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Being Human

Below are 2 YouTube BH videos:

Season 3 - Video Diaries with Barry Pilling - Return to the Cage


Season 3 - Making of Ep.4 - The Pack


Above: While the UK sat waiting patiently for the next instalment of Being Human to start on Sunday night the 13th February 2011 Russell Tovey was trending around the world on Australian time 6:30am 14th February 2011. Click map to enlarge.

Russell’s day is a Vanilla Ice song...


russelltovey: Yeah I got drunk, yeah I had chicken shish at 4am, yeah I took 2 nurofen before bed, and yeah I feel ok actually...That's just how I roll x

Talaljallad: @russelltovey Hi! I was guy who came up to u at end of G-A-Y BAR late as we were leaving & said u were best guest on Alan Carr lol Hope u had fun!

Kittensprrr: @russelltovey Wooo. I wasn't in bed until about 4.00am myself! ^_^ My first time out clubbing and Im 20 lol. Was completley sober all night!

russelltovey: @Kittensprrr congratulations!!! X

SineadKeenan: Oh, someone tweeted last week 2 say they'd like 2 see myself & Russell as Brad & Janet...NOW I know what they were talking about!! I'm up 4 it !x

russelltovey: @SineadKeenan yep!!!!! X

jamarish: @russelltovey Careful, a hangover could sneak up on you later when you thing you're not going to have one!

russelltovey: @jamarish too late, it's sneaked x

russelltovey: I'm now officially on Nelly watch this week... Gonna spoon her tonight x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey can we plz have the occasional update snap of Nelly & you being "at home," "at rehearsals" or "whatever? She's pop with fans!

mrchrissullivan: Ow! That is all! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan ow back ya happy little woos!

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan trans x

russelltovey: So you know you get peanut butter... Can you get almond nut butter to eat? X

Cbp76: @russelltovey YUP

russelltovey: @Cbp76 thank you thank you!!! X

BigAlPalm: @russelltovey Yep - at Whole Foods on High St Ken they even have special machines which make it for you from scratch!

russelltovey: @BigAlPalm amaze! I'm there asap! Thank you x

russelltovey: Apprently Whole Foods stock it! Thank you me wittys x

Unlucky_Gary_: @russelltovey you love nuts

russelltovey: Clunge is such a rank word x

HippoPlatypus_D: @russelltovey Is Nelly the pussy that you love?

russelltovey: @HippoPlatypus_D yeah x

paulmoconnell: @russelltovey who needs google when you can just crowdsource.

russelltovey: @paulmoconnell exactly :-) x

crowfield1: @russelltovey Hi - Sainsburys sell almond nut butter in jars. It's yummee. Enjoy!

russelltovey: @crowfield1 amaze x

russelltovey: RT @paddyboy75: @russelltovey greeting cards available

mrSamuelBarnett: @russelltovey yes you can, at wholefoods x

russelltovey: @mrSamuelBarnett I love you!!!!!!! Big time!!!!!!! X

mrSamuelBarnett: @russelltovey I love you more than words, as Extreme said xx

mrSamuelBarnett: @russelltovey and if I'd followed my twitter feed further, I'd have seen you already know that. Ahem x

russelltovey: @mrSamuelBarnett beautiful man x

russelltovey: Me and my Nelly x

(Below picture sent by Russell Tovey)

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey WOW - it's your new hair piece - cute shot!

jodi_ice: @russelltovey how weird you said that, my dad was musing walnut butter yesterday! As for almond, eat marzipan ;)

russelltovey: @jodi_ice I have allergies to walnuts x

whiterabbit123: @russelltovey waking up after a night out and realising you've ruined your life :(

russelltovey: @whiterabbit123 what??? Why?? Hope you're ok x

justdreamin91: @russelltovey how many cats do you have

russelltovey: @justdreamin91 she's @MatthewCainC4 but I'm cat sitting for the week x

crowfield1: @russelltovey Nelly is hot!

