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Russ enjoys a night of Cain culture

MatthewCainC4: Off to see Clybourne Park tonight with my twin @russelltovey and really looking forward to it. We've heard great things...

russelltovey: Settling down to soak up a night at the theatre... Clybourne Park at the Wyndhams... Tres excited x

russelltovey: Clybourne Park is simply brilliant... The second half is one of the best bits of theatre I've ever seen x

russelltovey: RT @joshweller This Wednesday. HMV Next Big Thing. Come see me at Jazz Cafe, Camden with my very special guest Boy George. Tickets:

Danielf90: @russelltovey HEAR HEAR! I hope Sarah Goldberg (deaf/pregnant girl) wins best supporting actress at the Oliviers. The whole thing was EPIC!!

russelltovey: @Danielf90 is she nominated? She is exceptional... X

heylucywalker: @russelltovey ahh Russell I have major live for you, tweeting me would be just too awesome seriously xx

russelltovey: @heylucywalker :-) x x

russelltovey: Is gypsy wedding on to tonight? X

(I have left out over 50 responses which all basically said it was on tomorrow)

russelltovey: Tomorrow! Thank you wise and wonderful wittys x

mybrightidea: @russelltovey in Soho? Any recommendations? I've given up on cheap it doesn't exist lol just gonna book a nice one :-P xx

russelltovey: @mybrightidea charlotte street hotel. Soho hotel off dean street. Dean St townhouse x

LilMilMol: @russelltovey Even tho I informed you too late, do I still get a tweet back because I was so helpful and informative??!! Pleeeease :) xx

russelltovey: @LilMilMol :-) x

CaroBarnes: @russelltovey Can you tell me where your lovely boots came from (worn on T4@wkend) so I will be considered wise & wonderful by my mate!? X

russelltovey: @CaroBarnes Timberland EarthKeepers... Life changing, I seriously love them and never take them off x

nilbs:@russelltovey watch out!

russelltovey: @nilbs ha ha ha x

Russ revealed that as a TV werewolf, it's impossible to keep your privates private. So when Rick transformed into a pretty unicorn man, he didn't know where to look…

Many thanks to T4 Television UK and Rick Edwards for allowing the following segment with Russell Tovey to be seen in the rest of the world. Usually clips from the UK have blocks on them for folk outside their jurisdiction.

Press play:

Many thanks to Dodochicky for the following snaps from the SFX Weekended 5-2-2011.

The "Being Human Q'n'A"- L to R: Russell Tovey, Toby Whithouse & Ian Berriman (host).

Russell Tovey says,

"I love a good doodle!"

And here is a good doodle!

Above: Click to enlarge picture, locate phone number, then phone and vote for Russell Tovey. Open until 11th February 2011.

MathewParry: @Tom_In_Oz_ I like it that you are a straight man with such obviously gay sensibilities. #weneedmoregaystraightmen

WDMDLD: @Tom_In_Oz_ great news about your blog trending :).

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