people: THIS is what people from Essex are like. Ladies and Gents, I give you @Matt_Cardle #xfactor 17 Oct

shortstv: Halloween Short Film | ROAR starring Russell Tovey & Jodie Whittaker 20 Oct

teresab313: RT @BeingHuman3: Watch Short Film 'ROAR' for free via IFC @russelltovey #RussellTovey #BeingHuman 21 Oct

Sheamus: 'Hang them': Uganda paper publishes photos, names and addresses of gays. 21 Oct

shortstv: Halloween Short Movie | ROAR starring Russell Tovey & Jodie Whittaker 23 Oct

Tom_In_Oz_: I was given kind permission by Chris Croucher to blog the @russelltovey film of "In Passing" at 24 Oct

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey you need to re-tweet original link to your "IN PASSING" film again it's really moving and poignant - 24 Oct

robdiament: @russelltovey and I will be shop keepers at House of Voltaire on Sat 27th November! Be there or be square! 28 Oct

hilarypeterson: seeing @russelltovey with a mulberry is like seeing a guinea pig with diamond teeth. a beautiful guinea pig. 4 Nov

Richjlaw: Dermot O'leary Calls Katie Waissel A C***? 7 Nov

marksvoice: I defy anyone NOT to like this song! The fantastic @willkevans featuring @russelltovey Hope to see you soon Will 12 Nov

houseofvoltaire: Strike a pose... 13 Nov

mrchrissullivan: @RussellTovey a badger calendar- an actual badger birthday calendar!!! 15 Nov

VelociraptorJay: @russelltovey Hello, how are you this fine day? I was out in Glasgow once and saw this I think you'll like it :P x 19 Nov

boydhilton: In Louis' dressing room again! 21 Nov

eddieizzard: Please RT - This is insane! @No2Homophobia #legaltolove UN has decided that being gay is reason enough to be executed! 22 Nov

houseofvoltaire: House of Voltaire: FORTHCOMING GUEST SHOPKEEPERS:… 23 Nov

MatthewCainC4: Check out my latest blog, prompted by a trip to see Rufus Wainright. About intelligence in pop music... 24 Nov

MatthewCainC4: My latest blog on last night's report - the new RSC buiilding. Find out what I really think here... 24 Nov

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey Launch night tonight- Tainted Love at Billie Jeans in Epping- be there!!! RT my little furry friends!! Xx 25 Nov

kelvin_lindsay: @russelltovey hi can u retweet pls? Support World Aids Day 2010, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - 1 Dec

MatthewCainC4: Here's my blog on my trip to Scotland to see new Robert Burns musem. Asking why Scots make such a fuss of him... 1 Dec

russelltovey: RT @Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey could you apologise to your fans for using them unethically? I am ashamed of you for what you have done. 2 Dec

mrchrissullivan: So who is coming to tainted love at Billie Jeans in Epping tonight? Starts at 8pm my twitties! RT @russelltovey 10 Dec

Chrislisseman: Cmon lets get rebecca right at the top of the trending #rebecca #rebecca #rebecca #rebecca #rebecca #rebecca #rebecca #rebecca 13 Dec

guy_interruptd: OK, now I'm in agreement with @russelltovey - Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca!!!!! 13 Dec

SineadKeenan: But Rebecca is lovely...... Xxxxx 13 Dec

pat_killen: Watched the short film "Lady Grey London" starring @russelltovey by John C. Mitchell. Very compelling, watch it here: 13 Dec

mrchrissullivan: RT! Anyone 4 Scissor sisters at the 02 tonight for only £20! standing and seated! 16 Dec

Tor87: @russelltovey Pls RT @Tor87 has made a Christmas wish. You can make it come true - read how: #torsxmaswish 16 Dec

tmp74: @russelltovey pls RTmy cousin is fundraising to send her 3yr old boy frm Wigan 2USA for life changing op 19 Dec

rjp275: @russelltovey welcome to my world. All mine look like an animal with hooves wrapped them. 23 Dec

Dreadkiaili: @russelltovey men's shirts have to allow for you to draw a sword without catching, women's need to be easy for a maid to dress us. 23 Dec

LilStief: @russelltovey apparently cause in the 17th century women got dressed by right-handed servants and men dressed themselves.#uselessknowledge 23 Dec

davinas87: @russelltovey have a great christmas!! i'm a massive fan plz can u say hi back. love your work!! X 23 Dec

iamlongy: @russelltovey Pubpubpubpubpubpubpubpubpubpubpub x 24 Dec

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