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DJAnimations: @Tom_In_Oz_ wow you are very lucky!!, I'd love to get a my own drawing from the amazing @PeteLordAardman you must keep that 4 ever!! : D

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TWITTER turns 5 yrs old today!

To celebrate I have set up a copy of Pete Lord's average day. Peter is co-founder of Aardman Studios and is currently working on the new movie "Pirates" starring the voice of Russell Tovey.

Tomoorrow, I'll attempt to tweet my day as it happens. Some hope!

corinbishop: @PeteLordAardman are you up yet or is 'tweet my day' not going well?

Right, in the viewing theatre. Bring it on.

Tom_In_Oz_: @PeteLordAardman did you consider some visuals for those not at the viewing - this is torture! Like spying through a crack in wall

Jo's reshoot of half a shot -Captain in hammock- much better.

Darren's background animation: simple but effective. OK.

Need to rotate the mast though...

Dug's block: Good - we can simplify the start. All depends on Captain's performance...

Quick debate. Do we shoot on the whole shit or the deck set?

vivvyenna: @PeteLordAardman I'm guessing you mean the whole ship set? The other version wouldn't be nice to film.

buckingabout: @PeteLordAardman I'm assuming that was a typo!

skirred: @PeteLordAardman Pete is it a Harbinger of Piratic Wrath to shoot on a whole shit? Or merely an errant digit? (btw get yersel' an iPhone)

Light-test on Petting Zoo. Looks Fab.

Down to the studio floor to do a live rehearsal (LAV) with Jo.

Only 6 takes. Not bad. Use takes 4 and 6

Rehearsing for sequence 70, Captain and Scarf, for Will. 10 takes.

In unit 24 -Ham Night- with Rod blocking camera move.

KymriskaDraken: @PeteLordAardman Tell him to get out of the way then!

Into Andy's Edit suite to check continuity.

Quick 'scratch' record of Sophie: 'come on Polly!' One take wonder.

Stop by desk. Very unusual. Check is there's an email from Gid. There is. Good.

KezD: @PeteLordAardman Loving the constant 'my day tweets'!

Comfort break. Aaaah.

Tom_In_Oz: @PeteLordAardman turn it offffffffff don't need to know about your bowels NOOOOOO

Off to RP now to check mouth shapes.

SamWare89: @PeteLordAardman I love it how your so soooo busy on pirates but still have time to tweet pete! :D

PeteLordAardman: @SamWare89 And I assure you it's bloody difficult! Most of the day it's really hard to grab 30 consecutive seconds!

Mouths chosen. Back to edit.

Trying to repurpose a line of dialogue from elsewhere for Ham Night.

Decide to use a generic "wey-hey!"

Tom_In_Oz_: @PeteLordAardman generic eh?....erm, are they the "wey-heys!" that come in the plain packaging???

PeteLordAardman: @Tom_In_Oz_ No no! These are family-friendly wey-heys such as you could safely show your Mum.

Make tea and discuss the Pirate with Gout's next line with Jay.

Big discussion with Jeff Newitt about the Title sequence.

OK finished up on the Title, discussed the epilogue AGAIN. It really seems that we're nearly - oh so nearly - at the end of storyboarding.

Now to go and meet with Julie (my Producer no less) *puts on smart suit* Exit.

Bloler: @PeteLordAardman Hi, just wanted to say this commentary on your day is brill, a great insight into the world of animation features. Thanks!

A long conversation about teaser-trailers and teaser-trailers-posters. A very tricky area. Hmmmm

Now ample time to eat a tuna sandwich.

Mmm. The tuna sandwich was both delicious and dolphin friendly (though that's small consolation to the tuna).

Wankzombie: @PeteLordAardman when is Pirates! released?

PeteLordAardman: @Wankzombie March 2012 - - - - - Oh my days.

Bah! Enough of this sitting at a desk game, off to unit 35 to see Andy Sym.

Check character stills with Sharon. Now time to grab a cup of TEA

Andy's good to go with the Captain turning round in the Tavern "oh, hello Bellamy..."

Returns to desk. Opens email. *Sighs*

bowendesign: @PeteLordAardman You love your job really! ;)

.... and off again. Back to edit to see Lee's shot cut in: Darwin reacts in horro. I hope.

Looks pretty good...let's try trimming a few frames...

mjnewham: @PeteLordAardman Wow, that's a lot of running around and it's only 3pm now.. Phew! Is this a typical day?

PeteLordAardman: @mjnewham That was a pretty typical day. There's a lot of running around, and a lot of decision making. And a lot of tea.

Tom_In_Oz_: @PeteLordAardman It's 2am in Oz and I'm still up reading your tweets...I need to get a life OBVIOUSLY.

To Unit 18.

It's rather quiet here on 18. Just two Extra Pirates having a good old laugh in a bar.

Unit 37. The rubbish tip. Also a bit quiet. Christophe's off sick. Re-frame.

Back in the viewing theatre. Laurie's shot of the Pirate King. Great.

Quick check in what we call The Black Hole. Stereo seems to be working well.

In Editorial with Justin and Jeff.

We're trying out a few late-breaking lines of dialogue.

So we looked at: Trailers; a new line in the pub; two new lines in the Petting Zoo; some comedy Muzak; added at least 5 seconds. All good.

Back at desk and - - - oh no you don't - - - off to the viewing theatre.

mary_russell: @PeteLordAardman The cover of my eleventh memoir is quite whimsical, isn't it?

PeteLordAardman: @mary_russell Neptune's Teeth! That sounds like a sure-fire hit.

Florian's shot of the half-destroyed house. Looks lovely. The shot of the quayside can be better maybe.

To Unit 26 to check on a bush - it's a tough job.

Yes, well. The amazing walking bush is sorted. Rich is going to run a test. The day might be over...

russelltovey: RT @pmusictrust: @russelltovey Please RT -Friday Late at V&A - want to beat record attendance of 8500 - this Friday

russelltovey: RT @vixproctor: One of our THT auction lots was a date with @russelltovey at The Tate. Has to be said he's a bloody nice guy! Thanks Russell from all of us!

russelltovey: @vixproctor very very welcome... Had a brilliant night, thank you! X

marcuswhitney1: @russelltovey you should see queue in Argos!!! Megan messed the bed lastnight! Getting her new bed sheets! X

russelltovey: @marcuswhitney1 dirty bitch x

russelltovey: RT @ralphbogard: RT @speckulation: Have u seen the vid that every1's talking about starring @julie_atherton @russelltovey & @sheridansmith1 Portrait of a Princess

russelltovey: I know the retweets may be horrifically annoying but so excited by this short x

russelltovey: So apologies... It's an anomaly x

Julie_Atherton: OMG! So proud of @MBruce83 & @speckulation ...gonna celebrate with crumpets and cappuccino ....TOM!!! Make it please....I'm a princess now!

russelltovey: @Julie_Atherton woo-hoo!!! X

leo_richardson: It's okay, i staked him with a fencing panel after a bloody fight in the pouring rain (after he'd killed all my friends). Nice.

russelltovey: @leo_richardson did he kill me?? X

russelltovey: RT @StudioVoltaire: PLEASE RT: Internship opportunity at Studio Voltaire:

russelltovey: En route to see Legally Blonde for the second time, but this time taking me mother! :-) x

russelltovey: I have to say 'Legally Blonde' is a f**king brilliant show!!! Go see!!!!! X

judelicious2011: @russelltovey Nearly the end of my Birthday. if you would retweet a Happy Birthday it will have made my day the best! Really! Thank you.

russelltovey: @judelicious2011 happy birthday!! X

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