russelltovey: @crowfield1 seriously hot x

Elly_Swe: @russelltovey She is sooo cute, you Nelly! i miss having a cat=0( But i want a Maine Coon!

russelltovey: @Elly_Swe excuse me? A what? X

MrDj78: @russelltovey p.s. Nice rose quartz

russelltovey: @MrDj78 :-) x

Anastazia_lowri: @russelltovey Nelly is gorgeous! will she be watching being human later?(:

russelltovey: @Anastazia_lowri big time x

ella_bella_blue: @russelltovey Nelly is a great name, not that I'm in the least bit biased ;) my parents named me Nellie after the mistress of Charles II...

russelltovey: @ella_bella_blue Nell Gwynn? Cool x

vickilewis31: @russelltovey awww cute these are my two, monty and Rommel!

russelltovey: @vickilewis31 sweet x

xBrownEyedGirlx: @russelltovey is she a russian blue? x

russelltovey: @xBrownEyedGirlx yep x

Julirose: @russelltovey Have you ever had apple, peach or pumpkin butter?

russelltovey: @Julirose no??? Amaze x

robertastewart: @russelltovey @mrdj78 so you reply to his giving you the flirting eye!!! You never reply to me Russell grrrrrr lol

russelltovey: @robertastewart hi! X

robertastewart: @mrdj78 @russelltovey now I'm blushing for the right reasons 2. I have a bit of a crush on you russell! I'm weak now too!!

russelltovey: @robertastewart thanks Roberta x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey maybe not the best person to leave alone with animals or small children- but nelly is a robo- cat!

(Below picture sent by Chris Sullivan)

Niallito: @russelltovey Mate! been too long, bee good to meet up soon.

russelltovey: @Niallito hey man! Yes hang out soon would be cool... X

ragingoodfella: @russelltovey this is a bit personal but what happens to u if u have, larger, orange juice or walnuts.

russelltovey: @ragingoodfella I get an erection which doesn't go down for a week! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @ragingoodfella I miscued when reading and thought it said a weak erection! Which is prob the side effect of walnuts!

ragingoodfella: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey i meant to say lager, not larger. apparently he's allergic to that too. just happy he brought erections into it.

russelltovey: Please follow the awesome photographer @Niallito if you like that kinda ting x

russelltovey: RT @bbcbeinghuman: Tonight's #BeingHuman episode is called 'The Pack'...

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Oh sister I'm missing her already! Bet she's loving spending quality time with her favourite auntie who she loves so much

boydhilton: @russelltovey did I miss a hot night? x

Charliecondou: @boydhilton @russelltovey I just saw you getting on the bus after our walk! I beeped

russelltovey: @boydhilton yep.. So hot x you were missed x

Charliecondou: @russelltovey (not you Russ)

russelltovey: @Charliecondou oh x

philscully: @russelltovey what sort of photography does he do?

russelltovey: @philscully fashion and art.. Very very good, great website, check him out... X

mcmexpo: @russelltovey Hi Russell spoke to Sinead looking forward to hearing from you, hopefully shortly

russelltovey: @mcmexpo cool cool... Please contact my agent for it... Thanks x

russelltovey: Please help @marcuswhitney1 make-up legend, get to a thousand followers by Monday? It's a personal challenge between him and his penis x

tripping_daisy: @russelltovey @marcuswhitney1 How many followers does his penis have then?

one_witchywoman: @russelltovey OK, I'll follow him.if for no other reason than to help his sad cause. No man should have to bet AGAINST his penis. : )

marcuswhitney1: @russelltovey never had so many questions about my penis, HOT x

vdjkiphone: @russelltovey Please RT. Trying to lose 3 stone to support Bristol Childrens Hospital who take great care of my daughter.

realangel27: @russelltovey did i mention i ♥ u? :P x

russelltovey: @realangel27 thanks babe x

stephcobb16: @russelltovey following @marcuswhitney hope it helps him & his penis be happy.

russelltovey: @stephcobb16 it's @marcuswhitney1with a number 1 at the end... I've no idea who the other is.. Marcus's penis heartily thanks you all x

russelltovey: Hung over... It crept up on me and tool me down... Hideous x

Timberland_EU: What model did you get? RT @russelltovey @CaroBarnes Timberland EarthKeepers... Life changing, I seriously love them and never take them off

CaroBarnes: @Timberland_EU Recommended them to a friend as they looked so good on @russelltovey Not decided which to get yet!

russelltovey: @CaroBarnes EarthKeepers! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @CaroBarnes In the old days they were just known as "desert boots" as worn by the foreign legion...made for comfort...

FoxyLorri64: Everyone.if your not already following the wonderful master of makeup @Marcuswhitney1 do so now! He's the best! :o)

marcuswhitney1: @FoxyLorri64 thankyou angel x

issyvb: @marcuswhitney1 just a suggestion... but if you follow us back... (pretty please! haha) may get you there faster!

issyvb: @marcuswhitney1 thx for the follow! i feel slightly guilty as i kinda blackmailed u into it! but my bottle of liq. latex is jumping for joy!

Dorina335: @marcuswhitney1..yay for future gory pics....u do them so well! hope job going well darling xxx ( please note -no penis Q asked!)

mrchrissullivan: Off to the wrap party for Bye Bye Birdie - Chinese buffet karaoke, in Romford- class! It's all up from here on in! Still hanging - #hardcore

Dorina335: @mrchrissullivan this the point where we start discussing cages....and straps?

mrchrissullivan: @Dorina335 @bbcbeinghuman I've only got the chains- can someone else bring the harness? Maybe a muzzle.... Too much..

angloirishgal: @marcuswhitney1 more gory pics. Ar long as they're not pics of the family jewels, lovely!x

russelltovey: Being Human in half hour my wonderful wittys!!! Eeeeee x

elvegren: I'm loving Robson Green in #BeingHuman. Just hope he and @russelltovey don't bring out a record...

russelltovey: @elvegren amazing idea x

PeteLordAardman: @russelltovey Ooooh. Wonderful, funny and scary - it totally freaked-out my cat - who is very sensitive.

russelltovey: @PeteLordAardman thanks Peter! X

Etascone: @russelltovey Great show tonight. Could u send a Happy B'day to my son for tomorrow, he will b 11. A future actor.

russelltovey: @Etascone hey happy birthday to a future superstar! X

Etascone: @russelltovey Thank you.

Carol_Clements: @ChickyBaybee Well I'm happy to introduce you to the lovely man! @russelltovey say hi to 2 of your fans! ;-)

russelltovey: @Carol_Clements hi! X

ChickyBaybee: @Carol_Clements haha I'm waiting for my response! :oP would love to give @russelltovey a hug!

russelltovey: @ChickyBaybee hi! X

A better ghost than in that “unmentionable” play!

JamesaFleet: RT @edwardkellow: Standout performance from Johnny Flynn in The Heretic #royalcourt #theheretic #johnnyflynn funny, touching, gauche, painful, very now.

Tom_In_Oz_: @JamesaFleet Mr Jim which one are YOU....funny, touching, gauche, painful....???

JamesaFleet: @Tom_In_Oz_ I must be the 'painful'.

Tom_In_Oz_: @JamesaFleet Jim not long now until the other "famous ghost," besides Hamlet's dad, is unleashed on the world...Being Human should be epic!

The curse of The Hobbit!

Above: Click picture to enlarge newspaper article from Oz. This is an update about the production of the making of the movie "The Hobbit" which seems to have been slightly cursed! Aidan Turner from Being Human is part of the large ensemble. Article dated 12-2-2011.


My big fat gypsy welcome!

People from all walks of life are arriving daily to visit this blog and follow it.

Daphne from “The Eggheads” quiz show, singing superstar Boy George, chat show host Alan Carr, to major studios such as Aardman and BBC Being Human, you are all welcome.

I am honoured that so many people love to catch up with news about Russell Tovey. I know Russell is thrilled when people lock-on and follow the Tovey blog. Welcome to all followers from all parts of the world.

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